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Ever since my high school years I have been hearing that India is lagging 30 years behind the so called developed world in various aspects like systems connectivity, social and individual security and availability of advanced products in the market. Today as I think about this, I am confronted by three basic questions:

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1. Is it really fair to dwell on the issues by comparing India’s progress (or the lack of it) with the developed world? 2. Is it not important to understand in detail where India has fared far better or at par with the rest of world and then use that experience to take on things where it is lagging behind? 3. How do we make an impact or bring about change based on the above two pointers? Using my knowledge of Economics and my experience in Design, I have been trying to find answers of some questions that we come across every day.

For example: Why are consumers (mid-income) buying high end ($300 and above) mobile phones and asking for features like 3G or Siri when there is still no fullfledged rollout of 3G Spectrum and per capita internet connectivity is still very low? Why did Tata’s Nano, even after being among the cheapest cars in the world not find mind space in a nation crazy about ‘Value for Money’?

Vikram BORAR | August, 2012

Apart from it, my interests lies in automobiles design and details, playing music, biking. My passion has helped me broaden my horizons by forcing me to think out of the box. Currently I am pursuing the Strategic Design Management course form National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad, INDIA. As part of my course work, I am looking for 4-5 months of internship through which I hope to add to my experience as well as contribute to the organization by applying my learning over the last few years.

Why do companies like P&G or Unilever refrain themselves from bringing their global brands to India even though they have a strong foothold here? Or why do global automotive giants are forced to develop a small hatchbacks for Indian market among their premium offerings? After the completion of my graduation in Economics, I took up a research based job at Onio Design Pvt. Ltd., based in Pune, India. I had the opportunity to work on multiple projects on design research, brand management and new product development, both for big multinationals and small start-ups. I also conducted and managed ethnographic field research assignments across the Indian urban and rural landscape. My academic qualifications along with the rich work experience at Onio, makes me a good fit between the business analysis space and design led thinking.

I also believe that this position provides me a good perspective to understand the challenges faced by companies entering into the Indian Market in two important aspects firstly, managing innovation for India and secondly managing communication. I am a keen observer and have the ability to analyze a situation and provide useful insights into it. This has helped me better understand how consumers in India differ from their global counterparts both in terms of economics and psychology.

I would be grateful if I get a chance to work with your organization on a project that requires new innovation thinking or process streamlining. I am as comfortable working in a team as I am with working independently. The experience would expose me to newer possibilities and also help me to develop new skills. I am open to explore all possibilities where I can contribute and simultaneously learn. I am confident that you will see a value in my work if I get the chance to work with you/your organization.


My academic qualifications along with the rich work experience at Onio, makes me a good fit between the business analysis space and design l...