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MOBILE MOZZARELLA BAR As a holistic approach to design the vehicle, I applied qualities found in mozzarella to generate an abstract design that would relatively express the product. As an organic substance, mozzarella allows flexibilty in preparation and can be shaped to any form. The elasticity of the ingredient is physically reflected through the performance of the shell to allow sections that extend out to maximize occupiable space.

MOBILE MOZZARELLA BAR This mobile restaurant aims to serve mozzarella to eaters who seek food on the go and eaters who want to stay. The simplicity of the main ingredient aims to focus on different preparation methods to make fresh, creamy, and smoked mozzarella. The mozzarella is served with ingredients that require minimal preparation such as basil, prosciutto, tomatoes, and bread. The design of the truck seeks to express the vendor ingredient and display the art of making mozzarella on a conveyor belt that extends out of the vehicle. The dining options influenced the design of the truck in respect to private and public operations. The front elevation contains a perforated metal skin to increase the level of transparency on the public side. The back elevation exhibits extruded text for opacity where the eater orders to go. While the front of the truck is designed for eaters to stay at the mozzarella bar, the back of the truck operates as a station that takes orders to-go and distribute food. The repetition of bands offer functions unique to each band. The rectangular bands function for people to stand and the undulating bands extend out for table setting, which allow ventilation.


Acrylic, paper, clay, spray paint, foam core, basswood

MID-RISE HOUSING PROJECT In designing this large-scale project, I studied how individual components would come together in forming the building as a whole. The process began with developing housing units that would accomodate single, double, or triple-person occupancy. Each unit comes with a patio either facing the courtyard or the street. The circulation acts as important element that allows points of social interaction throughout the building. The facade-screen system and open courtyard allows ventilation for the building, and saves energy-costs. Sustainability plays an important role in the decision-making for a design that performs and expresses its function.

SITE | Wilshire & Hobart Boulevard, Los Angeles DENSITY | Fifty units varying in size USER GROUP | Young adults and small families



Reoccurring building typology in the urban fabric

Split the building into two to allow more sunlight

Lower west side to allow sunlight to reach the east side of the builing

Circulation skips to both sides for more social interaction

Proposed green roof offers residentials a place for recreation

Each unit has its own balcony for private use


CONTAINER PROJECT In the objective to analyze an existing container, I sought to conceptualize a product that would carry similar attributes through subtle gestures. Part of the challenge included prevention of reinventing the wheel, to translate an anaysis into a formal relationship.

PERSPECTIVE DRAWINGS Through experimentation of media, I explored composition, proportion, and color value. Sketching the subject pushed further analysis upon site context and materiality.

samitaur building, culver city

salk institute, san diego


Vikki Chan  

Projects 2008-2010

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