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Vikings Nation Issue 1.14 • February 27th 2013

Hockey Sweeps Grant MacEwan!

Men’s Basketball took on MHC and NAIT!

Hockey vs. Grant MacEwan

The Vikings men’s hockey team had a very successful weekend in their quarter finals playoff matchup against the Grant MacEwan Griffins. Friday evening in Camrose the Vikes took to the ice earning a 5-1 victory. Joel Danyluk played well only letting in one goal on a penalty shot. Captain Dan Hope had two goals for the men. Saturday night was a much closer game between the two teams, yet the Vikings were able to pull off a 5-4 win in overtime. The men let a 4-1 lead slip away over the course of the last half of the game which caused for the extra period. The heroics were left for Scott Aucoin off of a Craig Cornelson shot as Aucoin tickled the twine sending the Vikings into the league semi finals for the fourth year in a row. The Vikings will now play the Sait Trojans in a best of 5 series beginning in Calgary Friday night and back in Camrose Sunday afternoon at 2 o’clock. Hope to see you all at the rink.

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Men’s Basketball vs. MHC and NAIT

The men’s basketball team battled hard against both the MHC Rattlers and the NAIT Ooks. Friday night was a close game with both teams refusing to let up. The Vikings started off the game ahead with the Rattlers never more than a few baskets behind. Nearing the end of the game the Rattlers began to really fight back, staying in the lead by just a few points. The Vikings then stepped up and managed to regain the lead just in the nick of time. The final score was 71-69 for the Vikings. Player of the game was awarded to Lee Danderfer with 20 points and 6 rebounds. On Saturday the men played NAIT to determine the 7th and 8th spots heading into the playoffs. The Vikings played hard starting out on top. As the game progressed NAIT took the lead but the Vikings kept the score close. NAIT took off and won the game with the final scores at 86-69. Player of the game went to Shayn Bruney Saturday scoring 14 points and 13 rebounds. The Vikings took 8th place setting them up to take on Briercrest in first round match-ups next weekend.

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Saying Goodbye to Shayne Bruney, David Shantz, Michael Swampy, Logan Gray, and Simon Irving at their final league game at home.

Photos of the Week by Pro Sports Photography Find More Photos Online at

By Josh Ryan

The Final Word Sports Rivalries: Good or Bad?

This weekend, the men’s hockey team heads down south to Calgary to take on the S.A.I.T. Trojans. Over the last few years, an intense rivalry has developed between S.A.I.T. and Augustana hockey and has in some ways carried over to our other team sports. The most defining moments of this rivalry however, have come from hockey, which saw a memorable chapter written in last year’s Semi-final where the Vikings clinched a berth to the Finals by defeating the Trojans in overtime in their barn. While this rivalry has seen some great moments, such as that overtime winner, there have also been ugly moments, such as dirty hits (call me biased, but the Trojans tend to cross the line when it comes to clean play) and racial gestures from a fan during that Semi-final series last year. This begs the question, are rivalries a good thing for sports or should they be avoided as they bring on too many ugly moments? Rivalries can provide large benefits for sport. They weave story lines that attract audiences to improve attendance numbers and television ratings, create juicy material for journalists to write about, give players extra motivation to compete and prepare and ultimately provide everyone involved with a memorable product. The exposure that can come with a particularly memorable rivalry can result in great exposure for anything from a university athletic program to a particular sport, a good example being the rivalry between the Boston Celtics and the Los Angeles Lakers in the 1980’s. The other side of sports rivalries however, is not as inviting. Rivalries that get out of control can lead to fighting, rioting and worse. In the case of the athletes, there are often ugly moments that result in serious injury. An example of this would be the Wings/Av’s rivalry. In the 1996 NHL playoffs, Colorado Avalanche forward Claude Lemieux checked Detroit Red Wings forward Kris Draper from behind into the boards, nearly killing Draper in the process. This incident sparked a fierce rivalry between the two teams that featured a number of bloody brawls and many memorable playoff games. In a way, every rivalry in sports is created by a negative action by one party towards the other. People will probably be divided on this issue. Personally, while I would never encourage the bad behavior that can come from rivalries, I would have to call myself a fan. The aspect I love most of competitive sport is seeing two teams, or two individuals, going toe-to-toe, giving their all to achieve victory. Players, coaches and fans will likely cherish those types of games more than anything else and while they may bring out the worst in some people they also bring out the best in others. Like other aspects of sport, there are risks, but those involved choose to accept those risks, the same goes with the effects of a rivalry. While it is true that some people may never get over their feelings towards a rival, time heals many wounds. Darren McCarty, a winger for the Wings during the rivalry days and the player who rode in the ambulance with Kris Draper to help prevent him from drowning in his own vomit resulting from the altercation with Lemieux, ended up pummeling Lemieux in the most famous of the Wings/Avs incidents. Years later however, these two put away bad blood and hosted a charity event together. The McCarty/Lemieux story got me to thinking about a rivalry I was a part of in 2009. Before entering the ACAC, our volleyball program had a heated rivalry with the volleyball team from Ambrose University. While I would be lying if I enjoyed every aspect of playing in the ACAL, the battles we had with

that team will stick with me forever, both because of how exciting they were and how much I wanted to beat those jerks on the other side. Since then I have come across of a few of those guys and had pleasant encounters. The point being wounds can heal and people can forgive. Bad blood that may come from sports rivalries can disappear if people let it disappear. So yeah, I am a fan of rivalries in sport. There may be ugly moments, there may be risks, but those are always associated with sport anyway. As long as we are able to keep it between opposing teams and not within our own teams at home things will be good. And with that, I look forward to our Vikings taking on those Trojans in their championship defense. Enjoy the basketball and hockey action this weekend folks.

Cheer on your Vikings during this week’s Playoff Action! Women’s Basketball Championships! Feb 28th @ 6:00 vs. CUCA March 1st and 2nd (See ad for full weekend schedule) Men’s Basketball vs. Briercrest March 1st @ 6:00 AWAY Hockey vs. SAIT March 1st @ 7:00 AWAY March 3rd @ 2:00 HOME

Cheer us on. February 28-March 2 Augustana Gymnasium

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Saturday, March 2 GAME 9 BRONZE MEDAL GOLD MEDAL Closing Ceremonies

3 pm 6 pm 8 pm 10 pm

University of Alberta Augustana Campus

Vikings Nation 1.14  

Updates on playoffs!

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