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2nd Half Preview with Head Coach Gusdal & Tigchelaar Meet the Vikings Q&A with Betsy Mawdsley

Biathletes Medal at Calforex Cup 2

Vikings Volleyball Plays Keyano in 2nd Semester Opener

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In This Issue Hockey Q & A with Coach Gusdal Biathlon-Calforex Cup 2 Vikings Volleyball @ Keyano Volleyball Q&A with Coach Tigchelaar Meet the Vikings: Betsy Mawdsley The Final Word: By Josh Ryan

Trust the Midas touch.

How has your team played so far into the 2011-2012 season and have they lived up to your expectations? We've been happy with our play so far this season and really pleased with the contributions from our first year players. Our goaltending has been solid and our special teams have performed quite well, but we will need to improve on our over-all "compete" level in order to move up in the standings in the second half. Considering the depth of the league this year and some of the injuries we've had, I'd say we've met most of our expectations through the first 16 games. Who are your three or four main players you look to lead and why? Any key players lost to injury? Any success this season has come from our balance and depth throughout our line-up. We've been without our Captain, Torrie Dyck, for 10 games, but have been fortunate to get great contibutions from guys like Dan Hope, Kenny Bradley, Quinn Amiel, and Scott Aucoin to name a few. These guys along with the others will need to continue to lead, but we are excited about getting Torrie back, along with Richard Dupre (one of our captains and our only 5th year player) who has been missing all season with a broken ankle. Dupre is day to day starting the second half and we'll also be without veterans Dean Prpick, Jeremy Beirnes, and Jorden MacSwain who are likely all out with injuries for the next 4 - 6 weeks. It will be a great opportunity for some of our other guys to get some added playing time in those roles. Who are the two main teams in men's hockey to challenge for the ACAC title? I believe it's still Mount Royal and Sait, until someone else proves otherwise on a consistent basis. Those two teams made it to the final last year and they have the proven habits needed for success. We'll certainly try our best to challenge and continue to compete for top spot with the Cougars, Trojans, and Nait Ooks. It should be a very interesting second half and play-offs.

Wednesday, Jan Saturday, Januar Friday, January Saturday, January 28 Friday, February Friday, Februa Saturday, Februar

January 27 Vikings Hockey

February 23-26 March 1-11 March 15

nuary 11 vs. NAIT ry 21 vs. MacEwan y 27 vs. Briercrest 8 vs. Briercrest @2pm 3 vs. Mount Royal ary 10 vs. SAIT ry 18 vs. Concordia

7 & 28, 2012 Alumni Weekend

6 Quarter Finals 1 Semi Finals 5-25 Finals

January 8th Individual Race Senior Women 15km 4th Carly Shiell 13/20 shooting 56:01.3 5th Jennifer Paterson 16/20 shooting 56:36.7 6th Betsy Mawdsley 14/20 shooting 1:00:06.6 Junior Women 12.5km 5th Keely MacCulloch 11/20 shooting 49:41.8 Youth Men 12.5km 10th Joseph Lirette 16/20 shooting 45:31.2 11th Aram Alexanian 13/20 shooting 48:48.2 Jr Men 15km 3rd Ryan Burlingame 14/20 shooting 46:27.8 4th Devin Berquist 12/20 shooting 51:02.0 Senior Men 20km 8th Alex Frost 18/20 shooting 1:06.53.3

The Vikings Biathletes went south to Ca race of the season, Calforex Cup #2. Saturday the team competed in the Indi shooters race due to its one minute penalti race format was also the longest race distanc The team fared well with Ryan Burlingame fin On Sunday was the Sprint race format fo speed with fast and accurate shooting to ma showed how it was done with Keely MacCul the Junior Women category and Carly Shie Women category. After an amazing finish Jun outside the medals in fourth with one of his be On January 24—29 athletes Keely MacC Aram Alexanian will head to LaPatrie Quebec

anmore after the holidays for their second

ividual race which is considered to be the ies added on for every missed shot. This ce these racers will have to do this season. nishing in the medals with a bronze. or which the athletes need to combine top ake it into the medals. The Vikings women ulloch getting a hard fought silver medal in ell taking home the bronze in the Senior nior Men racer Devin Berquist finished just est races to date. Culloch, Ryan Burlingame, Patrick Skelton, c for Junior World Championships Trials.

January 7th Sprint Race Senior Women 7.5km 3rd Carly Shiell 7/10 shooting 27.11.7 4th Betsy Mawdsley 8/10 shooting 27.46.7 6th Jennifer Paterson 7/10 shooting 30.19.4 Junior Women 7.5km 2nd Keely MacCulloch 5/10 shooting 28.03.7 Senior Men 10km 7th Kai Skinstad 3/10 shooting 34:46.5 11th Alex Frost 4/10 shooting 37:14.9 Junior Men 10km 4th Devin Berquist 8/10 shooting 33:45.7 5th Ryan Burlingame 2/10 shooting 34:20.6 6th Patrick Skelton 6/10 shooting 38.33.7 Youth Men 7.5km 5th Joseph Lirette 9/10 shooting 26:16.3 8th Aram Alexanian 7/10 shooting 27:37.4

Vikings Photo Gallery

Friday, January 13th vs. Medicine Hat College Saturday, January 14th vs. Lakeland Friday, January 20th vs. Lakeland Saturday, January 28th vs. Mount Royal Saturday, February 11th vs. Lethbridge Saturday, February 18th vs. NAIT February 23-25 Semi Finals March 2-3 ACAC Finals

All Games are held in the Augustana Gym Women: 6:00pm Men: 8:00pm

Balancing the books‌ Sleep, eat, classes, group projects, studying, team practice, strength training, travel, competition, eat, sleep, repeat‌ Not all days are like this, but our student-athletes, on average, dedicate 21 hours a week to training and performing in their chosen sport. Add in weekend travel to competitions, athletic therapy, and involvement in community initiatives and there is little to no time remaining to take on part-time jobs to offset the costs of attending university. Financial assistance is crucial to the continuation of the proud tradition of sporting and academic excellence at Augustana. Invest in our athletes and their dreams will become reality. To Adopt an Athlete click on the link below and pick the sport your athlete participates in and honour them with a gift in their name. Adopt a Viking Online Giving Page Thank You Vikings Athletics

The Men’s Volleyball team travelled to Keyano on Friday to kick start the second half of their season. The Vikings were able to take both games off the now fourth ranked team in the league. One Friday they beat the Huskies 3 sets to 1, and on Saturday 3 set to 2. The Vikings are now sitting in 8th in the league. Friday: Aug 3 - Keyano 1 (17-21, 26-24, 25-23, 25-23)) Saturday: Aug 3 - Keyano 2 (25-27, 22-25, 25-19, 25-19, 15-12)

The Women’s team also travelled to Keyano to take on the Huskies. On Friday the girls held on for a fifth and deciding set. The Vikings lost to 3 sets to 2 Friday, and 3 set to 1 on Saturday. Friday: Aug 2 - Keyano 3 (25-12, 18-25, 20-25, 26-24, 6-15) Saturday: Aug 1 - Keyano 3 (25-13,10-25, 23-25, 18-25 )

Saturday, January 21st vs. Lakeland Friday, January 27th vs. Lethbridge Saturday, January 28th vs. Lethbridge @ 1:00 & 3:00 pm Friday, February 3rd vs. Red Deer Friday, February 10th vs. Medicine Hat Saturday, February 11th vs. Medicine Hat @ 1:00 & 3:00pm Playoffs February 17-18 Qualification Weekend February 24-26 ACAC Championships

All Games are held in the Augustana Gym Women: 6:00pm Men: 8:00pm

Be a commentator for CH 10 for ALL Volleyball and Basketball Home Games!

Be a Three Ball Volunteer for ALL Volleyball Home Games!

Time: From 5:30pm until Game Ends

Email Alicia Hurley if interested:

5 matches won, 5 matches lost, 19 games won, 18 games lost, 10 points Top in kills: Nazheef Gangji 114 How has your team played so far into the 2011-2012 season and have they lived up to your expectations? “I'm pleased with our first half of the season. Finishing the first half at .500 is very big for us to possibly challenge for a playoff spot. We're looking to build off of the momentum of winning four of our last five in the second half to push for a playoff spot, and possibly playoff positioning. Who are your two or three main players you look to lead and why? “We're looking to second year players Cole McCartney and Naz Gangji for on court performance and to Kent Sanregret and Josh Ryan for continued leadership. Who are the three main teams in men's volleyball to challenge for the ACAC title? “I believe Briercrest will be very tough to beat at home, and Red Deer and Mount Royal have the tools to finish well at the championships

Why did you choose to attend Augustana? Jacqueline Akerman who was the coach at the time approached me with the possibility of a scholarship. I had been familiar with the team growing up as they worked with my team when they did camps in the area and I had a sister who attended here. After a year of trying to support myself as an athlete I was drawn to the Augustana full support system.

Who has been your biggest influence in your life thus far? Of course my family. But ruling out their obvious unbroken support, Rob Kell was a major player in my athletic life. The values of life as an athlete he instilled in me will always stay with me.

What has been the biggest accomplishment in sport? Probably qualifying for FISU Games in Erzurum Turkey last year. After missing out on China two years before I swore I was going to qualify for Turkey. Representing my country and my school internationally was a huge pay off for some long years of work.

What is the best advice you were ever given? Being an athlete is a privilege. Treat your training as a privilege and love every moment of it because only you can make it happen and in the end this will only matter to you. Appreciate it and don’t waste it.

What has been your best moment playing for the Vikings? It’s been a series of moments. When things really started taking off for me and I started having solid results on the North American Cup Circuit it was a huge pride to do it as a Viking. Living outside of the national training centers it is always fun to be successful as an underdog.

Do you have any rituals or superstitions? I used to. But I’ve learned as an athlete that I hold the skills, rituals can go wrong and then your race is thrown. I show up and do my job in any situation.

What a

T w tr h th

What i


Pe yo


M th ow ily pu

are you looking to accomplish in your time at Augustana?

This is my last semester here. My goal was to go international while I was here and to leave the program ready for national team level raining. Working with Hans and Joan Skinstad I feel as though I have been developed to be competitive in any level program and had he privilege of going with them to race in Turkey last year

is your favourite type of music/band?

My ipod is all playlists added my other people, I like learning new music. Lately I seem to be on a hip hop and dubstep kick.

What is your favourite food to eat before a

eanut Butter and Jam mixed into some oatmeal. Don’t knock it till ou try it. That or boiled Quinoa with bananas and almond milk.

e do you draw your inspiration from?

My family, coaches and team mates. I watch my team mates have heir work pay off as they achieve their goals. It reminds me that my wn goals are within reach if I put the same work in. As well my famy and coaches. Success or failure they have stood beside me and ushed me to be better. I get to share my successes with them.

HOCKEY Wednesday, January 11th, 2012 Vs. NAIT Ooks 7:30 Encana Arena

BASKETBALL Friday, January 13th, 2012 Vs. Medicine Hat College 6 & 8 PM Saturday, January 14th, 2012 Vs. Briercrest 6 & 8 PM

Welcome back folks from the holidays, I hope you all enjoyed the time off and the many pounds of t your gym and arena based teams for this upcoming second half of the ACAC season. As playoffs draw n

Women’s Basketball: Our girls’ basketball team had a fun start to the New Year, traveling to Cuba to compete in a tournam ing to finish above .500 by season’s end, giving them another opportunity to compete in the playoffs. This a key one for taking hold of that playoff spot. A couple of standouts for the girls in the first half were Kari K Kelsey Lund, 2nd in rebounds.

Men’s Basketball: Men’s basketball had an up and down first half, losing some games they expected to win while upse mester on a 3 game winning streak, the guys also have a very important weekend with Medicine Hat and making playoffs. Individual highlights include David Shantz, 2 nd in steals and 5th in rebounds in the North, sists, and has averaged 20 points per game in his last 4 games.

Men’s Hockey: The hockey team has been dominant again this year; sitting tied for 2 nd and primed for a great seco out because of injuries, making their lineup that much more dangerous. Daniel Hope is Augustana’s lead

Women’s Volleyball: The girls have yet to register a win, but they are making progress. This past weekend, the Vikings lo While it wasn’t the result the team was looking for, they are getting better each week. Highest statistical e blocks per game for the entire conference.

Men’s Volleyball: After a surprising 5-5 match record after the first half, the guys started the semester in style, finishin off a sweep of 3rd place Keyano on the road this past weekend. The Vikes will be trying to secure a playo matches in their next 8 contests. Individual highlights thus far include Nazheef Gangji’s 3.4 kills per game Matthew Yoder’s blocking prowess, as they currently sit 2 nd and 4th blocks per game.

As classes begin and people move back into dorms, don’t miss out on the action, starting this Wedn mester a memorable one.

turkey. Today isn’t a normal write up, instead I will be previewing near, it is going to be an exciting time for Augustana athletics!

ment. They enter the second half with a 5-5 record and are lookis upcoming weekend against Medicine Hat and Briercrest will be Kubinec, 4th in both steals and points in the North Division, and

etting top teams like Grant Macewan and S.A.I.T. Ending the sed Briercrest in town as they need wins here to have a shot at h, as well as Shayn Bruney, who sits 2nd in rebounds, 3rd in as-

ond half. Several players will be returning to the lineup after sitting ding scorer after the first half with 22 points.

ost a pair of heartbreakers to Keyano, losing in 5 and 4 sets. effort for the semester was Jill Metrunec who finishes 16th in

ng 6th at Mount Royal’s TimberTown Invitational and then pulling off spot in the next couple weeks as they get ready for 6 home e, good for 6th in the conference, as well as Cole McCartney and

nesday as Hockey takes on N.A.I.T. Let’s make the second se-

By: Josh Ryan

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