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WINTER 2021 • ISSUE 12

Perfecting expedition voyages Register for our Viking Explorer Sessions Buenos Aires with the experts Discovering the world with our Grand Voyages





WELCOME LETTER Welcome to the Winter 2021 issue of Viking Explorer Society News



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HEALTH & SAFETY Your questions answered




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WHY DO A GRAND VOYAGE? Guests Lewis and Irene share their cruise experience VIKING CRUISES

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A LAND OF ICE AND WONDER Welcome to the white continent, Antarctica


48 HOURS IN BUENOS AIRES Top tips from leading travel writers


OUR EXPEDITION SHIPS Discover our custom-built �eet


Perfecting the expedition experience Explore more with our latest cruise and land packages Buenos Aires with the experts Discovering the world with our Grand Voyages



HAPPY 4TH OF JULY Celebrate cruising the Americas VIEW


WINTER 2021 • ISSUE 12

BEEF EMPANADAS Try your hand at these Argentinean delights



LIFE ON THE OPPOSITE ENDS OF EARTH Wildlife of the Arctic and Antarctica




MEET DAVID MCGONIGAL Leading author and Antarctica expert





ON THE COV ER: Apex Predator of the Arctic The polar bear travels long distances over vast desolate expanses, generally on drifting oceanic ice floes, searching for seals, its primary prey.


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While Australia’s borders still remain closed for international travel, the future is looking more and more positive for the return to cruising. With this issue of Viking Explorer Society News, we hope to provide you with some travel inspiration as we share our incredible ships and itineraries around the world. We know that you are looking for reassurance over the safety of cruising, so we have provided more information on our best-in-class Health & Safety Program. We have also provided details of our complimentary Viking Explorer Information Sessions which are taking place nationwide from 12 May – designed just for you to explore the benefits of travelling with Viking, to meet like-minded people and discover why we are known as The Thinking Person’s Cruise. We showcase our expedition product in Antarctica and the Great Lakes, and we have invited Australia’s top travel experts to give us their insights into their favourite destinations, the future of cruising, and what their plans are once we are able to travel again. We hope these stories inspire your explorer’s spirit, keep you dreaming and help you plan your next journey as we move forward into a new era of travel. Warmest regards,

Michelle Black Managing Director, Viking Australia & New Zealand 4


A SA FE R ET UR N TO CRUISE Hot on everyone’s lips is the question – “will cruising be safe”? With a new best-in-class Health & Safety Program in place across all our ships, we can assure you we have taken every step possible – and then some – to ensure your safety while on board. Let us answer some of your questions Will I require a vaccination?

How is the air treated on board?

At present, Viking is requiring vaccinations for all guests in accordance with the entry rules of the destinations that we visit. Viking’s medical and operations teams will continue to monitor vaccination and entry requirements—and will adjust our protocol and policies as needed to ensure the safety and wellbeing of our guests and crew.

All of our staterooms feature independent air handling units, which means each stateroom has “fresh” external air that is not shared with other staterooms or public spaces. We are also using short-wavelength ultraviolet (or UV-C) lights and new high-density filters to sanitize the air on our vessels, killing up to 99.99% of viruses and bacteria in the air.

Will I require a COVID test before travelling?

What happens if a guest tests positive on my cruise?

No, Viking does not require our guests to take a COVID-19 test before travelling. However, we highly recommend that guests get tested before travelling if they show any flu-like symptoms in the days prior to departure or if they are concerned that they have been exposed to COVID-19.

Guests with a positive COVID-19 test will be isolated on board and then disembarked at the first opportunity for quarantine ashore. On confirmation with a follow up test, we will arrange for the guest to recover ashore before returning home once recovery is complete.

You say you can test guests every day on board – what do those tests involve? Viking will use quick and easy non-invasive PCR testing which is done by a simple saliva sample in a small plastic tube, delivered to guests in their stateroom.

Will I have to wear a mask on board? Face masks may be required for all guests and crew while moving about Viking ships, depending on conditions at time of sailing. Face masks will not be required for guests when seated in dining venues, bars and lounges.

Further information can be found on our website


VIK ING NEWS Hot off the press – for your travel inspiration – here is our latest news and updates so you can start planning your future voyage.

New European river cruise dates open for 2023 New dates for 2023 have also been released for our European River cruises, due to high global demand. VIEW CRUISES

Viking Venus delivery We have taken delivery of our newest ocean ship – Viking Venus. She will be officially named in the UK on 17 May by her ceremonial godmother, Anne Diamond, esteemed British Journalist and broadcaster. LEARN MORE

New Mississippi dates opened Popular demand has led to the opening of new 2024 sailings of our Mississippi River cruises sooner than expected. Get in quick to cruise on our first custom vessel on the Lower and Upper Mississippi River. VIEW CRUISES

An Antarctica adventure like no other Save up to $6,000 per couple on your 2022-2023 13-day Antarctic Explorer voyage. Witness towering glaciers, snow-covered landscapes, immense icebergs and once-ina-lifetime wildlife viewing. Each day brings new surprises, plan your voyage today and save! LEARN MORE



Make the most of your next cruise Explore more with Viking and make the most of your next cruise with just one simple booking. Add pre or post extensions to your next cruise, and explore more of your destinations with confidence as a Viking Host looks after you. Speak to our friendly call centre staff today to extend your journey. Offer ends 31 May. LEARN MORE

Meet Viking's Antarctica Expert

New Combination Cruises From Nordic oceans to the legendary Rhine, we have launched new 2022 and 2023 departures for our popular river and ocean combination cruises. Explore Europe’s legendary rivers on our Longships before seamlessly transferring to our ocean ships to sail the waters of Scandinavia. VIEW CRUISES

Australian travel writer, David McGonigal is a widely translated author and an internationally exhibited photographer. He has spent a lifetime of travel and adventure, including more than 25 years as an Expedition Leader to Antarctica. He is the author of more than 20 books, including the definitive 608-page “Antarctica: The Complete Story” in which he collaborated with Sir Edmund Hillary. We are lucky to have him presenting at our Expedition Information Sessions around the country this year. See page 9 for more details. LEARN MORE 7

YOU'RE INVITED Viking Explorer Sessions Are you a curious traveller with a true explorer's spirit wanting to plan your next cruise? If so, come and join us at one of our complimentary Viking Explorer Sessions where you can learn about the benefits of travelling with Viking and discover why we are known as The Thinking Person's Cruise. We'll have a series of one-hour information sessions throughout the day for you to choose from. Our river, ocean, and expedition sessions are perfect for anyone new to Viking, who wants to learn about the Viking way of cruising, our bestselling itineraries and what makes a cruise with us so special. Plus, if you'd like to learn about something specific; whether it be an itinerary, destination or ship, come along for a one-on-one consultation with a Viking expert. Simply choose the session that is of most interest to you and register your details — but be quick, space is limited and sessions will book out fast!

Brisbane | Tuesday 18 May Emporium Hotel | 267 Grey Street Melbourne | Thursday 20 May W Melbourne | 408 Flinders Lane Gold Coast | Thursday 10 June QT Gold Coast | 7 Staghorn Avenue Adelaide | Wednesday 16 June Adelaide Convention Centre | North Terrace 8


Session Schedule River cruising  |  10am & 1:30pm Expedition cruising | 10am Ocean cruising | 11:30am What’s new in the world of Viking?  |  11:30am & 1:30pm

One-on-one consultations with a Viking expert  |  2:30pm – 5:00pm Ocean cruising with an introduction to Expedition | 6:30pm

Which Session Is For You? Europe river cruising – Join us to find out about some of the world’s most captivating destinations best explored by river. Learn about travel on board our award-winning Viking Longships, explore our most popular itineraries and hear all the benefits of travelling with Viking on the rivers. Viking Program Director Caitlyn O’Dowd will be joining this session to share her firsthand knowledge and passion for cruising the waterways of Europe. Expedition cruising – Find out more about our inaugural voyages to the Arctic and Antarctica, and learn about our innovative state-of-the-art custombuilt vessels set to launch in 2022. With industry firsts such as stabilising technology, plus a host of expedition toys including military pro zodiacs and yellow submarines all included in the cruise fare, find out how Viking are perfecting expedition cruising. Plus, celebrated author, lecturer, expedition leader and one of Australia's leading experts in the polar regions, David McGonigal, will be joining our expedition session. Ocean cruising – Discover why we’ve been voted the #1 cruise line for five years in a row, learn about our top selling itineraries, our small modern ships plus

our industry leading Health & Safety Program for the safe return to cruising. Did we mention no kids and no casinos on board? What’s new in the world of Viking? – we are excited to announce eight new ships launching over the next two years. We are proud to be expanding our awardwinning fleet to include new ships on the Nile, the Mekong, the mighty Mississippi and North America’s Great Lakes. If your ultimate dream, as a passionate cruiser, is to be among the first to cruise on one of our new ships then come along and find out more about what we have in store for 2022 and beyond. One-on-one consultations – Looking for something else? Our Viking experts will be on hand for oneon-one consultations throughout the afternoon for those looking for information on something more specific – whether it be a particular ship, itinerary or a destination in depth ask away! Ocean cruising with an introduction to Expedition – This session combines our ocean cruising session and an introduction to Viking Expeditions, perfect for curious, experienced travellers or those looking for a more unique itinerary.

Special Guest Speakers David McGonigal – an Australian travel writer, widely translated author and an internationally exhibited photographer, he has spent a lifetime of travel and adventure, including more than 25 years, as an Expedition Leader to Antarctica. He is the author of more than 20 books, including the definitive 608page “Antarctica: The Complete Story” in which he collaborated with Sir Edmund Hillary.

Caitlyn O’Dowd – a Program Director with Viking on the Rhine, Maine, Moselle and Danube rivers, she holds a Master’s degree in History and joined Viking in 2014. She has guided thousands of travellers along Europe’s waterways and thrives on bringing the history and culture of Europe alive for our guests.

Make a day of it! Don’t forget to invite your friends and all register to come along for a fun and informative day out. R EG I S T E R N OW AT W W W.V I K I N G C R U I S E S .CO M . AU/I N F O S E S S I O N S


Looking forward to a SAFE RETURN TO CRUISE As the world’s borders are slowly starting to reopen, Anthony Dennis, Editor of Traveller in The Age and Sydney Morning Herald, shares with us his thoughts on what the resumption of cruising will look like, the long term changes we can expect – and where in the world he wants to travel next!

Why should governments approve the resumption of cruising? What will that resumption look like? Aside from the selfish fact that I’m desperate to take a cruise again, governments should do so for the simple reason that cruising is a fundamental aspect of the contemporary travel experience and also perhaps the most heavily-affected and wanting part of the tourism offering. Around the world, the cruise industry is a significant economic contributor to countries and cities where its ships berth and visit, especially tourismdependent regional centres. This is no less so the case in Australia and New Zealand where towns and larger urban centres are major beneficiaries of ship visits. Consider the tens of millions of dollars cruise lines spend on buying produce to sate its on-board guests in Australia alone. Hundreds of millions of dollars have also been spent on port facilities designed to reap the financial stimulus from cruising that now lie starkly, and sadly, dormant. Cruising also massively contributes to developing economies in terms of the immense amount of employment it provides. But the resumption process will be a gradual one with there being a persuasive case for domestic cruising in Australasia, with its low to non-existent community transmission rates, starting again in the coming months. 10

When do you foresee a return to cruise both domestic and international and what changes are you expecting? Personally, I’d like to see the restart beginning from tomorrow. However, that is not realistic as the decision rests entirely with cautious, sometimes over-cautious, governments around the world, particularly those in Australasia. I’m hopeful that the federal and state governments, and others abroad, will recognise the enormous progress the cruise industry has made in addressing health and safety concerns and also adopt as model, Singapore’s successful and unblemished resumption and management of cruising. Certainly, the pressure is rapidly building from the public in our part of the world to develop ways that borders can be safely and gradually opened, sooner rather than later. Travel bubbles in the Asia-Pacific region, which has enjoyed success in managing the virus, are the obvious and urgent starting point, and widespread vaccination programs globally also provide an encouraging path for cruising’s overdue resumption. Do you think the cruise industry is ahead of the game on its health and safety protocols and why? Yes, I do. Absolutely, in fact. Of all of the segments of VIKING CRUISES


tourism, including aviation, the cruise industry, as previously stated, has been the most proactive in addressing the issues that have surrounded it since the onset of the pandemic. It acted rather early and decisively in the pandemic in terms of identifying the precise measures required to win back both the trust of governments and passengers alike. To its credit, the cruise industry continues to refine and improve its protocols. Do you see any of the new protocols – vaccinations, social distancing, guided excursions – as a deal breaker for you personally when thinking about cruising and why? On the contrary, these measures provide complete reassurance and there is plenty of evidence to indicate that devotees of cruising are already comforted by the demonstrable fact the cruise industry has introduced considered protocols to make cruising the safe experience it has been for decades. There exists a large degree of trust among experienced and enthusiastic cruisers that the cruise industry will get it right. Clearly, in the immediate future and beyond, a demonstrably safe ship is going to be a happy ship and the cruise industry has a profound and obvious investment in making that outcome a practical reality.

Where is the first place you want to go when we are free to travel internationally? I’m tempted to say anywhere where the wind takes me (and, actually, I just did say that). Seriously, I’d be delighted to cruise to any of the first destinations that are offered though who can ever resist the traditional destinations such as Europe for both ocean and river cruising. However, I do have a particular interest in, and a love of, Asia, and am looking forward to resuming that lifelong love affair as a traveller and travel editor and writer as soon as safely possible. Long-term, do you think the face or style of cruising will change, such as smaller ships? In the medium-term cruising may become, by necessity, a more restrained and considered pastime, which personally suits my own, pre-pandemic approach to cruising. The cruising experience on smaller ships has the advantage of tending to be a more subdued affair with the emphasis on the port of calls as much as the ship itself. Whatever the case, it’s likely that worldly and informed guests on cruise lines such as Viking, by the time they board its ships, will be extremely well‑versed on best COVID-19 conduct and practice. 11


EXPLORE MORE WITH VIKING Combined land touring and cruise packages taking you further


EXPLORING NORTHERN EUROPE 17-day Reykjavík to Oslo or vice versa from $10,295pp Iceland's Majestic Landscapes Ocean Cruise with Reykjavik & Scenic Train and Oslo extensions SET SAIL Jul – Aug 2022; Jul 2023

As we look towards a new future of international travel, we are all dreaming of longer, more immersive travel experiences so we can make the most of our future travels and uncover more of our chosen destinations near and far. At Viking, we have released a range of our best value cruise deals packaged with our most popular pre and post touring extensions creating one remarkable journey at one incredible price. You can now explore more of your destination and get the very best out of your next cruise with just one simple booking; taking away the stress of managing multiple bookings, connections and transfers. Explore the collection of river and ocean packages we have created just for you that take you deeper into cities and countries across the globe including Russia, Iceland, France, and the Mediterranean. Offer ends 31 May. 12

Terms & conditions apply.

Take in the breathtaking beauty of Iceland and cosmopolitan Reykjavík —one of the world’s cleanest, most eco-friendly cities and home to the Blue Lagoon, a natural geothermal spa. This stunning cruise is matched by what is arguably one of the world’s most spectacular and scenic train rides from Oslo to Bergen – a rail journey like no other, travelling from the vibrant city of Oslo, over Europe’s highest mountain plateau, through some of the most beautiful landscapes in Norway, and one of the world’s highest stretches of railway tracks.


With Viking's Inclusive Value, everything you need is included in your fare. • 13 days in private veranda stateroom with king-size bed • 4 nights in quality hotels including daily breakfast and 1 lunch • Scenic train from Bergen to Oslo or vice versa • Shore excursion in every port plus guided tour in Oslo • Services of a dedicated Viking host on extensions • Specialty coffee, tea and bottled water • Onboard meals and beverages; including wine, beer and soft drinks with lunch and dinner • Complimentary 24-hour room service • Choice of 8 dining options –- no charge for alternative dining venues • Culture Curriculum: Lectures and performances of music, art, dance, cooking and history • All onboard gratuities, port charges and taxes • Nordic Spa facilities including sauna, hydrotherapy pool and Snow Grotto • No credit card surcharges • Unlimited Wi-Fi • Industry-leading Health & Safety Program






18-day Moscow to Helsinki or vice versa from $9,595pp including return flights*

15-day Portugal & Spain from $6,845pp including flight credit*

Waterways of the Tsars River Cruise with Moscow & Helsinki extensions

Portugal's River of Gold River Cruise with Madrid & Road to Santiago extensions

SET SAIL 2022; 2023

SET SAIL 2022; 2023

Visit Helsinki and discover the allure of this Baltic capital, situated along the Gulf of Finland. Nicknamed the White City of the North, Helsinki is home to many museums and galleries as well as interesting sights, including the Old Town, Helsinki Cathedral and Sibelius Monument. From Helsinki your voyage takes you to Russia. No-one knows this region quite like Viking, and with more than 20 years' experience perfecting river cruising in Russia, you'll be travelling with the experts. with extra time to explore the capital at your leisure and immerse yourself in its cultural heart.

Step back in time as you explore the renaissance of Lisbon and the stunning port city of Porto, famous for traditional cuisine, wine and fado singing. Cruise the Douro River Valley, the world's oldest demarcated wine region and a UNESCO Site. In Spain, explore the cultural, artistic and historic centre of Madrid, and travel along the scenic coast to the Galician capital of Santiago de Compostela, whose unforgettable Old Town is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.



• 13 days deluxe accommodation in riverview stateroom

• 8 days deluxe accommodation in riverview stateroom

• 5 nights in quality hotels including daily breakfast

• 7 nights in quality hotels including daily breakfast

• Return economy �ights*

• Flight from Madrid to Lisbon

• Train from Helsinki to St Petersburg or vice versa

• International �ight credit of $500pp*

• Shore excursion in every port plus guided tours in Helsinki and Moscow

• Shore excursion in every port plus guided tours in Madrid and Santiago de Compostela

• Services of a dedicated Viking host on extensions

• Services of a dedicated Viking host on extensions

• On board meals and beverages, including wine, beer and soft drinks with lunch and dinner

• On board meals and beverages, including wine, beer and soft drinks with lunch and dinner

• Unlimited Wi-Fi on board

• Unlimited Wi-Fi on board

• All onboard gratuities, port charges, taxes and transfers

• All onboard gratuities, port charges, taxes and transfers

• No credit card surcharges

• No credit card surcharges

• Industry-leading Health & Safety Program

• Industry-leading Health & Safety Program

With Viking's Inclusive Value, everything you need is included in your fare.


With Viking's Inclusive Value, everything you need is included in your fare.





20-day Jerusalem to Amman from $13,145pp


Pharaohs & Pyramids River Cruise with Jerusalem & Jordan extensions

32-day Barcelona to Cappadocia or vice versa from $19,945pp

SET SAIL 2022; 2023

Mediterranean's Iconic Shores Ocean Cruise with Cappadocia extension

The broad stretches of the mighty Nile and the ancient monuments of Egypt take centre stage in this mesmerising journey of discovery. Wander among the pillars of Karnak Temple , the ancient city of Thebe, Luxor’s breathtaking temples, and cruise the waters of the Nile. See the pyramids and delight in the fragrance of Aswan’s spice markets. Visit Jerusalem, Israel’s fascinating capital, where history and a vibrant culture await. Then discover the intriguing deserts and sandstone cities of Jordan, the Roman antiquities at Jerash, the crusader-era castles at Kerak and Shobak, and the lost city of Petra, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

SET SAIL Apr – Sep 2022; Apr – Jul 2023 Explore the coastal gems of the Mediterranean on this journey discovering the vibrant cities, sun-kissed beaches, and humble fishing ports of this iconic coastline. From the shores of Spain to Istanbul and its ancient secrets, experience all the Mediterranean has to offer before exploring the breathtaking and otherworldly natural beauty and ancient history of captivating Cappadocia.


With Viking's Inclusive Value, everything you need is included in your fare.

• 29 days in private veranda stateroom with king-size bed • 3 nights in quality hotels including daily breakfast, 2 lunches and 2 dinners

• 8 days deluxe accommodation in riverview stateroom

• Shore excursion in every port plus guided tour in Cappadocia

• 12 nights in quality hotels including daily breakfast , 5 lunches and 3 dinners

• Return �ights from Istanbul to Cappadocia • Services of a dedicated Viking Tour Director on extension

• Shore excursion in every port plus guided tours in Jerusalem, Madaba, Dead Sea, Petra, Amman and Jerash

• Onboard meals and beverages; including wine, beer and soft drinks with lunch and dinner

• Flights from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem and Cairo to Amman and 2 intra-Egypt �ights

• Complimentary 24-hour room service

• Services of a dedicated Viking Tour Director on extensions • On board meals and beverages, including wine, beer and soft drinks with lunch and dinner

• Choice of 8 dining options - no charge for alternative dining venues • All onboard gratuities, port charges, taxes and transfers

• Unlimited Wi-Fi on board

• Nordic Spa facilities including sauna, hydrotherapy pool and Snow Grotto

• All onboard gratuities, port charges, taxes and transfers

• No credit card surcharges

• No credit card surcharges

• Unlimited Wi-Fi on board

• Industry-leading Health & Safety Program

• Industry-leading Health & Safety Program


With Viking's Inclusive Value, everything you need is included in your fare.





EXPLORING THE JUXTAPOSITION 28-day Amsterdam to Bucharest or vice versa from OF EAST AND WEST $12,845pp

27-day Vancouver to Tokyo or vice versa from $12,995pp

European Sojourn River Cruise with Amsterdam & Bucharest & Transylvania extensions

North Pacific Passage Ocean Cruise with Vancouver & Tokyo extensions

SET SAIL 2022; 2023 Europe’s unimaginable wealth of attractions, unique traditions, cultures, cuisines and landscapes are yours to discover with this incredible land and cruise combination. Witness the legacy of the Dutch Golden Age in Amsterdam that lives on in the city’s gilded manses and stroll through the Jordaan district, passing historic sites such as Wester Church and the Anne Frank House. Cruise the waterways of Europe along trade routes of ancient times visiting medieval ruins, fairy-tale castles and the quaint villages of Europe from Amsterdam to Bucharest. Sample the cuisines and wines of Germany, Hungary and Austria on this epic cruise showcasing Europe at its finest.

SET SAIL May & Sep 2022; Apr 2023 Spend a few days unravelling the mysteries of Japan’s neon-lit capital steeped in imperial history. Zen-like gardens and Shinto shrines mingle with towering skyscrapers in this bustling metropolis. Cross the Bering Sea to Alaska for wildlife that will take your breath away, national parks the size of nations, and glaciers bigger than other US states. Tokyo will dazzle with its traditional culture and passion for everything new, Alaska is home to bears both black and brown, and Vancouver is a culinary hotspot – a remarkable collection of experiences in one iconic journey that showcases the best of east and west.


With Viking's Inclusive Value, everything you need is included in your fare.


• 23 days in private veranda stateroom with king-size bed • 4 nights in quality hotels including daily breakfast and 1 lunch

With Viking's Inclusive Value, everything you need is included in your fare.

• Shore excursion in every port plus guided tours in Tokyo and Vancouver

• 22 days deluxe accommodation in riverview stateroom

• Services of a dedicated Viking host on extensions

• 6 nights in quality hotels including daily breakfast

• Onboard meals and beverages; including wine, beer and soft drinks with lunch and dinner

• Shore excursion in every port plus guided tours in Amsterdam and Transylvania

• Complimentary 24-hour room service

• Services of a dedicated Viking host on extensions

• Choice of 8 dining options - no charge for alternative dining venues

• On board meals and beverages, including wine, beer and soft drinks with lunch and dinner

• All onboard gratuities, port charges, taxes and transfers

• Unlimited Wi-Fi on board

• Nordic Spa facilities including sauna, hydrotherapy pool and Snow Grotto

• All onboard gratuities, port charges, taxes and transfers

• No credit card surcharges

• No credit card surcharges

• Unlimited Wi-Fi on board

• Industry-leading Health & Safety Program

• Industry-leading Health & Safety Program



Make up for lost time with our

GR A ND VOYAGES At Viking our mission is to take you on journeys that will immerse you in new destinations and cultures across the globe. Whether it be on the rivers or oceans of the world, the opportunities for new journeys are endless. Whilst we may not be able to travel just yet, now is the perfect time to be planning your next cruise experience – so why not make it bigger and grander than ever before with one of our Grand Voyages – epic adventures on the oceans of the world helping you make up for lost time.

M I YA J I M A I S L A N D , J A PA N 16


Our Grand Voyages are fusions of some of our most popular cruise itineraries, allowing you to explore a vast array of travel destinations in one seamless journey. Unpack just once, and settle in to explore more of the world on our exciting, longer cruise itineraries which range from 37 to 93 days. From Australia to Southeast Asia, Russia and Alaska, we will take you on the journey of a lifetime and introduce you to more cultures, more countries, more cuisines and more characters than ever before. In just one journey meet more locals, engage in more excursions, learn more and sample more delights. Cruising on board our state-of-the-art smaller ships, which have been purposely built and designed to take you right into the heart of your destination, you will have fewer sea days and more time spent in port, allowing you to fully experience the unique traditions, history, art and cuisines in your destinations for longer. Complementing your itineraries with exciting and included onshore experiences in each port you will get to know your destinations and experience the best they have to offer. Plus, with our on board enrichment programs you will have the added time to get to know your like-minded travellers and form friendships that will stand the test of time. As the world slowly begins to open up, the desire for travel and to make up for lost time is more prevalent than ever. Our Grand Voyages are the perfect answer for those wanting to make the most of their next cruise and spend longer doing the things they love. We recommend you start booking your next dream cruise now as places are filling quickly and staterooms will book out for 2022-2023. To begin booking your journey, our friendly staff are ready to take your questions. To help you start planning we have listed for you our favourite Grand Voyages. We look forward to welcoming you on board soon.


RUSSIA Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky TAIWAN Taipei (Keelung) Osaka

37-day Far East & CHINA Alaska Hong Kong – Vancouver or vice versa

Sihanoukville THAILAND


Bangkok (Laem Chabang)




Hiroshima Beppu

Hong Kong Ha Long Bay Hue (Chan May)

MALAYSIA Kuala Lumpur (Port Klang)

Sapporo Tokyo (Yokohama)

Ho Chi Minh City INDONESIA



Semarang Surabaya

Bali (Benoa)



Thursday Island

Lombok Cairns AUSTRALIA Townsville

Whitsunday Islands Coral Sea

79-day Australia, Brisbane Asia & Alaska Sydney – Vancouver Newcastle Sydney or vice versa Melbourne Bass Strait Hobart

OUR GR A ND VOYAGES Our Grand Voyages are full of limitless discoveries yet at the same time are an economical way of seeing the world – with just one airfare you combine multiple ocean voyages. 18

International Date Line



93-day Grand Pacific Explorer Auckland – Vancouver or vice versa

Auckland Tauranga NEW ZEALAND

Tasman Sea

Napier Wellington

Christchurch Dunedin

93 -DAY GR A ND PACIFIC E X PLOR ER Bridge oceans and continents on our most epic Pacific journey yet. An enriching journey unlike any other, stay overnight in 13 ports as you immerse yourself in a fascinating and diverse range of cultures while embracing opportunities to meet locals from both East to West. This Grand Voyage combines our popular itineraries including Australia & New Zealand, Komodo & the Australian Coast, Bangkok, Bali & Beyond, Southeast Asia & Hong Kong, Far Eastern Horizons and North Pacific Passage. Starting from $53,395 per person VIKING CRUISES


Hubbard Glacier


Seward Kodiak

Dutch Harbor

Icy Strait Point Sitka Ketchikan Inside Passage






37-day Far East & Alaska 79 -day Australia, Asia & Alaska 93-day Grand Pacific Explorer Overnight in Port GRIZZLY BEARS, ALASKA, USA


37-DAY FA R E A S T & A L A SK A

From Australia to Indonesia, Indochina and the northern reaches of America’s last frontier, this journey is spectacular. Join locals and delve into an astonishing array of cultural treasures and breathtaking natural wonders.

From imperial treasures and cities risen from ash to former soviet ports and the magnificent beauty of Alaska, accompany locals as they reveal what they love most about the places they call home. A historic pacific crossing links these diverse cultures and overnight stays in six ports let you fully explore and take in the nuances and complexities of the North Pacific.

This Grand Voyage combines Komodo & the Australian Coast, Bangkok, Bali & Beyond, Southeast Asia & Hong Kong, Far Eastern Horizons and North Pacific Passage for a remarkable 79-day journey. Starting from $43,995per person

Make a historic Pacific crossing and combine Far Eastern Horizons and North Pacific Passage for an epic 37-day cruise. Starting from $20,095 per person 19


TR AV EL TIPS FROM SOME OF OUR VIKING EXPERTS Grand journeys that traverse the world's oceans, stopping in multiple countries, immersing you in different cultures and creating memories of a lifetime – all with one booking – are a highlight of ocean cruising with Viking. Loyal Viking guests Lewis and Irene share their experiences and tips when it comes to ocean voyages.





What is your favourite memory from your cruise experiences?

Lewis & Irene |


Where have you travelled with Viking? We did a cruise from Sydney to New Zealand, and were so impressed we booked the Sydney to London leg of the world cruise. Unfortunately, we only got as far Dubai before COVID interrupted the cruise, but we were returned home by the Viking team with minimal fuss. Viking’s 2021/2022 an 2022/2023 world cruises both sold out in record time. What are the benefits of a longer cruise over a shorter one? We enjoy our time on board during sea days, as this is a perfect opportunity to enjoy all that Viking has to offer without feeling rushed. We would have booked the next world cruise had it started in Australia.

Great food, long lasting friendships with like-minded people and impeccable service. It’s more about the journey rather than the destinations. However, the Bay of Islands in New Zealand, and coming into Muscat in Oman are two memorable ports, not forgetting the majesty of sailing the oceans. Would you recommend people look at a longer cruise – either world cruise or a grand voyage? Absolutely. We tried a shorter cruise but by the time we got to the end we felt that we’d only just got going and were left wanting more. Are you planning your next voyage – where and why? We’re already booked on two cruises: Bergen to Montreal and Vancouver to Sydney. We love travelling on Viking and whilst we couldn’t use Viking to get to Europe we found these two cruises will get us home. As well as, experiencing a lot of new places along the way. 21

A L a nd of

ICE & WONDER In the words of explorer Roald Amundsen, this place looks like a fairytale. A land of snow, ice, water, and rock. No place on Earth compares to the vast white wilderness of Antarctica. It is quite simply, breathtaking and for visitors, it generates an indescribable feeling of being a small speck in a vast, yet harshly beautiful land.

“If Antarctica were music it would be Mozart. Art, and it would be Michelangelo. Literature, and it would be Shakespeare. And yet it is something even greater; the only place on earth that is still as it should be. May we never tame it.” — Andrew Denton

Seals and penguins on magic gondolas were the silent denizens of this dreamy Venice. In the soft glamour of the midsummer midnight sun, we were possessed by a rapturous wonder — the rare thrill of unreality.” — Douglas Mawson

A N TA R C T I C A 22


In 1959, 12 countries with scientists stationed in and around Antarctica signed an agreement that "Antarctica shall continue forever to be used exclusively for peaceful purposes and shall not become the scene or object of international discord." Since then, more than 38 countries have signed what is now known as the Antarctic Treaty. Preserved by this treaty, Antarctica is home to some of the world’s most incredible landscapes and extraordinary species of bird and animal life. Ice, weather and the change of seasons, not clocks and calendars, determine the itinerary, the experience and the timetable of all travel here. Antarctica guards its many secrets in an icy grasp for all but five magical months, then when the sea ice slowly retreats and the days grow longer, she offers up a world of wonder and thriving, abundant life. November – December On the Antarctic Peninsula, the start of the season is a favourite time for those who delight in pristine snow scapes. The sun emerges from its winter hibernation, the animals start their breeding cycles and the landscape is as pure as its ever going to be.


January – February Welcome to the days of the Midnight Sun with near 24-hours of daylight. Rookeries are full of fluffy penguin chicks, parents dodge leopard seals and predatory birds scan for the unattended. Whales and seals are abundant and with parents out hunting, baby seals can get quite inquisitive. MIDNIGHT SUN, ANTARCTICA

Late February – March


As the season begins to wind down, with snow cover at its lowest and the penguins moulting, this is perhaps not the month to see Antarctica at its most photogenic, but this is the best time for some truly spectacular sunsets. And without a doubt the best time for whale spotting – with the feeding season slowing and preparation for the migration north, the whales are playful and curious.


48hours in Buenos Aires W I T H T H E T R AV EL E X PER T S


Buenos Aires, the capital of Argentina, is a city that rarely disappoints. Its neoclassical architecture, café culture, and international vibe give the city a definite European feel, earning it the nickname of "the Paris of South America." If you had only 48 hours to spend in this vibrant metropolis you would not want to miss any highlights so we have compiled a list of hints from some of Australia’s most prominent travel writers to help you plan your adventures. S U E WA L L ACE Travel Writer and Editor Follow the Tango Trail Head to a tango trail and watch the action at a local milonga or dance hall. Sensuous, sultry and passionate, it is no wonder author George Bernard Shaw described the dance as a “vertical expression of a horizontal desire.” Popular ones include Milonga Parakultura, La Catedral and night owls will love La Virtua where the action starts at 3am. For sizzling sultry performances head to one of the many professional tango shows that often include dinner and sell out quickly. Visit La Recoleta Cemetery Haunting ornate tombs and marble mausoleums provide a lesson in the city’s turbulent and colourful history in the cemetery that’s home to more than 4500 graves. The most visited is Eva Peron’s resting place where fresh flowers are placed most days. She’s in good company with presidents, literary giants, Nobel prize winners and sports stars. 24


S US A N K U ROS AWA Associate Editor [Travel], The Australian Books The upmarket "old money" Recoleta neighbourhood is home to a bookstore so magnificent that it has been dubbed the world's most beautiful by National Geographic. El Ateneo Grand Splendid opened in 2000 and is housed in a former early 1900s theatre that in its heyday played host to legendary tango performers and famous musicians. The building also served as the first cinema in Buenos Aires to screen movies with sound. Where once were rows of seats and balcony boxes are bookshelves stacked with an extraordinary array of titles, including selections in English. Scarlet stage curtains are still in place, and live performances take place on a regular basis; many original décor highlights have been retained, including an elaborate gilded fresco on the ceiling dome and multiple moulded trimmings. It's impossible to imagine a more gorgeous place to browse. Refreshments You're in South America. Dinner will be served late but an afternoon tea will get you by. The grand and gracious Palacio Duhau-Park Hyatt, once a private mansion, starts its Five O'Clock Tea on the dot at Los Salones del Piano Nobile, either in a grand chandeliered and columned dining space or on the shaded terrace. Or, if you want a dash of traditional atmosphere, Café Tortoni, is an absolute must. It's presided over by gliding white-aproned waiters, and is one of the city's best people-watching venues. The late 19th-century décor, framed historic photos and airy proportions summon the glory days of Buenos Aires high life and the roll call of famous past habitues includes writer Jorge Luis Borges and artist Florencio Molina Campos.

J U L IET TA J A M ESON Travel Writer Take public transport Buenos Aires is a sprawling city of distinct districts, each with its own unique character. So, when you walk out of the door of your hotel, remember there’s a whole other vibe going on down the road! Getting to know the Argentinian capital requires exploring, and the best way to do it is to take the subway train or hit the extensive bus network. The latter can be a bit confusing – your stop may not be on the side of the road you think it should be for the direction you’re going in. So do your research before venturing out and if in doubt, head to one of the many kioskos, or news stands that pepper the city. The proprietors are happy to help. Stay up late It can be a hard ask, especially for those who like to eat early. But try and stave off the hunger pangs – like most Latin cities, Buenos Aires’ restaurant scene comes alive after 9pm. You will even see small children smashing a steak after 10pm! And speaking of steak, Buenos Aires is a carnivore’s dream. The parrillas, as the steakhouse restaurants are known, are often imitated elsewhere, but there’s nothing like enjoying Argentinian beef done locally, on a chargrill, washed down with a Mendoza Malbec, in atmospheric surrounds. Be brave and push through the food coma – and late hour – and after dinner, hit one of the city’s fun and fabulous cocktail bars, such as classy and classic Doppelganger. You can sleep when you’re back home.



A rgentinian Beef Empanadas Learn how to make an empanada, a traditional turnover with a sweet or in this case, savoury filling. There are many variations of empanadas in Argentina and this version was developed by Gaby Melian, who is from Buenos Aries and taught as a young girl by family members how to make them. Enjoy making these delicious beef empanadas and tag #MyVikingStory with your creations! METHOD 1. Heat 2 tbsp oil in a large pot over high. Cook beef, breaking up with a spoon, until browned but not completely cooked through, 6–8 minutes. Transfer to a medium bowl with a slotted spoon, leaving as much fat in pan as possible.

INGREDIENTS 3 tbsp extra-virgin olive oil 900g minced beef 2 medium onions, chopped 2 small red bell peppers Kosher salt, freshly ground pepper 3 tbsp ground cumin 2 tbsp sweet paprika 1 tbsp dried oregano ¼ tsp cayenne pepper 1½ cups chicken stock or broth

2. Reduce heat to medium and cook onion, bell peppers, and remaining 1 tbsp oil, stirring, until tender but not browned, 6–8 minutes; season with salt and black pepper. Add cumin, paprika, oregano, and cayenne and cook, stirring, until fragrant, about 1 minute. Add chicken stock and reserved beef along with any accumulated juices to pot. Stir in sugar, 4 tsp salt, and ¼ tsp black pepper. Bring to a simmer and cook, stirring and scraping up any brown bits, until most of the liquid is evaporated, 15–20 minutes; taste and season with salt and black pepper, if needed. Stir in raisins. Transfer to a medium bowl, cover, and chill at least 3 hours. 3. Preheat oven to 190°. Let dough sit at room temperature 15 minutes to temper. Remove 6 rounds from package, keeping plastic divider underneath, and arrange on a work surface. Place 2 tbsp filling in the centre of each round. Top with 2 olive halves. Brush water around half of outer edge of each round. Using plastic divider to help you, fold round over filling and pinch edges to seal. Using a fork, crimp edges. Remove plastic and transfer empanada to a parchment-lined sheet tray, spacing 3 cm apart. Repeat with remaining rounds (you’ll get about 12 empanadas on each tray). 4. Bake empanadas, rotating tray halfway through, until golden brown and slightly darker around the edges, 25–35 minutes. 5. Do ahead: Filling can be made 3 days ahead. Keep chilled. Unbaked empanadas can be made 3 months ahead; freeze on sheet tray, then transfer to freezer bags and keep frozen.

2 tsp sugar ½ cup raisins 3 packages puff pastry ½ cup pitted green olives (Picholine or Spanish), rinsed well, cut in half lengthwise 26

Want to take your skills further? Join our Argentine dining experience on your next South America Voyage and put your creative and cooking skills to the test. Learn how to make an empanada from a professional and then enter your creation in Argentina’s one and only empanada competition. This special evening blends culture, food, wine and socialising together in one joyful experience. VIKING CRUISES


One of life’s greatest travel experiences is waking up in Antarctica, in a bay dotted with giant icebergs and surrounded by snow-covered mountains serrated by too many glaciers to count. If your suite’s window is open you may hear the splash of penguins or the blow of a Humpback whale. It may seem like a dream but it’s an easily – and comfortably – realised reality. Antarctica was once the realm only of intrepid explorers or hardy scientists. Today it can be visited and fully experienced on ships with no trade-off between making the most of each day in Antarctica and doing it in comfortable luxury. Larger than Australia with no human population and just a scattering of a few thousand scientists across the icy wilderness, Antarctica has a sense of space unlike anywhere else on earth. For many well-travelled visitors it’s not just the 7th continent to set foot upon, it’s also a revelation as the most rewarding, the most exotic and the most unexpected. Of course, there’s the delight of simply being in an icy wonderland under a limitless sky. Even a short zodiac ride from ship to shore may be accompanied by a flock of Gentoo penguins swimming alongside or passing by a leopard seal sunning itself on an iceberg. On the voyage south the birds accompanying the ship include graceful wandering albatross, the world’s largest flying bird.

Polar veterans say that one of life’s biggest thrills is seeing your first iceberg, thousands of tonnes of white glistening majesty, often far from land and the glacier that gave it birth. In Antarctica, a cruise by small boat through a field of icebergs reveals pillars and portals and fissures in an impossible shade of blue. They come in every conceivable shape, like a surrealistic sculpture garden created by Rodin or Dalí. And, while it’s a bit too cold for Dalí’s melted clocks, even time is different here as the polar summer sun shines and sunset merges seamlessly into sunrise. Stepping onto a beach crowded with penguins coming and going from fishing excursions to feed their chicks is to feel part of an all-encompassing nature documentary. You soon understand why explorers from Shackleton to Hillary found Antarctica so addictive. Those heroes of the past would have marvelled at our modern-day polar voyages – and there may have been a tinge of envy, too. They’d marvel at a boat launching ramp inside the ship, submersibles to reveal a hitherto unseen world below the ice, and stable kayaks to provide an almost penguin-like perspective of this remarkable frozen world.


Travel to Antarctica has evolved greatly since the first humans arrived some two centuries ago. Indeed, it’s significantly different from even two decades ago. Viking's Expedition voyages reflect the newest iteration of Antarctic discovery in its state-of-the-art custom-built vessels. 27

TA K E A CLOSER LOOK… Viking Octantis and Viking Polaris, our state-of-the-art expedition ships have been designed by the same experienced nautical architects and engineers that designed Viking ocean ships. They are optimally sized and built specifically for expeditions – small enough to navigate remote polar regions and the St. Lawrence River, while large enough to provide superior handling and stability in the roughest seas.



But inside the stunning straight bow and gleaming hull of these new ships are a few secrets that will set these vessels apart in the expedition voyage sector, and will provide our guests a truly unique expedition experience.



An industry first, this enclosed inship marina will allow the launch of our onboard excursion craft through the ship’s slipway, allowing guests to embark and disembark the RIBs shielded from wind and waves from a flat, stable surface inside the ship. This takes away any of the stress of trying to embark a RIB from a platform alongside the ship and will provide protection from all weather conditions. Of course, for the intrepid traveller, there will always be the chance to try your hand at a traditional Zodiac embarkation, but the Hangar provides a far easier and more relaxing option.

Both ships will also function as working research vessels with an onboard team of Viking Resident Scientists working on a variety of studies and a fully equipped science laboratory. Developed in consultation with Cambridge University and Viking’s other academic partners, The Laboratory is designed to support a broad range of research activities and is equipped with wet and dry laboratory facilities, a sample processing area, fume cupboard, freezer and cool storage, comprehensive microscope optics and extensive bench space for analysis-specific instruments. Guests will be able to learn from and participate with scientists undertaking primary research, an experience unique to Viking.

T HE AU L A & FI NSE T ER R ACE Viking has created the world’s most advanced venue for learning at sea with The Aula, a stunning panoramic auditorium at the stern of the ship. Inspired by the University of Oslo’s famed ceremonial hall where the Nobel Peace Prize was historically awarded, The Aula offers a dynamic venue for lectures and entertainment, with floor-toceiling windows and 270-degree views. Adjacent to The Aula through sliding glass walls is the Finse Terrace, an outdoor lounge area with comfortable couches and warming lava rock “firepits” – perfect for panoramic views of the surroundings. Together the two spaces can be combined to create an unmatched indoor-outdoor al fresco experience for guests to be immersed in nature.



A M ER IC A’S WAT ERWAYS FR OM R I V ER S TO L A K ES A ND T HE DEEP BLU E As we approach 4th July, and American Independence Day, it’s timely to take a deep dive into the cruising experience on offer in American waters. North America is home to landscapes as varied as they are distinct from towering forests, kilometres of undulating crops, vast deserts, pulsating metropolises and bright urban centres. Even the most hardcore local is often forced to stop and stare at the immense natural beauty that makes up their homeland. And here, adventure has a different meaning for every visitor. Venture on a Canadian wilderness trek, strap yourself in for the legendary road trip along Route 66, cruise mighty lakes and rivers, stare in awe at calving glaciers or explore the hustle of some of the world’s greatest cities. Whatever your travel dreams, North America offers a kaleidoscope of cultures, cuisines, countryside and characters to create memories of a lifetime.




L IK E A N E X PLOR ER If you dream of sandy beaches, gentle waves and vast stretches of open water, look beyond an ocean-side sojourn. Some of the best water-based escapes can be found inland. America’s Great Lakes are a little-known, unspoiled wonderland, boasting diverse natural beauty, scenic wildlife and some of the most interesting cities in North America. Over 1,000 kilometres across with 16,000 kilometres of coastline, the Great Lakes cover an area about the size of the UK and France combined! Discover the Great Lakes region with Viking on an expedition voyage and kayak the stunning Georgian Bay past families of otters; hike through forests; transit the engineering marvels of Welland Canal and Soo Locks; and view the world–class collection in the Milwaukee Art Museum.

NEW 13-day Canadian Discovery, from Toronto to New York City or vice versa

NEW 8-day Great Lakes Explorer from Milwaukee to Thunder Bay or vice versa

NEW 8-day Niagara & the Great Lakes from Toronto to Milwaukee or vice versa

Unleash your inner explorer in the remote wilds of Eastern Canada. Discover this region’s rich colonial past amid stunning natural settings. Admire the unparalleled beauty of the rugged coast of the Canadian Maritimes. Cruise along the wide expanse of the St. Lawrence River and marvel at the scenic Saguenay River Valley, with its dramatic cliffs and intriguing wildlife.

Discover the maze of granite islands that comprise the Georgian Bay Biosphere Reserve. Experience Victorian charm on Mackinac Island and venture into the boreal forests of Sleeping Giant Provincial Park on Lake Superior’s northern shore. Explore coastal wetlands replete with bird life and get acquainted with native cultures of the northern Great Lakes.

From urban skylines to uninhabited islands, discover North America’s wilderness alongside renowned cultural attractions while cruising the striking waterways of the Great Lakes. Led by a team of experts, explore sheltered bays and woodlands to uncover complex ecosystems and hidden treasures.



FOR O CE A N WAY FA R ER S If an ocean voyage on the high seas is more to your liking, the Americas and the Caribbean offer unmatched cultural diversity and some of the world’s most magnificent landscapes. From the gleaming white glaciers and remote outposts of Alaska to the soaring fjords and breathtaking vistas of Chile and the sophisticated cities of eastern USA and Canada and the relaxed vibe of the Caribbean – a Viking ocean cruise has it all covered.


23-day North Pacific Passage from Tokyo to Vancouver or vice versa

11-days Alaska & the Inside Passage from Vancouver to Seward or vice versa

NEW 15-day Canada & New England Scenic Shores from Montreal to Fort Lauderdale

Unravel the mysteries of Japan and learn about life in a remote Russian city. Cross the Bering Sea, tracing the legendary path of the first human migration to the Americas, and cruise the glacierstrewn, mountain-ringed bays of Alaska, stopping in former frontier towns to hear stories of trappers and lumberjacks. Settle in for a fascinating journey that bridges the cultures of Asia and North America from glittering Tokyo to Vancouver, British Columbia’s cultural capital.

Immerse yourself in a world of Tlingit heritage with hints of Russia, where an outpost atmosphere prevails in charming, mountainringed seaside towns. As you cruise this pristine wilderness of misty fjords, lush forest and gleaming walls of ice, meet local Tlingit who have fished these waters for centuries, and hear tales both tall and true of a region where a Wild West spirit still feels very much alive.

Admire the natural beauty and colourful autumn hues of Canada and New England. As you cruise, learn about the rich history and lively culture of the province of Quebec. Discover the Scottish heritage and seafaring ways of the Canadian Maritimes, then immerse yourself in the striking landscapes surrounding Bar Harbor. Sail the scenic St. Lawrence River and the remarkable Cape Cod Canal, and experience the charm of Newport, one of the oldest cities in the US. VIKING CRUISES


SER ENE R I V ER CRU ISI NG Stretching for 3,700km from Minnesota's Lake Itasca to the Gulf of Mexico, our new cruises on the Mighty Mississippi offer a different type of cross-country journey — one that allows you to be immersed in American history and culture. You'll find palatial mansions and pastoral farms; haunting cotton flats and verdant hill country; honey-dipped sand on the coast and serene farmland in the north.

NEW 8-day America's Heartland, St. Paul to St. Louis or vice versa On this enlightening journey on the Upper Mississippi, hear stories of pioneers and the Lewis and Clark Expedition; walk in the footsteps of Mark Twain; and learn about the Norwegian migration. Enjoy the view as your ship navigates through the river’s intricate lock system, and experience the region’s many cultural treasures — from ragtime and polka and to Wisconsin cheese and craft beer.

NEW 15-day America's Great River from St. Paul to New Orleans or vice versa

NEW 8-day New Orleans & Southern Charms, round trip from New Orleans

History and culture unfold as you cross the country from north to south on this enriching voyage. Enjoy relaxing scenic sailing and unparalleled bird-watching as the landscape changes from the bluffs of the North to the bayous of the South. Learn about the American civil rights movement and the Civil War. Along the way, tap your feet to the rhythm of American folk, soul and jazz music—and taste a delicious array of regional cuisine.

The Lower Mississippi overflows with charm, history and hospitality. Explore historic estates, and visit notable Civil War sites. Sample the bustling French-flavoured port cities of New Orleans and Baton Rouge. Sway to the tempos of Dixieland jazz, gospel and blues. Join us, and see why local Cajuns say, “Laissez les bons temps rouler” (Let the good times roll).



POL AR WILDS Top 5 Arctic Animals Polar Bear A powerful symbol of strength and endurance in the Arctic. The iconic polar bear traverses the polar ice and seas hunting for seals. With paws the size of dinner plates polar bears can reach speeds of up to 40kph; and are the apex hunter of the Arctic.

Beluga Whale Although one of the smallest species of whales, beluga or white whales are one of the most social mammals living in the high latitudes of the Arctic waters. Travelling in large pods, their distinctive colour and prominent foreheads make them easily identifiable.

Arctic Fox With its thick, warm fur, that also doubles as camouflage, the Arctic fox has learnt to adapt to the harsh Arctic region. These hardy foxes won’t shiver until the temperature drops below -70 degrees Celsius and are the only canine whose foot pads are covered in fur.

Walrus The walrus is easily identifiable by its sheer size, distinctive tusks and whiskers. Exceeded in size only by elephant seals, walrus males can measure up to 3.6m long and weigh over 1,500kg. Both male and females have large tusks that can reach up to 1m in length and weigh over 5kg. These giants of the Arctic are a sight to behold!

Arctic Reindeer Reindeer are a species of deer found in the Arctic tundra and migrate between tundra and forest in huge herds numbering up to half a million. They are the only deer species in which females also have antlers, and as male reindeer shed their antlers at the end of the mating season – it must be the females who pull Santa’s sleigh through the sky. 34


The opposite ends of the earth provide some unique and wonderful insights into the strength, resolve and survival of some of the world’s most exciting and distinctive animals. Come with us on a journey to discover these amazing animals and to uncover a part of the Arctic and Antarctic that has managed to evolve and survive some of the most extreme conditions on the planet.

Top 5 Antarctica Animals Adélie Penguin One of only five species of penguins that live in the Antarctic, Adélie penguins stand 70cm tall with a unique white ring around their eyes. They are excellent swimmers, averaging up to 8km/h; and long distance walkers covering many kilometres, sometimes up to 50km, journeying back and forth to their colonies from the sea.

Chinstrap Penguin Chinstrap penguins are distinguished by the narrow band of black feathers which extends from ear to ear just below the chin and cheeks which makes it appear like a helmet. These unique penguins like to toboggan on land by laying on their stomachs and using their flippers and feet to propel themselves forward.

Leopard Seal The second largest species of seal in the Antarctic, the Leopard seal is one of the most easily recognised. Leopard seals are solitary animals that are considered the greatest wanderers of the Antarctic seas with sightings in Tasmania and even Heron Island in the southern part of the Great Barrier Reef.

Humpback Whale Frequently breaching, slapping their tails and fins, Humpback whales are quite active and popular with whale watchers. Migrating up to 25,000km each year, they feed in polar waters before heading to tropical waters to breed and give birth. Watch their spectacular feeding methods including the bubble net technique where whales come together as a group to feed.

Black-browed Albatross Mostly white with yellowish-orange webbed feet, grey highlights, a bright yellow beak, and a conspicuous black eyebrow, the Black-browed Albatross is a wonderful sight. They are known to live over 30 years and generally have the same breeding partner each season.


Iconic Souvenirs from A R O U N D


There is something undeniably appealing about collecting souvenirs as a memory of your global travels. Join us on a virtual wander across Europe and see what iconic souvenirs we can find.


The joining of two Danish words “Leg Godt”; Lego was born in 1932 and has come a long way over the past 85 years. Twice named “Toy of the Century”, picking up a piece or two in the place where it all began is a must.

Dating back to the early 13th Century and known as klompen; clogs or wooden shoes have been used in the Netherlands since medieval times. Originally designed to protect the feet of artisans, farmers, fishermen and other trade jobs, they gained popularity and lavishly decorated clogs were even worn to churches and weddings.

Create your own perfume in the French Riviera and savour your visit to France. Famous for its designer perfumes such as Chanel, Clinque, Lancome and Jean-Paul Gaultier, try your hand at making your own signature scent.

A symbol of faith, good luck and justice based on a legend about a Spanish pilgrim who when suspected of committing a crime, pointed to a roasted rooster and claimed it would come back to life and sing his innocence. Much to everyone’s surprise, the roasted rooster stood up and crowed. The judge rushed to the gallows to free the man. 36





Chocolate production in Switzerland dates as far back as the 17th century. In 1875, Swiss confectioner Daniel Peter, developed the first solid milk chocolate using condensed milk. Today world-renowned chocolate brands that originated in Switzerland include Nestlé, Toblerone, Lindt, and Sprüngli.



An authentic symbol of Sweden, Dala were carved by men working in the forests during long winter evenings and brought back to the village for the children to play with. Dala became famous around the world in 1939 at the World’s Fair in New York when a giant painted Dala horse was placed outside the Swedish pavilion causing a sensation among visitors.

The first nesting doll, the Rooster Girl has fast risen to fame as a classic folkloric item and today Matryoshka dolls are symbolic of Russian history. With vibrant colours and a large variety of designs, the dolls which stack inside each other are a symbol of fertility.

Architect Erno Rubik from Budapest came up with the idea for the cube in 1974. After some twisting and turning of the cube to solve a different problem, Rubnik gave rise to the global Rubik’s Cube sensation.



Be part of Venice’s centuries old tradition with your own Venetian Mask. Originally designed to hide the wearer’s identity and social status, the masks allowed society to interact more freely. Today stand out with a brightly coloured mask such as gold or silver.


One of the most ancient sweet dishes in the world, Turkish Delight is known to have been produced in Turkey as early as the late 18th century. Known as lokum, the small jelly cubes are Turkey’s most beloved sweet. One theory behind its creation is that confectioner Haci Bekir Effendi created the delight, eventually tweaking his recipe in the 19th century when cornstarch was invented to give it its distinct chewy texture. Reaching the Ottoman Palace, the sweet treat soon became famous around the world. The shop still operates today!



#MY VIKINGSTORY While we may not be able to travel just at the moment, we all have memories to share – and inspiration to get us planning!



I visited the remote fishing village of Hamnøy, #Norway, on a rare custom excursion to one of the most picturesque locations on Earth, while on the @VikingCruises "Into the Midnight Sun" itinerary. #TBINChat #traveleurope #MyVikingStory

Honestly, sailing through the Norwegian Fjords has to be one of the most breathtaking and humbling experiences a�oat @VikingCruises Viking Sea sailing through Geirangerfjord#MyVikingStory


Stunning Monte Carlo Memories of our Viking Oceans Cruise from Barcelona to Rome @VikingCruises #MonteCarlo #VikingSea #Monaco #memoriesaremadeofthis #Memories #myvikingstory #myvikingjourney #wanderlust #VikingOceanCruises #VikingCruises #Cruising #imisscruising 38


Loved this warehouse on stilts on the Danube River near Budapest. I think I took more than 1,000 photos on this trip with@VikingCruises! #MyVikingStory #VikingCruises VIKING CRUISES


“Waterfront” Stockholm, the capital of Sweden, encompasses 14 islands and more than 50 bridges on an extensive Baltic Sea archipelago.#MyVikingStory #myvikingjourney #TravelTuesday #photooftheday #picoftheday #Stockholm #Sweden #cityscape #waterfront #fujifilm


#MyVikingStory- au Marche Du Capucins -- open air, fresh market in Bordeaux. Thank you #VikingCruises, for the culinary experience of a lifetime! Cannot wait to return and eat more strawberries and white asparagus.



Delighted to see that @VikingCruises are resuming sailings in June 2021! New “Welcome Back” Sailings Will Be Available for Vaccinated Guests; Planning Underway for More New Ocean Itineraries in 2021 #MyVikingStory

@VikingCruises I really appreciated how art is central to the design and decor of the ships. Photo: “Et Lite Epletre” by Jakob Weidemann taken on the Jupiter during our Homelands cruise.#MyVikingStory 39




Profile for Viking Cruises (Aus/NZ)

Viking Explorer Society News | Issue 12  

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