Page 1 SEO - Different SEO Methodology SEO is very important today, if you really want your website to prosper. The basic concept behind Search engine optimizing your webpage, either by yourself or by hiring a firm to do so, is to increase the page ranking in the search engine listings such that your page ideally shows at the top of the search page. This involves many strategies and techniques. But, the basic methodology remains the same. There are two basic types of SEO Methodology that SEO firms implement to better their clients page ranking. On page optimization and off page optimization. In on page optimization method, various aspects of your website are worked on. The first thing that is optimized is the title tag of your page. It should ideally be under 60 characters and should contain the gist of the information on the page itself. Preferably, it should also have a keyword. Depending on what your website deals with, the page itself should contain a high density of appropriate keywords linked to your service and products. SEO firms go a step further by analyzing the competition for you. They study their websites and determine where you rank compared to them and accordingly alter the content on your site to make it more user-friendly and optimized for search engines. In off page optimization method, your website is linked to various search indexes on the net and directories dealing with the particular type of business your website promotes. Furthermore, SEO companies will even take the pain of setting up blogs and articles promoting your website using the products you endorse. These articles and blogs will get circulated among the various blog sites and article databases thus, providing you with more external links. Search engines such as Google and Yahoo take the number of external links to your website in deciding the ranking of your web page. Another method of optimizing a web page involves increasing the links and affiliate ties with other websites. When you affiliate with another website, they allow you page space on their websites to advertise about your site and in return take a cut for every user they send your way. This is very similar to the way blogs and articles optimized to increase the traffic flow to your websites work. A more recent method employed by many websites to Search engine optimize themselves is to enter Social Media sites such as twitter and facebook, either as a group or user. By doing this they can directly interact with people and spread their fame. Moreover, allowing people to link with your website through social media websites, you increase the chances of showing up on top in search engines. Most SEO companies follow all of the above methodologies to give your website the best possible advantage over your competitors and to increase business for you. Some even provide web hosting and web maintenance services as a part of the deal thus, removing the burden of managing the web page by you. Depending on what services they offer, their price also varies. Author is an expert in Online Marketing. Visit him to up your rank SEO Services.

SEO - Different SEO Methodology  

Enter a phrase or word or a sentence into the search field of a search engine. You will be astonished to find as many sites as the populatio...

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