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Real-time Collaboration between Any Device, Any Network, Any User

Dialcom in a Nutshell 

Founded in 2000

Profitable since 2002

Offices in Madrid, Munich, Herndon, Singapore, Luxembourg

Partners in Copenhagen, Dubai, Sao Paulo, Milan, Madrid, India

2007 Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Web-Conferencing Solutions

Customers all across the Globe

Dialcom Credits  Spontania

Video4IM : The first video plug-in for Skype: In May 2005 Dialcom’s consumer division launched the first Video Plug-in for Skype. It was roller coaster experience providing a free service to 1.8 million users, with 200.000 users in just the first week.

 Spontania

Kodak Photo voice : Dialcom took on the challenge of working in partnership with two of the worlds most well known companies to provide a platform that enabling a community of more than 120 million potential users to share high-quality pictures in real-time, while engaged in a Skype call.

Major Industries & Customers


Banking & Insurance

Telco & Media



Dialcom Products “Spontaneous video communication anywhere, any device� Provides integrated real-time video communication, collaboration and multimedia sharing capabilities over IP, for any device and any network, seamlessly.

Enriched Enterprise Collaboration

Recording Multicast Mobile IM

Enriched Enterprise Collaboration

Enriched Enterprise Collaboration Spontania Delivers on the UCC Vision 

Enabling individuals to dynamically and selectively


leverage both “old” and “new” communication modalities — easily… 

Flexibly select what suits immediate circumstances

Dynamically and seamlessly change and escalate

Move from non-real time to real time

Text to voice

Voice to video

Video to file share/whiteboard

“Person to person” to “multi-party instant conference”

Maintaining transaction integrity and

A light footprint on the infrastructure

Low acquisition and operating costs

UCC Market–Varying Approaches Video Conference

VoIP communications

Web conference


Vendor’s with varying core competencies scramble to claim UCC Voice Video Rich media collaboration Instant Messaging Mobility

Spontania Unified Collaboration Bidirectional Communication     

Videoconference IP in 3D and 2D format with High Quality Voice over IP Full-duplex Public and Private Chat Different visualization formats Simultaneous multi-languages voice channels

Collaboration in real time 

Co browsing

Video and application sharing

Remote Control

File transfer


Recording session (in moderator PC or in the server side)

Multiples networks and devices

PCs, PDAs, mobiles, end-points and videoconference MCUs, fixed and mobile telephones', softphones

TCP/IP, UDP network and circuit switch networks

Security  

End-2-End security communication SSL-128 Blowfish Firewall and proxy friendly

Major Features - I New 3D PC user interface 

Disassemble videos or application sharing

Full-screen view

3D view

Indicator of the participants connectivity

Invitation through: 



Phone call

Information of the status of the buddy list in the Spontania PC client.

Major Features - II Unified IM PC client 

Client base on Jabber standard (XMPP)

Integration with 3rd party pre-existed IM communities (MSN Messenger, Google Talk, AIM, Yahoo Messenger, ICQ,…)

Customization of the client

Transfer a file between 2 users

Invitation from the Unified IM PC client to a session

Information of the user status (in Spontania session, available, busy,…)

Major Features -III Collaboration between 




Meeting Room Equipment

Simple, Intuitive Interface

Adapts to local bandwidth conditions

Secure: Blowfish Encryption

Session recording

Low operational costs

Major Features - IV 

Easy to deploy

Light footprint

Web-based administration

Integrates into enterprise mail, calendar and IM

Extends legacy investments (meeting room equipment)

Works through firewalls

Adaptive Bandwidth Management

Upcoming Features - I Polling 

Moderator sends polling to participants during the session.

Moderator can create the polling from the administration web page before accessing to the session or during the session.

Moderator can get the result of the polling

Type of questions:



Select between different answers

Add comments

Upcoming Features - II New Web Portal ď Ž

Moderator can creates sessions.

ď Ž

Just available sessions for the user are shown.

Upcoming Features - III MAC Client 

Moderator profile is available

Communication service

Public and Private text chat

Voice over IP in full-duplex


Collaboration service

Application sharing

File transfer



Upcoming Features - IV Contact Data Retrieve ď Ž

Moderator retrieves the contacts information saved in the email client.

ď Ž

For outbound call, moderator just clicks over the "Agenda" button and retrieve the contacts information.

Dialcom Webcall® 

An easy to use solution that allows bidirectional real-time collaboration between the operator of a Contact Center and the end user who requires on-line help-desk support

It does not require any preinstalled client software

Easy to use integrated audio and video conference support

Webcall integrates within a pre-existent voice architecture keeping same call flow and agent/user experience

Features 

Personalized support with human touch

Remote application sharing and control

Assisted web navigation

File transfers

Fast and easy

Secure and friendly

Webcall server

Spontania For ALL Spontania for Distance Education & Corporate Sector brings video and collaboration services to your existing infrastructure. Enhance your remote support and customer interaction with on-line and real-time multimedia capabilities.

Our Approach Simple On-Premise Solution  Enterprise grade security – deployed

within your firewall and security management systems 

Authenticates users against corporate directory

PS (packet switched): PCs, PDAs (Windows mobile v5.0, v6.0), Symbian mobile phones H.323/SIP end points

CS (circuit switched): 3G video call, PSTN call

Accessible from any network: IP (network independent): LAN, WAN, PRS, EDGE, EvDO, UMTS, WiMAX, VSATs

Our Approach Spontania Convergence Server 

Enables many-to-many simultaneous voice, video, and data collaboration sessions on PCs, PDAs, mobile phones, fixed phones, H.323/SIP devices

Based on client-server architecture, supports unlimited concurrent users with easily executable software upgrades

Integrates multiple services, such as mobility, H.323, IM, etc., into one solution.

Our Approach Adaptive Bandwidth Management  Patent pending technology that shields users

from effects of network latencies by sensing changes in network & device performance, adjusting compression and cache algorithms in real-time for optimal performance 

Users have the ability to make individual adjustments for voice, video, and data according to the unique circumstances of the session

Spontania’s session control interface allows users to override Adaptive Bandwidth Management to manually tune voice, video, and data characteristics for individual users

Case Study - I Lamhas, Dialcom primary partner for educational projects under VSAT networks in India. Everonn project with 1000 concurrent licenses in order to connect all primary schools all across India. PURE VSAT NETWORK due to dispersed schools and so expensive way to deploy terrestrial networks.

Case Study - II Collaboration for Dispersed Team 

A major sporting goods manufacturer required an enterprise wide solution for video conferencing & remote team work, using PCs, PDAs, Mobile Phones & legacy vide conferencing end-points

The goal was to improve multimedia communication and teamwork, reduce travel & optimize network resources among

Europe based HQ team, Asia based manufacturing, and USA based operations

Dialcom deployed Spontania DCS Enterprise Edition in Germany and two distributed servers in Portland & Hong Kong

Case Study - III Endesa, one of the largest electricity companies in the world, with active

presence in Europe, America and Africa within 12 countries (Spain, Italy, France, Portugal, Holland, Poland, Chile, Argentina, Brazil, Peru, Colombia and Morocco), has selected Dialcom© Unified Collaboration to offer an integrated audio, video and data conferencing service via Intranet and Internet to their executives and employees.

Pros: 

Integrated with corporate security systems.

Integrated with corporate security systems.

Corporate instant messaging application (Dialcom Corporate IM).

Integrated with Tandberg MCU, Gatekeeper and end points.

Valid for 2.5 and 3G mobile networks.

Firewall and proxy friendly.

Web-casting solution.

Case Study - IV Integrates into Business Proceses 

Europe’s 4th largest online bank selected Dialcom to deploy a sophisticated Personal Video Assistant Service

Sought to add light foot print, real-time web-based video interaction with customers

CEBP Solution of a new Internet & Mobile multimedia communication channel into the existing infrastructure

The Spontania DCS Webcall Server, integrated with a Third Party ACD gateway, routes the call to an available agent according to the business rules defined in the ACD

Once the session is established, Data flow and Voice flow are maintained between end user and the assigned agent by means of DCS

Result: Adding web based video interaction increased sales and CSAT significantly

Case Study - V Spontania Video4Skype offers free and premium mobile versions: 

Free Edition

1x1 PC based Full Screen videoconferencing.

 Spontania Video4IM Mobile Edition 

PDAs (Windows Pocket PC & Palm OS)

2.5 & 3G (Symbian & Windows Mobile).

Video Mail

Case Study - VI Kodak Photo Voice 

Dialcom develops, in partnership with Kodak and Skype, an online photo sharing application fully integrated with Skype client and Kodak Easy Share Gallery. PC2PC Edition 

1x1 PC based Full Screen on-line photo sharing.

PC2Mobile & Mobile2Mobile Edition 

PDAs (Windows Pocket PC & Palm OS)

2.5 & 3G (Symbian & Windows Mobile).

Thank You

For enquires or a live demonstration, contact:

Lamhas Satellite Services Ltd.: 202 -204, 2nd Floor, Uday Plaza, 16 A Uday Park, New Delhi – 110049, India. P: +91 11 460 57398 , F: +91 11 460 57399 , E: , W:

Spontania Presentation  

Marketing Presentation : Spontania

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