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Sa n Marcos River Located between Austin and San Antonio in Texas Hill Country, San Marcos offers numerous attractions, especially to visitors with a thirst for adventure. In the center of the city is the San Marcos River, where a mild decline in float tubes can be made. In the waterfalls of the river view, very close by there, there are three perfect earrings for a great adventure in kayak. Browsers can visit the Centre of activities of Wonder World to discover a cave molded by an earthquake.

TX Map river San Marcos.

Origin Aquarena Springs, Hays County, Texas, U.S.A Mouth Guadalupe River, Gonzales County, Texas, U.S.A Basin countriesU.S.A

Length 75 mi (121 km) Source elevation

575 ft (175 m)

Avg. discharge 236 ft³/s (7 m³/s) Basin area

522 mi² (1352 km²)

ACTIVITIES: The River is a popular recreational area, and is frequented for tubing, canoeing,

swimming, and fishing.

San marcos river  
San marcos river