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Pimples removal tips and Acne Doctor Appointment – Namastedoc Pimples removal tips: The first step you should take in this process is to consult a dermatologist. Acne scar removal procedures have become very common. Remember when choosing a method of removal; consider the condition of your skin. If you have sensitive skin you should try the least abrasive procedure available. Acne scar removal is the key to regaining smooth and healthy looking skin. Some acne scar removal options are Dermabrasion, collagen injections, steroid injections, laser treatment, radiotherapy, or chemical peels. Some treatments may not completely remove all scars but the appearance of most of them will lessen dramatically. Your doctor's recommendation toward a certain procedure depends on the type and severity of the scarring. Dermabrasion is a procedure done under local anesthetic in which the doctor will remove the top layers of skin with a sanding instrument. It is one of the most effective treatments available for facial scar removal. It is not recommended for people with darker skin because it could reveal lighter layers of skin, which could cause another problem with your appearance. Facial aging is a very complex process and there are a variety of procedures and approaches available to improve the problem areas. Facial aging primarily involves the descent and loss of facial fat and muscles and secondarily the progressive laxity of the skin. It is important to address individual problems when treating the face rather than taking a "one size fits all" approach. In some situations a patient can benefit greatly from one procedure, but not quite be ready for another, therefore it may make sense to target specific areas rather than the entire face at one time. The world of face lifts has undergone dramatic improvements over the last ten years. Rather than undergo an extensive full face lift, plastic surgeons are taking a more conservative approach by addressing only the areas with the most significant signs of aging. This allows for a more natural result compared to the "surgical" "wind-swept" look of the past. Acne scar treatment can be by Dermabrasion. This is a process where the top layers of the skin are removed with the use of a machine that literally abrades the skin. While Dermabrasion does give your skin a smoother appearance, Chemical peels are another option for acne scar removal. This works much the same as Dermabrasion, but instead of machinery, chemicals are used to remove the top layer of skin. A chemical peel is a minor form of surgery that can be done by a cosmetologist. This is usually the solution to getting rid of minor scarring. A layer of skin is removed by the application of chemicals. Afterwards, a new layer of skin can form and reduce your scars. Chemical peels can

improve the skin's appearance. In this treatment, a chemical solution is applied to the skin, which makes it “blister� and eventually peels off. The new skin is usually smoother and less wrinkled than the old skin. A drastic acne scar removal procedure is Antilogous Fat Transfer. This is a process where fat is removed from other parts of your body, and injected back into your skin. It doesn't remove scars. Instead, it fills up depressions, such as those that are characteristic of acne scars. Again, this is a drastic acne scar removal method, and the process will need to be repeated as the fat is absorbed into the body. Refer: Doctor Appointment , Hospital Appointment, Skin Doctor Appointment

Pimples removal tips and Acne Doctor Appointment – Namastedoc  

The first step you should take in this process is to consult a dermatologist. Acne scar removal procedures have become very common. Remember...