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November 2008

Issue: 5

Things to be Thankful for: Turkey.Cake.Chocolates.Friends.Beer.Pizza GoodHealth.Prosperity.Relatives Guys.Gals.Gifts.Peers.Moonlight.desserts Dilbert.Dollar.Adobe.MSOffice.Windows Cellphones.Colours.Fonts.Weekends Words.Love.Blessings.Bread.Readers.Biriyani PalakPaneer.Spielberg.Books.Einstein Leonardo da Vinci.H2O.O2.Luck.Internet Mouse.Keyboard.Laptop.BIS.Customers and... ThAnkS tO tEcHnoLOgy... noW We cAn haVe bYtes oF CoFFee...

From The Chef’s Kitchen Ron Whyte

I think it is a funny coincidence that this newsletter is called ‘DS-Café’. See, I worked as the CIO of Melitta Coffee (an international company based in Germany that produces coffee and coffee related consumer goods) for two years. A coffee bean is not a bean at all; it is the pit of a fruit. This fruit is harvested, the pit removed, dried (raw dried coffee is called green bean), and roasted in ovens that tumble the beans. I have witnessed this first hand and as the beans cook, they actually crackle and snap like popcorn. Once the beans are fully roasted, they are blended with other roasted beans from various regions. Sometimes they are sprayed with flavors like vanilla or hazelnut. Coffee is very complex and its flavors are derived from the region in which it grows, more robust coffee comes from wet regions, while those from the dry regions are lighter. Though it is grown all over the world Columbia certainly has the perfect region to grow coffee.

When the green bean is received by the factory, it goes through a quality inspection process. A taster checks the coffee to ensure that it represents what the grower declares, sometimes, it is not and the batch is rejected. The taster pours boiling water over ground-coffee, and sips the water and ground-coffee. He/she then spits the grounds out, much like the way you taste wine. This process is called “cupping.” If the batch is approved, it moves to the roasting and grinding process. Coffee is ground in various levels, from espresso (very fine) to coarse. The finer ground coffee allows the consumer to use less and receive more flavor per cup. I bet you did not realize I knew so much about coffee. I think there are associates among us who have expertise in interesting and surprising areas that do not relate to our day-to-day jobs. Whether it is a hobby or past work experience, we should try to share this knowledge with each other. You never know, until you ask. What kind of interesting information can you share with your colleagues?

Explore every Cup!

Contributed by - Kathirvel Lakshmanan

The only section dedicated to Project news and our contributions towards DS Business. Find out what’s being happening in DS each month and follow it up with everything you might ever care to know about our Projects/ Products/Customers.


• Initial Business strategy devised and reviewed with Leadership team • Product/Business and IT Team working on 2009 Projects/Priorities


• Discovery > New Berlin installation is progressing as planned. • Current State Architecture > Continuing with the Brown Bag Sessions. • ITRB > Developing a process around source control and release management • Future State Architecture > Completed the Architecture principles to align with business strategy.

Staff updates

• Completed the 360 surveys for Ron’s direct reports • Working on coordinating an IT-wide year-end team celebration


• Ronald Whyte and Barry Deetz visited Chennai and interacted with team on overall Decision Solutions technology front • Mainframe Migration Cut-over strategy is in progress • ChexMate Project mandated January 7 compliance/ delivery date • The Dev Inspect License is still being pursued • Mainframe installs performed on November 22nd/23rd was successful. The following WR’s were installed: § WR#31277 - BIS FraudFinder Standalone component § WR#31136 - MF Migration DB2 Connect Catalog Node • Discovery/SML bi-weekly maintenance window on November 13th - successful • MyEclipse Blue being installed/researched by Dev Team for Java IDE

Project Management

• EPM / EPK – Training is in progress for Project Managers

EPM/EPK and PlanView Initiative By Gary E Mester

The Decision Solutions tool replacement effort to sunset the Demand and Resource Portfolio Management (DRPM) application, the Lotus Notes Work Request System, and SAP Time Tracking is underway. The Microsoft Office Enterprise Project Management (EPM), Enterprise Project Knowledge (EPK Group LLC), and PlanView (PlanView Inc.) solutions were selected as the tools to replace the systems. Each of these tools is an FIS corporate tool with an internal FIS support team. EPM/EPK are joined into one toolset and are end-to-end collaborative project, portfolio and resource management tools. Key project detail and resource allocation are captured in the tools and presented in multiple views and reports for comprehensive project portfolio management. Unlike the Work Request tool where requirements, designs, and other attachments were included, EPM/EPK is the current project detail and the supporting documentation will be located on SharePoint PlanView in conjunction with Oracle Human Resources will be the time tracking tool for the project work effort. Regular feeds from Oracle maintain the resource pool data and approved project and maintenance work breakdown is input for resource time allocation. UAT testing for EPM/EPK is in progress by the Decision Solutions project team and is targeted to be complete by the end of October. Several beta projects will be simulated through project life cycle for final validation. The PlanView implementation is in the planning stages and will utilize some of the same structure defined for EPM/EPK to build the framework for time tracking.

Mocha [K] a Talk

- Dan Boehm

What you like most about FIS? The people are really what make things tick. I am impressed by the professionalism and dedication of our global team members. Being surrounded by people who truly care about our products and customers is enjoyable. It is also interesting to be involved with the variety of products DS offers and the constant challenge to make things better.

Can you give us an idea about what your work day involves? Well, there really isn’t a typical work day. Due to the current migration activities and the various roles that are in Shared Services, there are many meetings, discussions and e-mails each day. I work with the team to prioritize activities, discuss project impacts and resolve issues. There are also routine follow-ups with Vendors and Procurement regarding software licensing.

Tell us something more about your career profile / career moves and what it takes to be Dan? IT has been the focus of my career for nearly 20 years. Having roles in Operations, Software Development, Technical Consulting and Management over this time has provided me a broad perspective on IT and specifically software development. FIS has been my home for eight years where I have not only worked with and managed Decision Solutions teams, but also EP, ClearCommerce and ACH. Due to the diverse skill set of the Shared Services team, multitasking is the theme of the day at my desk.

What is your most embarrassing moment in life? I’m sure there are many. One note worthy work related moment would be from my consulting days. I was preparing to make a presentation to a group of executives and when we all sat down, my chair had moved and I ended up sitting on the floor. What are the challenges in your current role? The biggest challenge is keeping up on all the activities the team is involved with. There are currently seven roles (Oracle and DB2 DBA, Data Analysis, Technical Writing, UI Design, Technical Consulting, Technical BA) within Shared Services with associates in Woodbury and Chennai. Each one has unique needs or issues from project to project. We have also never had a good handle on all the software licenses, costs, renewals, allocations, etc. that DS has. Over the past few months I have been gathering this information so we can better forecast our costs in 2009.

What are your hobbies or interests? Is there any interesting fact about yourself that you would like to share with the team? I am really an outdoors person – summer and winter. My interests are hunting, fishing, boating and traveling with my family. Music has always been an interest as well. I played piano a great deal in school and played trumpet in a Jazz band in college. While I still play both, it is not as frequent as I would like.

What would be your forward-looking statement or goal for the shared development team? Shared Services is a collection of different talents and our goal is to work together to provide the best possible development and support of the DS products. The team is tasked with continuously looking for ways to improve processes and improve our products. We have an exciting 2009 ahead of us. Interviewed by: Ravi Komaragiri

Catching [C]up!

with Laurie

Tell us about your family and educational background. I have two kids – Josh , 17 and Nick , 14. They go to school during the day. One plays football and the other likes to Skateboard. Both are in golf and bowling leagues. I went to college for business and have continued my education with courses and certifications in HR. What was you first job like? How did you get to your current job? I worked in a restaurant as a server. It was fun but I didn’t like it when customers blamed me if they didn’t like their food. After that job, I worked in retail. When I was in college, I needed a job during the summer and I came to ChexSystems. I worked part time in the call center while I continued going to school. After I graduated from college, ChexSystems offered me a management position. After a couple of years, I moved from Minnesota to San Diego, California and worked for Deluxe. I was a corporate liaison in the check processing division and then I worked in the IT department as a desktop support technician. I then moved to Connecticut and took about 9 months off after I had a baby. I came back to Minnesota and worked for ChexSystems again. During this time, I started working in HR as a HR generalist. We became eFunds and I moved to iDLX as a HR manager. Then iDLX and eFunds became one company. From an HR perspective, what are your immediate challenges after the financial crisis. We need to remain focused on productivity and continue to develop employee’s skills.

What do you think would negate that? Continuing to keep the lines of communication open and communicate the strategy of the business, make sure each employee understands what their role is and how their contributions impact the business. Focus on development, training, what skills will be necessary in the future for our business. So, how is your first time experience in India? First time experience? Wonderful. I love it. I was excited and very nervous as well when I was packing for my trip and getting ready to go, you have to get the shots, etc. and I was nervous about traveling so far away; but it’s been nothing but amazing. I just think it’s been wonderful… What had you heard prior to coming to India? There is so much to look at ancient things, enjoying the travel and the Taj Mahal. I heard about those things. The People, oh yes how wonderful the people are… and that’s true, that has come to be very true. I wish that I would have had more time in each place. Are you planning for a personal trip, with your family, to India? I have actually thought about it (smiles) My kids… they would love to come there. They think it’s so cool that I am a day ahead of them with the time zone. What are the strategies you have for the retention of employees? We are working on career development plans so both the manager works with the employee and they both take an active part in developing the employee’s career and helping them with opportunities. Not only just with how you get to the next level but more of what kind of projects do you want to work on , what kind of skills do you want to develop, about how to broaden their skill sets and continue to grow and develop.

Tell us about the most memorable moment in your life. My children…when they were born. What is the motivating factor that keeps you going? I say it is people. I have thought about leaving, but it is the people factor that I really enjoy. Whatever I am doing, I enjoy interaction with the managers as our business partners. If I worked for a HR dept that was just administrative, I would not like that. I like that I am invited on this trip. I love that I am IN with the business. If you want to change your job now, apart from HR, which one will you go for? I always wanted to be a lawyer. If I were to do something completely different, I would be Feng Shui consultant. How did you adapt to the various roles you have done over the years? I learn everything I can and try and improve. When I moved into different positions or areas in the company, I plunged in… and learnt everything I possibly could and tried to make it better for the business. So, I just adapt by interest and trying to learn more… I am very flexible… always looking to improve things… What do you have to say about DS Café? First, I’ll flip-through all the pages and then come back and read the articles. I will pay more attention towards the Indian recipes now. I really look forward to reading DS Café each month.

Interviewed by: Nanda and Sridhar


g ShoT

Shaun A Vandegrift

You seem to be a very nice guy, how did you ended up in this miserable prison (FIS)? and since how long? My old friend Becki Wilken recruited me. We had worked together at Fingerhut for years, she decided she needed a change and moved on and came back to get me. You notice she is no longer here either; she again needed a change and left me here to fend for myself for almost 10 years. Now that you have recently been transferred to the bigger cell, how does it feel? Lonely! What about revealing your past serious crimes, e.g. “Creation of PDM (Product Data Mart)� which one you regret you would have not committed and why? It is true, I built PDM, the current one is actually the second version. I also helped build PDW, EDW, CPR, and the consumer dispute process for Consumer Relations on the mainframe, this is the one I regret the most. I think it is a terrible application, but I mostly regret it because I had to have Romey fix it for me as it had a bug.





Who is your favorite inmate in this prison (FIS) and why? I don’t think I have any favorites. I am basically a mean person and don’t like anyone If Wendy’s (the fast food restaurant) goes out of business, what will be your next favorite dine in/out place? How dare you think such thoughts?! Probably Chipotle. Your ideal wish, while serving your sentence? To win the lottery and retire, isn’t that everyone’s wish? To have a leaner meaner mainframe and to control the world, ha ha ha! Your favorite beverage or drink and why? I’ve never met a beer I didn’t like. So, Beer would be my answer. It makes my happy…er. Now that this year’s deer hunting has opened – what is the score in your mind? I wanted the score to be Shaun – 1, deer – 0. Right now, I think the deer are ahead. On Tuesday morning, after 3 days of deer hunting, I was sitting at the lights about 3 blocks from work and a 10 pt buck ran across the street in front of my eyes and I think it might have even winked at me. It was heading in the direction of work. About 3 hours later, Kyle Koch stopped by my office and asked if I saw the huge buck laying out on the hill by the back door. I think that deer is taunting me! What is secret behind being a real Dilbert admirer? The secret is to find humor in recognizing the parallels between Dilbert’s world and our own. Some days I can’t figure out whether we are giving Scott Adams ideas for Dilbert or using his. As confided to Romey Sharma

To the Little Rock From time immemorial, lone child of the Third planet, Moon has captured awe and imagination of the humankind. Ancient civilizations, captivated by the charming celestial body that lit up the night sky, prominently placed Moon as a thing of beauty and associated it with beautiful things in mythology. Its beauty has diminished around 400 years ago with telescopes discovering mountains, valleys, craters and tough terrains on the face that enchanted many a poet. However, lunar cycle and its effects on human physiology and psychology still border the realm of myth and reality. Modern science fiction writers envisioned Moon as a stopover in inter galactic travel and competing nations gave solid credibility to those intuitions by heralding a new era of space race and exploration. When erstwhile Soviets were successful in sending a Moon craft, United States reciprocated it by landing Man on Moon in a remarkable achievement of technology and indomitable spirit of human will. Ever since, European Union, Japan and China were successful in Moon missions of various complexities. On 22nd October, on a fine serene morning at SHAR in Sriharikota, a small island on the eastern cost of India, a ten

storey tall, 316 ton PSLV-C11 lifted 1.4 ton Chandrayaan -1 (Moon Craft in Sanskrit) and roared way past clouds to space aiming for the Moon. Back in the Blue Marble, a nation watched live TV coverage, some holding their palms together in prayers and some with tears in their eyes! A dream came true for scientists; the moment of a lifetime for a nation that was sending sounding rockets that could go up only a few miles, at a time when a president emphatically proclaimed, “We will go to Moon!� India’s entrance into the select group of nations that have capability and technology to send a probe to Moon has evoked a wide range of emotions across the globe. A small set of naysayers criticized the decision of a nation to go to Moon when millions of its people are starving. Can a nation, with 300 million people who live with a-dollar-a-day, afford a space program of this stature and dimension? Here are some facts that assess the rationale behind Chandrayaan. Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) has been in the forefront of utilizing space technology for use of common person. Remote sensing satellites of ISRO provide information about monsoon, rain forecast, agriculture, fishing, biology, resource mapping, climatic

changes and help in predicting and averting natural disasters. Communication satellites connect inaccessible rural heartland of India bridging the digital divide and provide education, telephony, telemedicine and television programs. ISRO’s commercial arm Antrix Corporation competes in the lucrative international market for launching near earth satellites. Antrix brings a dollar profit on every dollar spent on it. India’s Moon mission costs about 80 million dollars and it is a shoestring budget (In astronomical terms!). Chadrayaan has 11 payloads - five indigenous, two from NASA and weighs about 675 KG in final orbit. This project also included building of two futuristic deep space radio telescopes that can send signals as far as Mars and beyond. The moon craft oriented to lunar poles will capture thousands of images of hitherto unexplored polar region over a period of two years. This may likely provide conclusive evidence of polar ice caps and the presence of water. In a pioneering effort, 3D terrain mapping camera onboard the craft will map the entire surface to prepare a three dimensional atlas that provides significant insight into Lunar landscape. The mission has payloads to conduct mineralogical and chemical mapping of near and far side Moon. The very fact that NASA has two instruments aboard Chandrayaan and would be using information from the craft to identify

another “sea of tranquility” to land their next manned Moon mission is an acknowledgement and perfect testimony to the technological prowess of ISRO. 1.1 billion people that includes another burgeoning 310 million insatiable middle class puts a significant strain on any nation , leave aside an emerging one, creating tremendous pressure on the administration, ecosystem, infrastructure, agriculture and energy requirements. Chandrayaan has a probe specifically to search for the abundant Helium-3 (a clean fuel for future) in Moon and to analyze feasibility of transporting gas back to earth, to quench the Oil thirst and reduce environmental problems. While these words take the shape, Chandrayaan, orbiting Moon has released the Moon Impact Probe (MIP) and planted the Indian tricolor on the lunar soil and the mission is accomplished. The craft will start experiments that will last for more than two years and will send data for the benefit of the entire human race. Moreover, cost of this mission is just enough to provide a square meal for just ONE day to half of that 300 million people. The charge can be best countered and manifested by the Chinese proverb: “Give me a fish and I eat for a day. Teach me to fish and I eat for a lifetime.”

When India goes for a Mars mission in a couple of decades, some of the scientists of this mission would be in their finest suits with scarlet flowers adorning their chest and will be awaiting the ceremonial bugle for one last time. What a befitting tribute and honor it would be! PSLV: Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle SHAR: Sriharikota Space Center With this achievement, the nation, long conquered and oppressed, exudes the new found confidence of a lumbering elephant ( as Indian economy is nicknamed) that is waking up and is personified by the largest youth population in the world. A few million starry eyed kids who have seen, read, heard and been inspired by these achievements would be hard pressed to create new milestones and goals. A few thousands would reach new frontiers in space research and will go places. They will be tomorrow’s scientists, astronauts and mission commanders. Perhaps, that is the most enduring picture of Chandrayaan.

By Nandakumar K [The author has no affiliation with ISRO.]

l Mr Bean

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Why ar ey We need ou so gung-ho a bout “G to think o Green about th than just Murugesan T ”? e today. future o f human beings r ather Whom do you want to debug? People who waste energy/power. e can Tell us about your colleg e sweet heart? e bytes than w or m in ta n co mails r u yo o d Jamun a. y She was h a very friendly person. W chew? . write shorter ones ent? I am not able to ed Rate the b ssing incid a r r a nagers wav b a m elow actor m e e le s e b n a a tt p e s. was a) f my Ja Unforg Cameroon thought he okyo, one o T I . in e c s a n a D w tr I ia n n d e z - Three Whe b) And ed at the Angelina J , he stoppe iv ly rr n a e d e d h did y u s S a . olie - One d him hat c) ou pi his hand “Ang Meg Ryan went behin on aside. T I rs ck up e d ie Jol p n a a e – to m T g wo ie”? ; calling your methin With 4 are you -) Amer oned “why and told so ti t s years e in u o q p d e n n a o ght ican e at bit of o d. So I thou accen proached m n p a a the Am f work in U h rn is h tu d in e t from person was e wav S, erican now that he ” I said, “H ? k accen I might hav im to h e g m in a c w I t. follo ter, e acqu me”. But la ired a g in n e ll h a c w , is e ing!” v e l ittle h you ha “Good Morn g in y a s What would y ll ? What actua your spouse w Tell u you are with I will ill you do s a ry a j s r with M o ell it a ke? Galile Bloody ”o a p n u d o h r r s ave p n Oscar? tudied ve G o Screw Drive r c e a anuts ham in ss . le. My Q Bell in st Moon ligh ldne b a a t B Whisky - ü r r t “ e u , o e e f t S – s light tion hakes m e What peare Rum - air styl nt? re co the he is . . . o in can m h e s l i r l m t hey di dle li You le state ad as it ght, d during e y h t s y t h a e day? ve m I sha Interviewed by: Chandru

WhEn ThE DRuGs StOp WOrkiNg

Dear reader,

By Alford Desouza Mumbai

I have taken the time to write this communiqué so that you can obtain a deeper understanding of this on-going conspiracy. We’re all crazy. Think about it! We were born crazy. Picture this: you wake up and look outside your window and as luck may have passed you, you see your 27year-old neighbour running-around naked and screaming his lungs out. Your first reaction is: He’s crazy. And you’re right, he is crazy but so are you. When you were born, you ran around naked and screamed at the top of your lungs as well!

The only difference is that after all these years your neighbour has chosen to continue the healthy expression of his madness while you have fought aimlessly to suppress yours. But your neighbour does have a problem: He has nobody immediately around that will join him in his joyful expression. He might have had some drugs prescribed to him so that he can stoop low to your level and act “sane,” and he might have forgotten to take his drugs on the morning in question. We spend a lifetime trying to suppress our feelings and urges and when we see others freely expressing their natural craze we freak out. But we can’t help sneak in a smile or laugh when we bare witness to such behaviour. The reason for this being envy. We envy those who have the luxury of not caring or giving in to what others think of them! Madness is merely the expression of one’s natural acquired emotions. Face it, we like crazy people! We use the term “crazy” on a daily basis because we cannot fight the obsession we have with it.

In life, we encounter three kinds of people: crazy, mad and psychotic! Crazy is when you’re still young at heart and mind, expressing your inner craze freely, without the necessary intake of drugs or substances. Mad is when you’re a little matured at heart and mind, expressing your inner craze freely, with the intake of regular prescribed or recommended drugs. Psychotic is when the drugs stop working, and your start writing rubbish like this!

I’m sure that right now you got that smile on your face, well what did I tell ya?! We like crazy people. And you’re probably wondering who on earth may have written this? You probably know or may have narrowed it down to a few people. The reason for this being recognition. Since we’re all crazy, it’s not hard to recognise and identify someone who is crazy. But there are a few of us who have suppressed their craze long enough, that they have forgotten how to be crazy.

Well, a few pointers on how to be crazy: The next time you wake up and everything seems to be a big chaos, simply join in. Feel free to ask strangers if they heard gunshots last night, if they ask why, just say you couldn’t find a silencer. Or feel free to stare at the sky and when strangers start staring along, you start pointing. Feel free to bring your own food to a party or ask strangers if they heard those voices from beyond. Try shopping for bright coloured undergarments. Call McDonalds and order KFC. Wear a “HORN OK PLEASE” t-shirt. Bottom line, you don’t need pointers, you got it in you. So when you find out that I wrote this rubbish, feel free to come up to me with words “The high priests have called for you!” I will gladly respond with the appropriate and or comforting words “No more drugs for you!”


Dama Alu

By Romey Sharma


Round potatoes of uniform medium size Cooking oil Cumin seeds Cloves Asafoetida Red chili powder Turmeric

- - - - - - -

2 lbs 1 cup 1 tsp 3 nos 1 pinch 2 tsps ½ tsp

Ginger powder Aniseed powder Salt Curd/Plain yogurt ‘Garam Masala’ Mixed big cardamom, cinnamon and Black pepper powders

Method of Preparation: 1. Boil the potatoes (in their jackets) in enough water to immerse these wholly, for 10 to 15 minutes. Once these are done, their skin can be peeled off easily. 2. Cool the boiled potatoes in cold water and peel the skin off .Prick through the peeled potatoes on all sides, with a thin twig. 3. In a fryer, deep fry the peeled and pricked potatoes in oil, on medium heat. Turn these frequently with a perforated ladle till these are uniformly fried to a golden yellow color and lose almost all moisture and become light. Take out of the oil with the perforated ladle, draining all oil, and keep aside. 4. Transfer the left over oil to a steel pan, of about 2 liters capacity. Add cloves, cumin seeds and asafoetida to the still hot oil. Stir with a ladle and resume heating, while adding red chili powder and turmeric, along with a tablespoon of water.

- - - - -

1 tsp 1 tsp 1 tsp ½ cup 1 tsp


1 tsp

Stir again with a ladle, till oil takes color of chilies and turmeric and begins to separate. Now add well beaten curd/yogurt to which a little water has been added, along with aniseed and ginger powders. Continue stirring till the curd and spices blend together with the oil. 5. Add the fried potatoes and turn these with a broad steel spatula, so that the spiced sauce covers these all over and the potatoes get soaked in it. Add enough water to immerse the potatoes wholly and cook on low heat, for half an hour after covering the pan with a lid. 6. When the spiced gravy and oil soaks to the very core of the potatoes and these turn brown, also the gravy thickens and oil begins to separate, add garam masala and the mixture of cardamom, cinnamon and black pepper powders. Turn gently with the spatula to let the spices get mixed. Dama Alu’s are ready.


By Gayathri Krishnan

What is it with books that is not there with movies or any other form of visual entertainment? I believe books allow us to imagine, without trapping our mental world with an image like a movie does. While reading a book, when one comes across any dialogue, it gives us the opportunity to see a deeper meaning, unlike in movies, where we (or atleast most certainly me) are too involved in the visual imagery, to notice that there could be other interpretations.

My Interpretation: Even the most vicious can be won over by love! It was beautiful, the way this point was subtly made and since I am reading this, I feel I have the freedom to imagine. What say? (ii) The other scene is where the “Defence against the dark arts” teacher is telling the students about this thing called “Boggart”. The Boggart will assume the shape of anything one fears. For example, you fear a dead-body and face a Boggart, it assumes the shape of the dead-body.

When I read “Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban” (Book 3), there were two places I totally fell in love with J.K.Rowling’s writing:

The teacher instructs them on ways to face a Boggart. He says, “The Boggart wants to scare you, so when you laugh at it. It gets confused!!”

(i) There is a book called the “Monster book of Monsters”. This is a magical book that bites. The students are prescribed this book for their syllabus, but they are unable to open the book, as the book bites. So, they have all sealed the book in one way or the other (using spellotape, cello tape + imagination = spellotape!).

He tells the students of a charm that can change the Boggart in the form of your fear into something funny…”Ridikulus!”

Hagrid, the teacher for that subject, shows the students how to open the book.”Stroke it.”, he says and the book gently opens…

My interpretation: The best way to overcome any fear is to face it, and better still, to laugh at it! I love it when books are not preachy about virtue but scatter the stories with situations and dialogues where we can assume our own meanings. Reading then becomes so much more fun!


.. . s n r o B New

Anita Alexander was blessed with a baby girl on 9th Nov, 08. On 20th Nov 08, Raja Arumugam became the proud father of a baby boy.

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By Kathir

comes at her own it. It is my maid servant who ore ign to try I and g rin l bel or u guys know Hearing a faint sound of a do sleep as well as a headache (yo my off ck kno I e. tim or ing nice to se of tim helps herself too! She is being will and does not have any sen and ee coff a me es par pre id ately the ma why?) to open the door. Fortun as a raise. ll me just to get her bonus as we

11 AM

Home: Study room. Eat a horrible breakfast. All set to write. Laptop takes a while -zo om 20 minutes to boot. Mean time getti away by Friends and Seinfeld ser ng carried ial on the TV. All of sudden it is 11.30 and Power is gone.. Will tak hours.. I am sweating /cursing and e another sweet 3 is missing the AC. Why not laptop s come with a huge fan or an AC M ??? A

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2.00 PM - Power has come back but who cares to go back home!

(I am not allowed to eat as well feasting on Fish fingers. and r Bee a on ing wn dro pily dient wife by doing ;-)) while S is hap with a calm, composed and obe up end l wil I Sipping a mocktail (dehydrated t tha es iev bel m my quota of 3 and so on, just bcoz my mo will be decomposed. ) I have she t tha is t tha h non-veg on a Saturday/Friday wit m ble pro wife in a burial ground. Only etite! so.Yeah Sure, I will get such a lots of empty plates. Great app and rs bee 4 h wit ps sto .S Mr ff. stu mocktails and some Veggie

Lounge bar:

6:30 PM

My Apartment Security The guard tells me that my mail was Gate picked up by my neighbor’s college going daughter. Why is she pickin trash? g up my

6.40 PM ce

I politely, positions available in my office. shp ern int any are re the er eth !!). I the mail and wants to know wh on a brand new car (Trash is out ay terd yes me d ppe dro o Trash picker waiting. Hands me wh me guy y! She sure knows how and wants to know the handso ssion accomplished! ;-) Oh Bo Mi o). inf say No. She gets into a giggle ed icit sol (un d rrie ague Mr.R and he is ma tell her that he was my X-colle to pick up trash! Watching TV. Mobile rings. My Home: sister and BIL are on the way to see me (She regards me as a spoilt bra doubt that I am hiding girls/wine t and has a huge /drugs in my flat.) I know how to handle this part! I scrape thru by dinner appointment which in turn say ing that I have a is a major disappointment for my sister’s search and seize operation :-)

My flat entran

7.15 PM

8.15 PM

happening t contacts to get us entry into a righ the kes ma he and .B Mr Intercom rings. It is my cousin Donald’s. Disco. Have a quick bite at Mc Dance floor: Great crowd and loud music. B is guzzling drinking whiskey like a Fish and he offers me a cocktail to keep the party going. I stop with 3 drinks to be not to be on the (dance) floor :-) .. High Time to get back


10.30 P


Lost track- Who cares? But it is early hours of


Home: Trying to get some sleep! Need to pick up a friend from airport at 8 AM. Too much for a Saturday! And Sun Tzu needs to

be corrected!“Attack your enemy during his weekend and not when he is weak!” If my weekends are going to be like this, then it isn’t too late for me to end up with my Lady at the Burial Ground! Hang on to know more about my Sunday!

Children’s Day @ the Café This Children’s Day, the kids of SDC associates got a chance to interact with Ron and Barry who were on their India Visit. The children also displayed their artistic talent in the coloring competition (some of their work was very colorful indeed!). Every child went back home with cute, fun gifts.

Event Coordinators: Priyamvada & Sridhar

TEAsers! By: Babu Ramalingam

Word Pyramid A Word Pyramid is a collection of dictionary words with each word having one letter less or more than its previous one. Moreover, each word can be found by inserting or deleting a letter to the previous word and anagramming. For instance: RUE SURE USERS RHESUS USHER HERS SHE is a valid word pyramid. The aim is to get from the start to the end of the puzzle, using the clues that appear alongside each step of the pyramid.

To solve the puzzles find the words in each puzzle that are part of Greek mythology.


Solution To


Volume 1, Issue: 4

The answer is Z. The French license plate (on top) is drawn with all straight letters, while the German plate on the bottom is drawn with all curved letters.

Cool ! Isnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t it...

ExpressOh! On October Issue: I am thoroughly enjoying the DS Café. It is so nice to see such a blending of cultures and I appreciate the exchange. Thank you for your contribution to celebrating our diversity, as well as our unity. I am honored to be part of an organization that is open to sharing in such a meaningful way. -- Jill Borsos Please put this up on SharePoint as well. Thanks! -- Ronald Whyte

It’s great as usual. Keep it up. -- Vishal Lakshmikanth

Thank you so much. The October issue is wonderful as always. I browse through it first then go back and read each article. I read Mark Swenson’s comments about sharing it with his children and I think that is a great idea so I am going to do the same. Thanks again! -- Laurie Husaby

Volume 1 Issue 4

On our SharePoint site: This is great how you managed to get SP to work with the newsletter. Please pass on my congratulations and appreciation on a job well done. -- Michael Masut Very Cool, nice job! Enjoy your new SharePoint site. -- Denise Thrower

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