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Why We Love GSA product Catalog

If you are a reseller for office supplies and tools, furniture, real estate, safety equipments, cleaning products or computer hardware and software, then you must have definitely explored a business opportunity with GSA (General Services Administration). Given the process complications and extensive paper work involved in the GSA contract, it’s a herculean task, if not impossible, to bend the odds in your favour. As a GovED VAR, you are not only required to meet a government contract’s 3 Cs – Complete, Compliant and Competitive, but also make sure that your product offerings and pricing are in alignment with GSA product catalog, business drivers and objectives. Since, pricings and discount terms can have a business changing impact on the contract negotiations and even the slightest change in your pricing can make or mar the likelihood of procuring a purchase contract from GSA, it is of the utmost importance that your internal systems are in order to accommodate all types of pricing and quoting. For example, if your product catalog includes HP products, then it should offer you customers the HP big deal pricing while your system should run a check to ensure that HP products are not ordered out of expiry. In another case, you may want to offer discounts only if the purchase order adheres to your minimum order requirement. Or perhaps, you may want to increase or decrease the prices after the contract has been negotiated. Federal contracts have their own set of rules and regulations pertaining to pricing. All these price change factors can pose as active deterrents when it comes to dealing with government contracts. Let’s say, you win the contract and get a space on the GSA product catalog. But then, what are the chances that your products will be picked up for purchase by other government agencies? In order to guarantee sales or up your revenue figures through GSA product catalog, your business systems and B2B e-commerce platform should be strongly equipped to offer features and functionalities such as contract catalog and contract pricing management, a branded e-commerce store, approval workflows and controls, compliance and integrations/punchouts. You could even bring on board an experienced e-commerce partner, who could help you to understand the compliance rules related to government audit, pricing, delivery and procurement, do a thorough pricing research in the market, fulfil all documentation formalities and make favourable end to end negotiations with government officers on your behalf. Being on GSA schedule can churn out high sales volumes and also bring great benefits to your reseller business. But it takes a proven expertise and longstanding business expertise, combined with a complete and precise documentation to qualify for GSA schedule. Hence, it is in your best interest to avail pre-bid and post-bid support from an e-commerce service provider.

Why we love gsa product catalog  

If you are a reseller for office supplies and tools, furniture, real estate, safety equipments, cleaning products or computer hardware and s...