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48 M'sians on Forbes philanthropists list 29 Jun 2011 Malaysian Reserve Corporate Malaysia N/A Daily (EM) 10,500 / 31,500

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English 8 2 179 cm Full Color 1,656 4,968

48 M sians on Forbes philanthropists list versified into a variety of sec

The programme is partly funded by profits from a bou tique hotel in George Town

founder Koon Yew Yin and re

tors that include retail travel telecommunications watches

Penang that they converted from a cluster of pre war shop

nowned architect Hijjas Kas turi were among 48 people

luxury products wellness training technology and cor

houses The restoration helped

named Heroes of Philanthro

porate investments In February another Malay

serves as a studio for artists

sian on the Forbes Asia list Ber


jaya Corp Bhd founder Tan Sri Vincent Tan pledged to donate

US 300 000 RM915 000 a year

at least half of his wealth to

funds scholarships for needy


students and has given to 80

MALAYSIANS Datuk Vijay Eswaran of the QI Group of Companies Berjaya Group s Tan Sri Vincent Tan IJM Corp

merce based conglomerate with businesses that have di

py by Forbes Asia The list is compiled annu ally by Forbes with the aim of calling attention to notable people and causes throughout the region

Vijay the executive chair

This follows his decision to

man and co founder of the Ql

revive a derelict area and

Koon 78 co founder of IJM


to various causes

roughly He also

students at Tunku Abdul Rah

Group of Companies was se

join The Giving Pledge initi ated by Bill Gates his wife

man University He had previously said that

lected for his extensive contri

Melinda and Warren Buffett

he learned the value of educa

bution amounting to millions

Renowned architect Hijjas Kasturi 74 and Angela Hijjas 61 have sponsored and hosted

tion in escaping poverty after growing up in a family of 12 The Malaysians were listed

of dollars to various causes

around the globe including public health initiatives educa tion and cultural programmes He operates his company based on the philosophy of RYTHM an acronym for Raise Yourself to Help Mankind which

he propagates among the em ployees of his global business empire His QI Group is an e com

more than 100 artists writers

among other well known

and performers since starting a residency programme in 1994 at their traditional Malay home in a tropical garden outside Kuala Lumpur

Asians such as actors Jackie

Chan from Hong Kong and Vivek Oberoi from India as

well as Japanese architect Tadao Ando


Malaysia Reserve - Forbes Asia Philanthropy List  
Malaysia Reserve - Forbes Asia Philanthropy List  

Dato' Vijay Eswaran is one of the 4 Malaysians to be on the Forbes Asia Heroes of Philanthropy list 2011.