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Brand history 27 Jun 2010 Sunday Star StarMag N/A Weekly 320,964 / 1,072,000

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English SM13 2 200 cm Full Color 7,484 22,453

Brand history CIM1ER first made the news in adver

tisements placed by Lapanouse SA in 1925 A year earlier watchmaker R Lapanouse had set up the family enter prise in Holstein a small town in the canton of Baselland

The company made its name with Roskopf watches which used verti cally standing steel pins instead of stone palettes for time scaling a light balance wheel and a relatively thick balance shaft that protected them against breakage The result was robust affordable

watches that were snapped up by cus tomers worldwide

changed its name to Lapanouse Cimier Cimier French for crest has three feathers in its logo which denote a combination of elegance and stability In the 1970s the brand came up with its own quartz movement when quartz crystals were introduced in watches Unfortunately an outsourcing ven ture in the early 1980s did not work out and that stoked family discord over the brand s strategy and succession plans Production of Cimier watches was dis continued in 1985

In 2003 Martin Bartsch bought over the brand Three years later it changed hands again and is now owned by QI Group The multinational organisation set up by Malaysian Datuk Vijay

In 1951 Lapanouse SA introduced a new range of wrist watches with gold plated or chrome casings still using its Eswaran in 1998 uses eCommerce and the Internet as its business thrust pin lever movement The company

Cimier - Brand History (Star)  

The QI Group is one of the few Asian companies to own a Swiss watch brand. Founded in 1924 in the town of Bubendorf in Switzerland, the CIMI...

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