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Learn the Basics of Web Designing

The evolution of mankind has been quite vast and hard to understand its reasons when so many creatures have tried to survive and got extinct in the process. No one has been able to adapt and evolve and establish themselves as good as what man has done. From caveman to hunters to gatherers and traders we have come along millions of centuries. Trade initially evolved with barter system where one man bought some property in exchange of something else. Then gold and silver was valued more and they were being exchanged as a mode of payment. This led to the concept of money. Business as you know has several parameters. It involves capital, production, sales, marketing, advertising etc. And now in this modern technology oriented world almost every company has its own website providing information about their services and products, company related procedures and policies followed, experience details, projects details, licensing and other paperwork required to run quality services, feedbacks of other customers etc. If your company do not own a website for themselves, in this competitive market where people advertise their services and products online and it has been believed that internet has improved their strategies and earned them more profits, it has acted as a better media reach to the outside world, you are always going to end up backwards in terms of competition. In fact your growth rate in your business would be very slow and gradual and you might eventually lose the competition over certain period of time when your business turns out stagnant. Thus we all know how important a website is for a company. Websites should be of high quality as well. There is no point in having a website with poor contents, un-presentable, tedious to read, misleading or misunderstanding because eventually the reader loses his interest and moves on to the next better site. And when your website is not properly maintained, they go down the scale in

search engine list. People are obviously going to access the top 10 websites for information. Web designing should be handled by experts. So give your designing work to them. There are some basic premises when it comes to web designing which has to be adhered to develop good quality websites. It should contain small but not too small images. Typically 10-15 kb per image would suffice. Images of huge sizes tend to slow your web page and thus turns out to be annoying for readers to read Use precise graphics to portray your contents. They should be very apt for information. Create web pages using standard layouts. 3 Column layout is very popular and commonly used in several websites. White space should never exceed the CSS property. It is the function of your layout. Sans-serif fonts are easier read on monitors as screen resolution is not as high as it print Limit the number of fonts used per webpage. 2 or 3 are fine. Use standard font families such as Verdana, Arial, Times New Roman etc. Make your page colorful in a precise manner. It shouldn’t be too colorful or too sober.

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Basics of Web Designing  

Websites should be of high quality as well. There is no point in having a website with poor contents, un-presentable, tedious to read, misle...

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