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Top 10 books of Viimsi Secondary school


The ones who made it Danielle Elis Miia Anete Toomas Martin Laura Henriette Eingard Johann Edith Marianne Markus Helena

Nika Brett Aasa Marta Merilyn Teet

introduction to e-book This project was funded by Lifelong Learning Program. These are the top 10 books that students from 7-8th grade read the most.


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INFO GENRE: Fantasy PUBLISHED IN 2008 ORIGINAL LANGUAGE: English Read it in Estonia

WHY YOU SHOULD READ IT Fun to read Interesting Teaches not to give up hope in desperate times


Andrus Kivir채hk

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•Original language- Estonia •The genre- novel •publication 2000

• information about the contentPeasants are in Kivirähk´s imagination greedy, wily and pragmatic

Recommendation why you should read it – It might be a little complicated at first, but soon you will understand the story and the characters. It is mostly interesting and I recommend to read it because its funny.

How are you Ann?

Author: Aidi Vallik

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It is a novel, published in 2006. Originally the book was written in English but it has been translated into several languages.

The book talks about how Bella moves to Forks and meets a charming boy named Edward. Mysterious things start to happen and Bella finds out he is a vampire. They fall in love so Edward is doing everything to protect Bella.

There are a lot of twists in the plot.It is really intresting to read! It is a definite page-turner.

Author: Louis Sachar Genre: adventure, crime Year of publication: 1998 Original language: English Translated to: more than 60 languages

"Holes" talks about a boy, who is framed for stealing. He is sent to Camp Green Lake, where he has to dig 5x5 foot hole every day. One day, he digs out KB lipstick top. He escapes from the camp.

Information about the content

Recommendation you should read it because:

*It's a crime book *It has an interesting story *the story never gets boring


http://lugemissoovitus. /16/margus-karunullpunkt/

Info Original language: Estonia "It's a story about a boy named Johannes. His family, school and social life are at its worst. In his new school, his classmates consider him as a nobody in the class. His life falls apart and he realises he's in the "zero point". He works out a scheme how to achive popularity and acceptance." 足It can save lives. 足What other people with similar problems feel. 足It can also give you ideas how to help those people.

J. K. Rowling 013/09/3176173-1748009911-hp.jp_.jpg

Harry Potter is a fantasybook and science fiction and it's full of magic. Harry is a boy who has to fight the greatest wizard in the world. It has seven books The original language is English It has been trantsalated into several other languages 5151710/pottermore/images/b/b2/Hp-harrypotter-34907716-1280-800.jpg

Author: L. J. Smith Genre: Horror, fantasy, romance,

Original publication: 1991 Reissued publication: 2009

It talks about two vampire brothers: Stephan and Damion, they both fall in love with the same popular girl in school, whose parents have died in an accident. She is in love with Stephan, but that doesn't stop Damion from trying to attack them. The rest you will find out when you read the book

Recommendation: you should read it because it's very intriguing and it has an interesting plot, it's very unexpected and exciting and you can relate to some of the characters.

2 grammi h채maruseni


Diana Leesalu

Year of pulication: 2005 Original language: Estonian It isn´t translated to any other languages. Main character was Leelet. She lived with her mom, stepbrother and stepsister. Leelets father died of cancer. The girl fell in love with the school most popular boy named Alex. Her mother found another man and he was Alexes father. They moved together. Leelet discovered Alexes diary and found out that he hates Leelet. She moved away to live with her grandmother. It was her birthday and graduation day when her mom, stepdad, halfbrother and grandmaother died. Leelet started drinking and smoking but she had to take care of her little brother and sister with Alex. She did awful things and at the end of the book she went to the jail.

The point of the book is not a teenagers´ love story. Instead it is a warning about what happens if we can ´t get the people who we love.

M채ngult on p채riselt

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Diana Leesalu

Year of publication: 2006 The book was written in Estonian It is translated to Lithuanian

The book is about a family that has really big problems. Mirjam's mom runs away with the Italian dancer and the dad is an alcoholic. Their daughter, Mirjam, studies in Tartu and experiences an extreme student life. Their son,Mikk, is a very smart boy who experiences school violence and family breakdown. As a result, he puts the school on fire and runs away from home.

It shows that parents have to listen more carefully what their children want to say to them. Sometimes they hear, but they don’t listen. Children have to think about the consequenc es of their action.

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