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portfolio of the PR group, 2014.

I beg your Prague

‘I beg your Prague’ is a research project mapping the relations in the tourist areas of Prague, by being present in the streets and weaving new lines into the fabric of the urban space. Over three months, we became engaged with the activity of the ‘players’ of street life (in the broadest sense possible) in order to participate in this ‘alternate economy’. Continuing in the tracks of Diogenes, Brecht and Orwell, the main focus of our project became beggary. During the Investigation of collaborative knowledge-generating situations, we organised workshops to design playfully and collectively more autonomous begging strategies for a better society. In continuous flux between brainstorming and action together with our Czech colleagues and friends to break through the fields of taboo, culture of solidarity and spectacle. © <3PRG, 2013.

silver (/golden /bronze /diamond ) homeless pantomime

beggar hat sale

begging for funeral expenses


Liberagility was an obstacle race track for (self-identified) liberals/free-thinkers or anyone who was interested, where the participants could face their own prejudices and the conservative and authoritarian motifs that influence their thought process, as well as confront the impossible situations which are generated by the contradictions of tolerance. We think of this work as a performative installation, where the participants would act as agents, enacting scenes we set up for them, thus staging our own fantasies and nightmares, which concern the relation of the individual to the collective, and themes such as freedom, free thinking, tolerance, civil liberties, etc. These we processed, abstracted and manifested into physical objects. Participation is only one aspect of the work, as the viewers do not have to interact if they do not wish to. They can observe the work as a sculptural installation in a more detached manner. Through the race track, the participating viewers are assessing themselves, as we want to avoid the notion of educating or â&#x20AC;&#x17E;transmitting valuesâ&#x20AC;?. The obstacles themselves are the core of the work, and the rest of the installation, the purely sculptural bits, emphasize the personal nature of the project. In essence the whole work is public sculpture structured around an experimental framework.

Themes: personal and bodily autonomy, free speech, (leftist pc) censorship, cultural freedom, tolerance, civil liberties, freedom of religion, equality and diversity. /supported by Š Pseudo Race Group, 2012.

Trashy Advent!

Trashy Advent! Everybody knows those chocolate-filled advent calendars, which flood the supermarkets already from October every year. You open one window and you find a Santa shaped candy inside. Using this as Inspiration, during the advent period, every day we opened one numbered trash bin, which was on the street and put a present into it. Then we took a picture of the contents. These digital calendar windows / pictures (as gif animations) were sent by emails every day to all of our contacts. Linked to each email, we also sent some web links, which were all somehow connected to the actual object in the bin. We also made some printed calendars, which were distributed by the homeless and poor people of the street. The local municipality of the 8th district of Budapest (Józsefváros, which is one of the poorest districts) criminalizes poverty by prohibiting dumpster diving in the district. From the 1st of January, 2011 if you take trash in this district, you are obliged to pay a fine of 50.000 HUF (ca. 185 euros).

****** ******* © Poverty Riots, 2011.

Obscene 1-2.

Obscene is a latin expression meaning behind the scenes. We have chosen this title for this work, which is the documentation of our co-operation with a madame, two curators and the members of a woman rights activist group to show all the struggles we faced during the communication with people who have basic different values and strategies in life, people who are some of the poorest workers of sex industry. We wanted to borrow and exhibit a property of this madame, a painting, which represents the Virgin Mary. But we did not get financial support from the organisers activists and curators for the exhibition: Finally only the photographic reproduction of the painting was put on the wall of the gallery. Weâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ve also made postcards of the painting, that we were selling in the non-profit gallery. The form of the commercialised picture market visualized the cash flow, the only way of communication of the parties in this story. Additionally we have hacked a Joy magazine with our ideas, main sentences, and most important moments of the nearly one month working process. Š Prostie Riot, 2011.

One year later the exhibition travelled to Bucarest. Considering that the most important part of this work is definitely the story itself, we invited Dan Perjovschi, the world-famous romanian artist, to help us communicate this complex story in a new context. We asked Dan to make drawings about our experiences around this exhibition in Budapest, by not spending more than

one hour to implement them, and we offered the same amount of money for his work as a cheap hungarian prostitute would get for the same amount of time. But he donated back the money to our group and contributed to this exhibiton with his work for free. The drawings of Perjovschi were copied on the walls of atelier35 by the curator, Gyula Muskovics. Š Pax Romana, 2012.

places DEMO GALLERY A definitely not anti-capitalist non-profit gallery. Self-managed by young curator students and showing interest in urbanity with social, antropological, cultural approaches. Their expenses are payed by the ruin pub, where they are hosted, so they are depended on the opinion of the management about what can be presented in the space. FUTÓ STREET 3 Where the madam and the girls live. They rent a tiny apartment in a private workers hostel managed by Csilla’s uncle, Gábor.

people GYULA / CURATOR OF THE EXHIBITION An emerging young curator student from the same university. He is a friend of us, that’s why we were invited to take part in his very first exhibition. With his good sense of communication he always helped us to find a common ground with the other participants. We felt, we are responsible for his success. You can always find a hairspray in his bag. MARCI / CURATOR OF THE GALLERY Marci is the head of Demo gallery. He is young, but act experienced, he is bald and serious, very intelligent and self-confident. Marci wanted to have valuable pieces of art (no soaps in the shape of a prostitute) on the walls of his gallery with the invoices of the expenses. His father is the funniest artist in Szentendre. His brother is the funniest guy at our university. But Marci is a black sheep in the family. EGYNEM PEOPLE / THE INITIATORS OF THE EXHIBITION Feminist activists. They want to illegalize the prostitution. That’s why they have strongly recommended each participants to propagate this opinion through their artworks. They were disgusted by every kind of cooperation beetween us and the sex-industry. GIZI / MADAM Gizi is an ex-prostitute, a female pimp, who gets her living by managing her belongings from the poorest hungarian region work as whores in Budapest. They are the chepest ones among the girls, who are still put at the side of the roads. They are mostly gipsies, who have been socialised to be outsiders of the society. She wants a well-running buisness. They eat a lot of meat. CSILLA / YOUNG BUT MARRIED ADULT She wants the world to be brave and new. Or she wants herself to be brave and new. VIRÁG / YOUNG. HER DREAM IS AN OWN SPERM BANK She wants a girl to make her make up. She wants to go to the ZOO to be able to record video or take pictures undisturbedly.

ALFÖLDI GÁBOR / CONTACT PERSON Uncle of Csilla. The owner of the building where the madam and the girls live. He just wanted us to not to be hurt. He told us that the business of the madame is not on the top, that’s why she is not friendly.

objects ORIGINAL PAINTING The property of the madam, representing the Holy Virgin with the little Jesus and a sheep and an angel. REPRODUCTION A lifelike-big print made of a low quality photo of the original painting. POSTCARDS with the image of the painting + three different kinds of texts on them: a, The painting on the picture is for sale. (written with small letters on the bottom of the postcard: For a certain percent of the price the artist would share the information on where, and from who you could buy it.) b, What do you think, how could you earn tenthousand (approx 33 euros) in one hour by not having sex for money? c, By the purchase of this postcard you are supporting the psychological treatment of the artists, who have tried to co-operate with a madame with a couple of activists and some curators. JOY FANZINE A Joy magazine modified by our notes on glued-in papers. and GOOD MONEY That can be spent on effective aesthetic objects that makes you change your mind. BAD MONEY 10 000 HUF (approx. 33 EUR) = 1 hour joy with a girl / what we offered to you, Dan 30 000 HUF (approx. 100 EUR) = the amount of money, for which Gizi would have lent us the picture for the period of the exhibition. Nobody wanted to pay this. She couldn’t give bill. 70-30% = the usual proportion of sharing the income. So the madam gets the 70% of the money earned by a girl. She offered us the same percentage, 30% of the price of the painting if we can sell it. So this number came back in our contract. But she never signed it.

St Stephen Kingâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s bread statue

Saint Stephen was the first Hungarian king, also known as state founder. He established the Christianity as a state religion and executed all the pagan believers, including his uncle, Koppány. Koppány’s body was cut in four pieces, which were sent to the four major strongholds of the Kingdom. To make the his story complete, “his right hand”, known as the Holy Right, is kept as a relic. In the past centuries, the myth of Stephen was always modified by the actual authorities. Maria Theresa after the long process how she could get back the Holy Right, she made a National Holiday of 20th August (Stephen died on 15th August, and offered the state to the Holy Virgin on the same day). In the following 150 Nowadays, by the strengthening of the right wing ideology and state power, nationalism became a commodity. New red-white-green colored shops are constantly opening, services spiced up with the authenticity of true traditions are offered like Hun Karate Club, Koppány butcher, etc. Through the products, marketing and shop decoration you can easily see that complete chaos around remembrance and history writing, how saint and profane is mixed, how the turul birds are flying over the head of Holy Mary…

Contributing to this flux, for the annual National Holiday we made a human-sized bread nude of the first Hungarian king, and we ritually sliced him and ate his body parts with fat and onion (contributed by the local municipality), together with the celebrating locals in Tordas. An important part of the bread was the genital, which’s size was measured and concluded by the only remaining and mummificated body part of the king, the Holy Right. The measurement method was taught by Virág’s grandmother. years the church and the politics built a serious cult around this day. In 1949 the Russian influence twisted a bit on the rituals. The Catholic Church had to step out of the picture, the Holy Right stayed in the Saint Stephen Basilica. But the Hungarian folk celebrated the Constitution, the New Bread, and of course the newly formed People’s Republic of Hungary with unbroken enthusiasm. © Patriot Riders, 2011.

Rainbow Tours

// action sequence of placing a rainbow-colored, spotted ball into embassiesâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; territory // This series of actions is intended for breaching the perimeter of embassies with a dotted ball painted to the colors of the rainbow. International laws regarding diplomacy state that the territory of embassies officially belongs to their respective mother countries. Towers of outplacement in the war of bureaucracy. What if something trivial happens, an event unforeseen and ungoverned by any paragraph, like a dotted ball bounces over the fence and into the garden of an embassy? It is a bug in the system that can be amended in a single way; by throwing the ball back outside, without showing a hint of suspicion. Thus, by this deliberate, tactical frivolity, the hallmarks of power within our surveillance-based society fall victim to flippancy for a few minutes. These short and inconsequential events are meant to question the legitimacy of elite establishments; to express the desperation of the everyman who is exposed to the often dire consequences of power struggles spiraling out of control.. Š Permanent Residents, 2011.