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GOELIA ladies’ fashion

GOELIA is a ladies' fashion brand. To discover, to live and to share a fashionable and healthy lifestyle with our customers is our vision. GOELIA has built-up and continuously expanded our customer base by offering trendy products with limitless styling possibilities, rest-assuring quality, reasonable pricing and easily accessible sales networks. Now we have more than 500 shops covering more than 200 cities all over the world.

Brand Concept

From the very beginning, GOELIA is determined to be different and is destined to be pleasant, energetic, caring and compassionate. GOELIA has been traveling around the world to capture the beauty of different places. The unique traveling trails have inspired the inhouse designers and also bring new horizons to consumers every season. We have started our "World Tour" more than 10 years ago and have just completed the 24th stop for 2011Winter (Edinburgh of Scotland). Since 2002, our brand will choose a city as the "muse" of a particular season and fuse the inspirations from this "muse" city into the upcoming fashion trend. During the journeys, we try to discover the beauty of the cities through the eye of GOELIA. Products and promotions are then evolved. Today, GOELIA is more than a fashion brand; it is renowned among young ladies’ not only because of the merchandise, it is also because of the lifestyle that we are promoting.


GOELIA’s goal is to be among Europe’s 10 largest providers in 2020 and in the Top 20 in the world in 2025. All these years, GOELIA has been to Belgium, Holland, Indonesia, Singapore, Italy, Spain, England, France, Switzerland, Greece, South Africa, Australia, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Syria. The images & merchandises present a refreshing shopping experience for consumers.


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GOELIA brand consistently healthy, full of energetic ideas, elements of nature, environmental protection and comfortable fabric, wearing a considerate touch, a variety of combinations to have the mentality of 23-year-old young women to embrace a natural delivery and enjoy the young fashion attitude towards life and value for money, Waymart price shopping experience more beautiful.

At present, the song has three different Leia women's apparel clothing series, to meet the young women dress in different occasions, a variety of needs: elegant and romantic Collection series, so that the young OL at work full of self-confidence; easy sweet Relax series, just like in the girl next door as close to Keren; chic handsome Jeans series, allows you to keep up the pace of fashion benefits, vitality.

Brand Positioning

Versatile mix-and-match options, Stylish fitting, Comfortable material Offering good quality fashion and joy of shopping at affordable prices for ladies who are always 23-year-old-at-heart. Brand Positioning

GOELIA have become familiar, friendly women's apparel brand, has won a number of outstanding, young women of all ages. Leah entered the world of song, you will find: So I can let the mood to travel! Experience the dream of travel, in fact, that simple!

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Core customers: Teenager to elegant. Core age:18 - 35 years old Customer Character: Affordable & willing to pay. 3 functions to suitable for different occasions.

Collection, Relax, Jeans

3 Functions Position

Feminine + Fashionable + Elegant

Elegant: • Delicate, professional, trendy. Feature of our design: • Fabric:aim at high-class for regular people, valuable. • Cutting:pay attention on cutting & shape • Workmanship:delicate

• Design:concise & clear

Feminine + Fashionable + Elegant

Lovely: • Have some fun, humor, let you fee relax, pleasant. Feature of our design: • Fabric: mainly adapt pure cotton and checks. • Color: black, white, grey dominated. • Design: specialized stories &trendy elements in our world tour put travel stores, plant, animals in carton patterns and let it staling in our design. • Visual merchandise: trendy & multi-layered.

Feminine + Fashionable + Elegant


 Natural character, a little curious, imaginative, willing to try on new staff. Feature of our design: Cutting:creative cutting & shape • Color:available in colors • Design: Mix feminine & characteristics. Multi-functions in model. • Core design: Jeans story, bright checks, European-like.


Ladies' Fashion