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Fried Eggs

Say. . It takes a lot of courage to say some things. . things like. . Your love. . A Confession. . to tell. . How much people are important in your life. . Sometimes it’s just saying ‘Hi’ to life. . a word of appreciation. . saying makes you meet the real YOU. . special people take special Ambience to say things. . ‘WE’ create the ambience. . So that you can say your word And say it in the most Unforgettable way. . TAJ Holidays. . Once you stay with us for a while. .

Task: Calendar Design

Concept •Taj Holidays is a brand that caters to holiday and leisure seekers. It promises an experience of a lifetime that they will cherish forever. Hence the thought, “It Stays With You” •We have taken this very thought as our ‘central theme’. •The calendar is like an album to an old man, who revisits the special moments of his life. Moments which define significant phases of his life, spent with his loved ones, all made memorable owing to the Taj experience. •Time passes by, but the touching moments of Taj always STAY WITH YOU!

Fried Eggs Mukul Bhatkhande ( leader) Nidhi Todi Prachi Gawand Esha Karekar Sulabha Dubhashi Ashlesha Kardekar Hena Parikh Prashant Chaugule Sneha Mirgal Sheetal Jagtap Pranali Kandlekar Amogh Iyer

Group F - Fried Eggs