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Generation Next Generation Next is the group of individuals having fresh new thoughts & ideas. They may prove to be the future face of the advertising.


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Taj holidays is the vacation brand of Taj Hotels Resorts and Palaces. The brand caters to holiday & leisure seekers who comprise both the affluent & the so called mass affluent segment. It has the tagline – “It stays with you”, which promises to create unique experiences & life long memories. The target audience are the customers who love the ‘Good Life’, Art & Culture. It is also meant for families, couples & corporate people. It promises an incredible experience & the memories are cherished forever & this is very well put forth by the thought “It stays with you”. Taj Holidays promises you the spa session, a moonlit walk along the seashore, the underwater world & many other experiences which stay with you forever. Asia’s largest & finest hotel company Taj Holidays Promises you a holiday which is unique & exciting which will stay with you forever.

Task As a group conceptualize & prepare a calendar series for Taj Holiday Resorts & Palaces, under the theme “It stays with you�.

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“Moments can be captured but experience… It stays with you” Taj holidays’ destinations offer you luxurious & authentic experience which is one of its kind. During these journeys there are some precious moments that can be clicked & captured but the experience is something that always stays with you. The smallest of the things remind you of the journey you had in the holidays. For example: The photograph of a shell on the beach can b clicked but the experience of walking on the sand & experiencing the nature can only be felt which will be with you forever.

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GROUP G - Generation Next