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2018-2019 The Fair & Introduction Events

Monaco, Belgium, The Netherlands, USA


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POSTERUS 360 ur new integration within Posterus-Event and Posterus-Marketing will be ground breaking. Together with architects, designers and software

developers, Posterus-Event will bring the real future. Posterus360’s Virtual Fair is a complete digital full HD 3D exhibition trade fair. The architectural design contains real buildings with the highest quality, as well as futuristic classic parts, harbor for Yacht designers, aerospace and automotive spaces. The buildings can be placed in any city or country, giving as well a full 360 view of the surrounding locations. That way all the participants will have the opportunity of a worldwide exhibition. Where each building offers 8 halls of 5000m², harbor for 150+ yachts with a total of 60 000m² exhibition space. Posterus Marketing will digitally promote the event over millions of locally and international enthusiasts. This with our own server, our own newspaper and magazine, including the physical marketing that is similar to a physical event or trade fair. The events and fairs will last approximately 7days, open 24hours, 7x7 and free accessible to all public. Physical events and well established trade fairs can give a visitor reach of +-50 000 people. Now because of our combinations of marketing and digitalization there will be a possible reach of +-4.000.000 people for each event. The statistics expectations could go much higher,

thanks to the free entrance. This access can be provided worldwide by sharing the app through social media, e-marketing, email, etc. We will have accessibility from all digital devices, smart phones, tablets, pc, notebook, etc. as well as exclusive access at our physical V.I.P events and partner locations. HD interactive TV, High Virtual reality glasses and control at physical locations for the best view of the fair. Our software developers have designed a full interactive communication system as well. This way we give a wide range of communication capabilities between visitor, participants and the trade fair teams. There is also capability of direct sales at your booth through direct communication with the customer. Communication with the sales person of the booth and company also includes full access of the company catalogues, business detail, etc. Our trade fair teams will also give the opportunity to arrange physical meeting if this is desired by visitors or participants. (Physical viewing) Despite of the full HD and 360 view we also offer participants and companies the opportunity to capture and scan their desired exhibited products at their own location. This with our own equipment, to guarantee the best presentation’s quality which will give the visitor the most realistic impression of the viewing exhibited work and will gain you direct sales on sight. More can be found at

VIFAF Virtual International Fine Art Fair (VIFAF) is a new international Art Fair organized by Posterus-Event, Posterus360 Venues, partner art galleries and curators internationally. In VIFAF’s concept we start from the roots of makind where, there is a whole history about it coming from the so-called cosmogonic egg, which is mentioned in the religions and beliefs of many cultures worldwide. It’s about the creation myth and the story of human race that has never been forgotten, all of it, reflecting back to our whole spiral design of our art fair halls. This pattern starts from ground floor called planet Earth and continues to the next floors reaching to Planets Mars and Moon having the same philosophy. Scientists estimate, that the pattern of a spiral is probably associated with the solar system’s formation. This internal symbolism is coming through thousands of centuries ago, where the main concept was, to respect the Environmental Values of the planets. So culture has been something equal and vital to life for our existence. This different approach of Culture in unique designed halls called Virtual International Fine Art Fair (VIFAF) is going to be hosted by the next generation of forums of Posterus360. Galleries, artists and designers will have the opportunity to exhibit at physical locations as well as at the Virtual Art Fair. VIFAF fair will take place for 7 days virtually with live

viewing at Monaco, New York, Belgium and the Netherlands. The Art Fair will take place at the 2 upper floors of Posterus360 including our exclusive locations Moon and Mars, with a total exhibition space of 12.000 square meters and up to +-130 booths. The full 360 surrounding view of Monaco, Moon and Mars, will give you a realistic feeling of being there. As we work with the highest newest technologies, including virtual reality glasses at the physical locations. Also the VIP gala will take place at an exclusive location in Monaco, and at the same time in other countries and cities. The first Art Fair will take place together with other trade shows as Vision and future and Luxury Yacht Event. All taking place, during Monaco Yacht show. Thanks to that our participants gain a very wide range of visitors wherefrom, industrials, ceo’s, art collectors and art enthusiasts are included. Each booth can have promotional materials like videos playing and booth holders speaking and sharing detail with the visitor or the potential client. The Art fair will also be accessible by everyone, anywhere and free for all people around the world and that through our application reachable by any mobile device or computer. More can be found at




VIFAF and Posterus360 will launch this year, 2018 with several announcing and introduction events. This taking place at Monaco the MCCC, (Monte Carlo Country club)

the end of September, later on this year New York and at the beginning of 2019 as well at Belgium, The Netherlands, Russia, etc. In this announcing events the full demo of Posterus360 and VIFAF we will presented. This will be a fully operational fair with participants, just on a smaller scale. Presenting all the possibilities with our Posterus360 platform and virtual trade fairs. Participants in this demo will have all the same options and exhibition possibilities as the full fair. Furthermore the demo will stay online until the big fair at September 2019. Our first introduction event at Monaco, (28-29 September 2018) starts with a VIP gala, Live music, Hors D’oeuvres and Champagne Service, Dinner, Presentation and grand opening Posterus360 and


VIFAF, VR viewing of the fair and much more. The second day the event is open to the general public from 11:00AM-5:00PM Press conference (29 September 2018, 10:00AM) MCCC, MC. Public announcing, introduction VIFAF, Posterus360, Trades shows, Partners and Participants. Press invited worldwide. VIFAF (September- October 2019) Monaco, New York, Belgium, The Netherlands. 7 day, 24/24 international Fine Art Fair virtually within Posterus360 building, as well Mars and Moon locations. Accessible worldwide and by any device. Exclusive viewing in VR during the 7 days fair at several physical locations at Monaco, NY, Belgium, The Netherlands. For more information, participation, tickets, etc. visit our website Contact:

Program 28th September

VIP NIGHT AT MCCC 19:00 - Opening, Hors D’oeuvres and Champagne Service 19:30 - 20:00 - Speech CEO and presentation Posterus360/VIFAF 20:00 - Buffet, dinner. Live preformance Alan Landry (The voice of Monaco) 21:30 - Music and entertaining. Coffee and dessert 22:20 -24:00 - Music, open bar (Pickup and shuttle service provided)

29th September

DAYTIME AT MCCC: Open to all public 10:00 - 10:30- Press conferance, Public announcing, introduction VIFAF, Posterus360, Trades shows (Press only)

11:00 - Opening, Hors D’oeuvres and Champagne Service 11:30 - Speech CEO and presentation Posterus360/VIFAF 12:00 - Open bar, restaurant open, public viewing VIFAF & Posterus360 17:30 -18:00 - Closing (Pickup and shuttle service provided)



Monte Carlo Country Club is the home of the ATP’s Monte Carlo Masters tournament. It is also the base of the Monte Carlo Tennis Academy.

Live Preformers

Monte-Carlo Monaco T

he origin of the name “Monaco” has been subject to several hypotheses. For some, the name comes from the Ligurian tribe, the

Monoïkos, who inhabited the Rock in the 6th century B.C. For others, the origin comes from the Greek mythology. In antiquity, the port of Monaco was associated with the cult of the hero Herakles (Hercules for the Romans), and his name was often linked to the expression “Herakles Monoïkos,” which means Herakles alone. This version seems to bear out, as the modern name for Monaco’s main port is the Port of Hercules. Monaco lies on the French Riviera and is completely enclosed by France. It’s the second smallest country in the world with only 2km²

Monaco is a tax haven and home to the largest number of millionaires and billionaires per capita in the world. With a population of over 36,000, Monaco is the world’s second most densely populated country. Macau leads the list. Monaco is a Monarchy ruled by Prince Albert. Known for luxury industry and gambling, its a favourite playground of the rich and famous. French, English and Italian are the spoken languages. Monte Carlo is the so called ‘capital’ of Monaco, but it’s more an administrative area. You will find most of the highlights in this district. Some of the famous events at Monaco are; The Monaco Grand Prix with its exclusive racetrack through the streets, Monaco yacht show, etc. More about Monaco you can find at:

Champage during the event receptions, provided by Romerhof Champagne.

During the event visitors can tryexclusive coffee by Grani d ’oro Monaco-Russia 10

Thanks to our Partners & Contributors

THE EVENT All info about the event, tickets, partners, you can find at:




VIFAF 2018-2019  

VIFAF Virtual International Fine Art Fair Announcing events and fair More information can be found at our website or contact u...

VIFAF 2018-2019  

VIFAF Virtual International Fine Art Fair Announcing events and fair More information can be found at our website or contact u...