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AUG. 2021


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Elena Saurel, p6

Laura Checkley, p12 She anticipates the second season of BBC’s hit comedy King Gary.

She stars in ITV and Avalon’s new comedy series Buffering and she tells us all about it!




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elcome to the August 2021 editon #25 of Viewties!

Inside this issue, we celebrate comedy introducing two features that will make you laugh on screen with their natural expressions and the clever scrips from the shows they're part in. Get to know their stories behind character and prepare yourself to have tons of fun!


ELENA SAUREL Photographed by David Reiss


LS A merican-Salvadorian actor Elena Saurel has a female lead role in ITV and Avalon’s new comedy series Buffering, where she embodies a TV producer

named Olivia who is involved in a complicated relationship with children’s TV presenter Iain, played by Iain Stirling. The six-episode series is written, created by and starring Iain Stirling with co-creator and writer Steve Bugeja, a TV series that Elena describes as ‘‘a funny, heart-breaking and relatable show’’. Elena has amassed several credits to her name, appearing on TV series including; Killing Eve (BBC/AMC), Breeders (FX), Gold Digger (BBC), Sticks and Stones (ITV), Living the Dream (Sky One), Midsomer Murders (ITV), Lovesick (Netflix), Catastrophe (Amazon Prime) and her feature film credits include Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga and Charlie & Wendy. Answering our questions, Elena shares her experience filming this show and chats about her getting into character, Iain Stirling as a creative force and so much more.


Elena Saurel Photographed by David Reiss


Olivia is a fiercely ambitious, modern career woman who'd rather work than deal with her personal life.

V: I love your work, I love what you do and I love the fact you act in so many different accents. I've seen one of your scenes in BBC’s Silent Witness speaking in Spanish and your accent sounded perfect to me. I know you are American and you also have Spanish roots, but you go further and try other languages as well. How do you think this skill of yours has shaped your identity as an actor? Elena - Yes, I love doing accents. It's one of my favourite things to do voices and accents. I am Salvadorian / American grew up in Switzerland / Spain so I was always around lots of languages and accents. I have found it to be a very useful and fun skill for my acting and Voice Over career. So far, it's given me the opportunity to audition and play very diverse roles without getting pigeonholed or typecast.

V: I remember you saying that it’s important to independently create your own material when you’re starting to expose your abilities as an actor and creative. Back in the day, were you inspired by someone that helped you get into your career journey? Elena - I think watching loads of TV, cartoons and movies had a major impact. But also, I was part of an alternative theatre company when I was a kid / teen in Switzerland where we used to devise and adapt classic plays. I then went to a liberal arts boarding school where being creative and making your own work was encouraged. So, I think it was just a natural progression from my TV addiction, education and through necessity. V: Now you’re starring in ITV and Avalon's new comedy series Buffering playing the female role of ‘Olivia’, what can you tell us about her? Elena - Olivia is a driven career woman who’s constantly putting out fires and taking care of others. Work is her life and a welcome unhealthy distraction from her shambolic personal and love life. She is the producer for FLUMMOX Live (Ian’s and Larry The Lizards' hit ...


kids TV show) and Ian’s on and off again exasperated girlfriend. V: What did you first think when you read the script? Did you feel immediately attracted to the show and the role? Elena - I thought It was original, fresh, very funny and touching. The fact that it is an ensemble cast with strong and funny female lead characters was a massive draw. Absolutely I felt drawn to Olivia. She's a fiercely ambitious, modern career woman who'd rather work than deal with her personal life. Sound Familiar? I think it's something a lot people can relate to in some capacity. Also, I would get to act alongside a puppet! V: How was it getting into the skin of your character? How did you approach it, and research it? Elena - To start with I took inspiration ...


from women I know and also drew parallels from my own life. Olivia is super professional, like me 😜 She experiences a tremendous loss in the series and struggles to come to terms with her feelings about it, which is something I related to. Her wardrobe was awesome, very comfortable and empowering and played a key part for me in her development. She is very different from me in that she's British, way more direct and rigid but it was an exciting challenge for me to play someone who is different from me and allowed me explore those sides of myself. V: Some people may think it’s easier to do comedy, but I believe it’s not. I mean, you have to be as natural as possible so you can't be seen exaggerating. Do you have any technique as a comedian? Elena - That's a tough question to answer... I'm not really sure that I have any specific techniques. Don't be embarrassed to try new things or make bold choices... Sounds like I need some tips. V: What was the atmosphere on the set of Buffering like? The fact this production is a comedy, does this imply there are more jokes and pranks behind the scenes? Elena - It was a lot of fun and relaxed. We initially started filming in 2019, shot the first two episodes then and didn't resume until the start of this year because of the pandemic. I was just so grateful ...

and happy to be back at work that my jaw hurt from smiling. I was mostly with Ian, Steve and Larry the Lizard in the Kids TV studio set and there were a lot of jokes, funny banter and general shenanigans. Larry is very cheeky :) V: How would you describe Iain Stirling as the creative force of the series? Elena - The series is loosely based on Ian's career when he was a Kids TV presenter but in my opinion it is very much an ensemble show. There's a character and something for everyone in this show. Ian and Steve Bugeja, who he co-wrote it with, did such an amazing job of writing a funny and heartbreaking and relatable show plus it helped that they are lovely, very funny, friendly and easy to work with. V: Can you tell me in your own words some of the themes you think Buffering represents? Elena - Overall theme I would say is a concept called "Adulting". That moment in your mid to late twenties where you're too old to be completely irresponsible but you don't have your s*** together enough to be a "proper" adult yet. You still get FOMO, you want to be reckless and free like a Victoria's Secret model but you also want a career and people to take you seriously.


I was just so grateful and happy to be back at work that my jaw hurt from smiling. V: Last question, as my nationality is Argentinean, I’m curious to ask you if you have ever seen or experienced any type of art/culture from Argentina? Elena - I Love Argentina! Yes, I have. Tango, the dance not the drink. So much Passion! I was also really fortunate to go on a family trip a few years ago to Buenos Aires and La Pampa. Buenos Aires is such a vibrant beautiful city with so many incredible galleries and architecture and in La Pampa, I got to experience and see some of Argentina's beautiful grasslands. I went fishing, horse riding and got to hang out with some Gauchos which was very cool. But I would love to go back and explore Patagonia.

Elena Saurel Photographed by David Reiss

LAURA CHECKLEY Photographed by Pip



ilarious actor and writer Laura Checkley has notable television roles,

But perhaps she’s better known for her portrayal of 'Terri King' in BBC’s hit comedy King Gary alongside Tom Davis, which has just recently aired a second season. Her TV credits include ‘Louise’ in the BBC BAFTA award winning show Detectorists with Mackenzie Crook, This Country with Daisy May Cooper and the award-winning BBC series In My Skin. Laura was also seen in Netflix's Wanderlust with Toni Collette, Tom Davis' Action Team, BBC’s Cradle To Grave with Peter Kay and ITV's Edge Of Heaven with Blake Harrison. For the big screen, she has played the role of Maz in Military Wives with Kristen Scott Thomas and Bridget Jones Baby alongside Renee Zellwegger. In a pause from the set where she’s filming Channel 4’s new six-part prison drama series Screw alongside Nina Sosanya and Jamie-Lee O’Donnell, Laura speaks all about her character’s evolution and King Gary’s second series premise in a lovely conversation with Viewties.


Laura Checkley Photographed by Pip


V: No one can doubt your amazing comedian skills. I love your expressions when you act your roles, such a naturality and nothing is overexaggerated. What do you enjoy the most about the genre? As an actress, do you find in comedy more freedom when you play your characters?

a very young age. I just knew I had to do what they were doing. It’s either in you or it’s not, the need to be funny. There was never a (b) plan it was only ever this.

Laura - You know making people laugh is the greatest feeling in the world. I don’t care if it’s doing it on a tv show or for a table full of my mates, I love laughter. And growing up i very quickly learnt that it was a great weapon to have in my back pack. I’m at my happiest when I’m doing comedy. There’s so much freedom to it and it forces you to be silly, open and spontaneous which I think we can forget to explore as adults.

Laura - During the Christmas special we had some lovely hearty moments and it really resonated with the audience so I was really keen to explore that more in this series. I was really excited to film the wedding and it was a very special day on set.

V: Have you developed your sense of humour since a very young age? What has drawn you to become an actress? Laura - My Nan was the funniest person I knew, still is. She is my comedy hero. Alongside Victoria Wood and Julie Walters of course who I was obsessed with right from ...

V: The second season of BBC’s hit comedy drama King Gary finally aired on 30th July. What were you more excited about exploring in this second series?

V: You returned in your role of fan favourite 'Terri King', why do you think your character was so well received by the audience and the critics? Laura - I can’t tell you how many messages I get saying how much they’d love a night out with Terri and how they’d like to be mates with her. She’s a real cracker and doesn’t give a hoot what anyone thinks of her. She’s got big heart and big ideas but she’s also got a big mouth which lands her in all sorts of trouble. But she means well and will always have your back. I like to call her Tornado Tel cos she swoops in reeks havoc and leaves everyone else having ...


Making people laugh is the greatest feeling in the world. to clear up her mess. I think most people, if they were being honest would like to be a bit more Tel. She’s a dream to play. V: As you know your character very well from the previous season, does this involve a better approach to the role when it comes to getting back into her skin? Laura - Yeah of course. She’s never too far from the surface. Once I whack those nails and heels on, it’s game on. She’s such a gift. V: Apart from what’s in the script, were you able to add some extra elements yourself to the role? Laura - Yeah, I’m always adding my own bits that’s half the joy. Tom Davis and James De Frond (writer/Dir) are so great at letting us play, they’re not precious at all and it works.


The freedom that comes with being able to improv is joyous and you never know what magic you might find. V: Did you find any scene hard to tackle? Laura - Every scene with Terri is often a hurdle as she has verbal diarrhoea. But if I was to pin point a scene it would probably be the wedding ceremony. It was bloody freezing that day and just trying to keep my teeth from chattering was a huge achievement.

V: How is working with Tom Davis as a cast mate and creative force of the show? Laura - He is quite simply my favourite person to work with and in life. He makes me laugh like a drain and is the kindest man you’ll ever hope to meet. He’s like a brother and I owe a lot to him. V: What will surprise the fans about this second season? Laura - The wedding I think. Its pretty special.


The freedom that com es with being able to impr ov is joyous and you never know what magic you might find. V: Last question - as this is a publication from Buenos Aires, Argentina, I was wondering if you have ever experienced any type of art from Argentina? Laura - I’m ashamed to say I haven’t but I would love to. It’s actually on a bucket list of mine to visit Argentina and this question has now inspired me to get on and do it. Yep that’s it, I’m booking my flight now…oh wait I can’t because of covid!

Laura Checkley Photographed by Pip



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AUG. 2021


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