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Why Cool Planet? Local government customers participating in Southern California Edison Energy Efficiency (EE) programs may qualify to receive the Cool Planet benefits package, providing further assistance to customers in their energy and carbon management efforts. SCE EE programs lower operational energy costs, while Cool Planet helps customers capture those energy & carbon reductions in an annual GHG inventory to demonstrate their leadership efforts towards cleaner air, reduced carbon, and national energy security.

Demonstrate Leadership: Local governments can set an example for their communities by first taking account of their own operational carbon emissions. Cool Planet will publicize a government’s environmental leadership, helping to build credibility around environmental claims and to further influence communities to take action.

Identify Operational Cost Savings : Accurate carbon footprinting will identify operational inefficiencies, new opportunities for cost savings, and limit exposure to energy price volatility through greater energy usage transparency.

Comply with State Policy : The California Air Resources Board addresses local governments’ role in meeting AB32 reduction goals, recommending that local governments adhere to the state’s goal of reducing GHG emissions to 1990 levels by 2020. CARB contracted with The Climate Registry to develop the Local Government Operations Protocol so that California cities and counties were measuring and managing their carbon footprints consistently throughout the state.

Climate Action Planning : Cool Planet helps local governments build an accurate GHG inventory, establish a baseline, and track energy & carbon reductions over time. A thorough Climate Action Plan starts with a complete GHG inventory, which leads to reductions opportunities, and tracks progress made.

Educational Resources & Hands-on Tools : Stay ahead of the curve in an evolving carbon constrained economy with educational resources, trainings, webinars, forums and shared best practices. Guidance documents, member services helpline, and carbon accounting software all included in benefits package.


Newport Beach's Jazz Semiconductor greens operations Company joins Cool Planet Project to help reduce carbon footprint. BY AMANDA ESTEP April 21, 2009

Chula Vista recognized as energy leader THURSDAY, 29 OCTOBER 2009

Chula Vista is the first city in San Diego County to join the Cool Planet Project, a program that promotes energy efficiency and climate change mitigation across California.

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Why local governments should participate in the Cool Planet Project