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San Joaquin Valley Partnership Program October 2012 Focus: San Joaquin Valley kWh and peak kW reductions This Month’s Major Accomplishments: Implementing partner attended a special Peer to Peer meeting at the Gas Company’s Energy Resource Center in Downey. The meeting was held to discuss solutions to municipal project problems. A monthly Partnership meeting was held on October 18th. Discussion included a report from the Central California LGC meeting in Santa Barbara; SCE staff comment on Strategic Plan 5.6 opportunities; PG&E’s Kill-a-Watt library lending program; Cap and Trade legislation and small communities’ opportunities; and the upcoming VIEW the Success Luncheon. The Partnership had a booth with the 2nd Mobile Education Unit at the DATE Porterville Chamber Business Showcase. The implementing partner continued to work with the six jurisdictions participating in the Energy Action Plan process to address the updated requirements from SCE. Key Issues or Emerging Concerns: The Partnership is focused on completing 2012 with strong savings in electric, and holding out hope for a last minute gas savings project too! While the 2010-12 program cycle enters a ramp down phase, focus will turn to making sure partners and plans are in place to hit the ground running in 2013 when the new cycle begins. Upcoming Milestones The annual VIEW the Success! luncheon will be held on November 1, 2012 at the Vintage Press in Downtown Visalia. The next monthly Partnership meeting will be December 20, 2012.

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