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San Joaquin Valley Partnership Program December 2012 Focus: San Joaquin Valley kWh and peak kW reductions This Month’s Major Accomplishments: Jeremy Battis, ED, CPUC met with the local government partners and the implementing partner on Friday, December 7th in Visalia. The event was arranged between Mr. Battis and Kim Loeb at the City of Visalia. ‘Energy/Demand Side Management 101’ presentations were held for the City of Woodlake, City of Hanford, and County of Kings on December 10, 2012. Just about the entire Woodlake City Council was in attendance and the County of Kings representatives provided very positive feedback to VIEW energy champion, Rhonda Mann. As a result of the presentation the County of Kings, which had returned all of its plug load occupancy sensors, decided that it did indeed want to install the units and within weeks a total of 200 units were installed by Lincus. The December partnership meeting was held on December 20th at the Visalia Chamber of Commerce. New SoCalGas program manager, Alma Briseño, and representatives from PG&E were in attendance. All three utilities presented on what partners could expect in the 2013-2014 transition cycle. Key Issues or Emerging Concerns: While the 2010-12 program cycle enters a ramp down phase, focus will turn to making sure partners and plans are in place to hit the ground running in 2013 when the new cycle begins. With the release of the SCE Q3 ELP reports it was determined that the County of Kings and City of Woodlake could easily move to Silver status and the City of Tulare to Gold by the end of 2012. The implementing partner will work with SCE to make sure every effort is made to reach these new levels. Upcoming Milestones Utility program managers and implementing partner will meet in early January in lieu of a monthly partnership meeting with all jurisdictions partners. The next monthly Partnership meeting will be February 21, 2013.

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