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San Joaquin Valley Partnership Program January 2010 Focus: San Joaquin Valley kWh and peak kW reductions

This Month’s Major Accomplishments: Partners are very excited to move into the full funded 2010-2012cycle and look forward to the challenge of meeting energy reduction goals and educating their communities about the need and benefit of energy efficiency in the San Joaquin Valley! Jurisdictions worked with SJVCEO staff to compile a list of over 130 possible community events that the VIEW Partnership could participate in. This list will be submitted to the M&O committee to narrow down. The Partnership moved quickly to secure a booth, 2 nd Unit MEU and volunteer participation in the 17th annual Visalia Spring Home and Patio Event February 1214 at the Visalia Convention Center. With limited advance notice it was decided to participate at the end of the month and within four days the Partnership was set to participate! Applications for Cities of Lindsay and Woodlake and Counties of Kings and Tulare were submitted (early!) for the Energy Efficiency and Conservation Block Grant funds from the California Energy Commission. These funds will be used to finance energy efficiency projects that the jurisdictions in turn hope to have qualify to meet 2010-12 energy reduction goals. Professional Exchange delivered temporary placeholder for the home page of the website and complete website to utilities for review. The temporary page will be public until the complete site is approved. Key Issues or Emerging Concerns: All partner jurisdictions continue to be concerned about losing marketing and outreach dollars. The group consensus remains that locally based outreach efforts are more effective because of regional diversity, and local understanding of the market. All Jurisdictions in the Partnerships are pursuing EECBG funds (either from DOE or CEC) and hope to have their assessments of projects complete so that their EECBG funded projects can count toward the Partnership goals. Partners are very appreciative of utility efforts to make this a possible given the tight time frames involved. Upcoming Milestones Marketing and Outreach committee will work on budget planning for community outreach events and select key events that are best suited to the Partnership goals. The Partnership and SCE 2nd Unit MEU will have a 10x20 outreach and information booth at the 17th annual Visalia Spring Fest Home and Patio Event February 12-14, 2010.

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