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AM Installation Hits Another Milestone! We’ve opened the Irwindale and Sun Valley warehouses. Bakersfield is coming soon.

ISSUE 3 - APRIL 2013

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Data Mine

5.2 Billion Hourly Meter Reads!

At the starting line: AM Ready/Automated Billing. Beginning in

April, SoCalGas will bill customers based on automated reads from AM Ready meters. What is AM Ready? It’s what we’re calling the CIS status of an advanced meter communication device that is installed, successfully communicating and has progressed through three data validation steps. Once installed, these devices, which are also known as MTUs, will report 12 hours of meter reads every six hours. This data will be stored in our Meter Data Management System (MDMS).

Changes in the On-Cycle Billing Process as of March 30 Bill cycles will continue to be based on today’s 21-cycle schedules. Here’s how the new process works:

1 CIS identifies on-cycle customers requiring a read based on their assigned billing cycles.

2 MDMS receives the bill request file and processes it.

3 CIS receives the read from MDMS and begins the pre-billing process.

4 A bill is printed and mailed to the customer.

Customers Win

AM Billing Is Fast and Precise

Advanced meter technology fundamentally changes the way we relate to our customers. We now have information to give people on how they use natural gas, and we’re creating tools to help them use that information to save money and energy.

A team of more than 80 employees in the billing department has been working since day one of the advanced meter project to get the billing operation ready for the change.

Once their meters are AM Ready: • Customers can view their hourly gas usage online via the ”Ways to Save” section in My Account. • They’ll eventually be able to view their bill-to-date and projected next bill based on hourly reads collected in the current billing cycle. • In the future, customers will be able to enroll in weekly Bill Tracker Alerts via email and/or text messages.

When someone moves, we won’t have to wait for a closing read – we can bill right away.

Advanced meter reads are available almost instantaneously.

Obtaining reads won’t be hampered by big dogs or locked gates, so we’ll have fewer estimated bills that have to be corrected later.

Changes in our on-cycle billing process will result in Fewer estimated bills / exceptions > Fewer customer inquiries

What’s Happening with Meter Readers? A lot, actually.


The majority of part-time meter readers who were here when SoCalGas received CPUC approval to proceed with advanced meter in April 2010 have found other positions as of December 31, 2012. Part-time meter readers have moved into a variety of SoCalGas jobs, including Construction Technician, Energy Technician Residential – Apprentice, Customer Service Representative and District Operations Clerk. For the remaining 100 or so part-time meter readers who were here in April 2010, opportunities are available now…and will be in the future (AM installers, ETR-As, CTs, CSRs, etc.). Current part-time transitional meter readers have been moving into full-time SoCalGas jobs. As other positions become available, qualified part-time transitional meter readers will continue to be considered for these openings. Those who want to keep reading meters will have that opportunity, provided they are flexible about work location. The meter reading transition roadmap is still in progress, but SoCalGas has done a lot to help employees.

Current Opportunities Include:






From Reading to Validating “This is one of the biggest projects SoCalGas has done, and it’s cool to get in on the ground floor and be part of the first wave of installs. It’s exciting.” Donald Nelson

3 years with SoCalGas Former Meter Reader, now in Advanced Meter Data Validation

It's All in the Wrist. The New and Improved Dog Stick. We redesigned the dog stick to

improve ergonomics. It now fits the hand better, supports a correct wrist position and is wrapped with a sports grip. Because it's not just about dogs. Our installers use the dog stick to do everything from opening latched gates to clearing spiderwebs, and they also keep dogs at bay. The new dog stick is keeping us safer than ever!

STEEL ROD 5/16" OD CUT LENGTH: 17-3/4"





What AM Ready looks like To be flagged AM Ready, an advanced meter communication device (MTU) moves through three validation processes:

1 2 3

Network Connectivity: measures the reliability of communications by making sure the MTU has transmitted data on seven consecutive days.

PDA Comparison: compares usage before and after the installation of the MTU using Per Day Averages (PDAs) to ensure the MTU has been configured correctly and is functioning properly.

Manual Read: compares the automated read to a manual read after the installation.