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Implementers Only Call-In Meeting SUMMARY NOTES May 24, 2017 3:00pm -4:00pm Conference Call

Call #: 800-791-2345, Access Code: 22540# Attendees: Eastern Sierra Energy Initiative Pam Bold North Orange County ELP & Westside ELP Ivana Dorin San Bernardino Regional EP Nicole Soto

San Gabriel Valley ELP Katie Ward Valley Innovative Energy Watch & High Desert Regional ELP Samantha Dodero Courtney Kalashian

Western Riverside ELP Anthony Segura Ventura County REA Kelly Cattanach Heather Allen

Summary Notes: Welcome Introductions OPERATIONS 1. Technical assistance ad-hoc group update Ivana provided a report back from the 05/24 meeting. Acknowledged changes, shared some partners are getting breakdowns of TA, the move to reduced TA budgets and using in house engineering. TEC has received a copy of a sample SCE engineering report. SJVCEO to send out to larger group. Another call isn’t necessary at this time. Group will reconvene when necessary or requested. 2.

Strategic planning; open discussion/roundtable ID asked where others are in the SP planning process for approvals. Members reported back that applications submitted in 2016 for work in 2017 were quickly approved and those submitted in 2017 are still pending. ID asked if anyone had Tier 3 projects approved. CK shared that SJVCEO had two project concepts that they ran past Chris Malotte, who helped


2018 SCE budgeting process Not all partners have received their historical budgets. There are discrepancies between what SCE is reporting and what implementers books shows. Some reports have holes. Individually tackle with our PMs, touch base at SEEC, decide whether it needs to go up to the management level.

BEST PRACTICE SHARING 1. VIEW AB2672 community energy options assessment meetings SD shared why VIEW was working with the CPUC, what went on at the meetings, what was learned. 2.

Community outreach updates and success story sharing PB shared Multi Family EE outreach efforts, including low income and subsidized housing units. Held a workshop, audits were completed and projects will happen after tourist season calms down. PB to share a Best Practices write up to the group. CK asked if others in the greater LA area are doing the work. ID, interested in getting the write up and taking concept to cities. AS did the multi family last year and had a high take rate, so there’s not a huge opportunity. Working with IOUs to address language. CK shared their experience getting translation headsets from local chapters of the United Way. NS said they’ve done only a handful of events, but will have a few more. CK asked if others are seeing a trend toward educational workshops. AS, no, not yet. ID, doing promotional workshops: CHMP outreach with Synergy (ice cream socials), ESAP, and general

education of city partners (what is an energy audit? What is a Partnership?). 3.

Open discussion PB attends monthly contractor meeting, will bring up Title 24 trainer, Bruce Chaney (Anchors Aweigh out of San Diego) on June 20th. SD asked to connect with PB to replicate in HDR. ID we used Dave Inter did a Title 24/SBD combo presentation for City staff. PB asked is anyone doing outreach to electeds. Shared that she’s looking to take advantage of her new position to introduce herself and the Partnership. ID, this was an SP option. CK remembered that VIEW did something in 2012 and would send what they had to PB. ID has anyone done energy competitions with their cities. CK shared Kill-a-Watt Krackdown and Battle of the Buildings. SD will share info with ID. AS asked if anyone had sources outside SCE for funding Holiday Light Exchange. NS shared she pushed back to SCE that they wouldn’t do the exchange due to lack of funds, PM granted an additional allowance. CK shared going direct to lighting manufacturer may cut costs. PB isn’t looking for Holiday Lights, but wants to do an LED light exchange.

Other Business 1. SEEC event updates, who’s coming, etc. Everyone is going. CK and SD offered to be local on the ground resources if anyone needs anything don’t hesitate to reach out. 2. Q2 in-person meeting, 6/28 from 11AM – 2PM in Downey Conclude Meeting concluded at 4:00 p.m.

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P2p summarynotes 5 24 17