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Implementers Only Call-In Meeting SUMMARY NOTES November 29, 2017 3:00pm -4:00pm Conference Call Call #: 1-646-876-9923, ID: 192-542-765 Invitees: Eastern Sierra Energy Initiative Pam Bold North Orange County ELP & Westside ELP Ivana Dorin Laurel Rothschild Jake Anderson San Bernardino Regional EP Nicole Soto Malisa Lieng

San Gabriel Valley ELP Marissa Creter Katie Ward Peter Valley Innovative Energy Watch & High Desert Regional ELP Samantha Dodero Courtney Kalashian South Bay ELP Marilyn Lyon Kim Fuentes

Western Riverside ELP Barbara Spoonhour Tyler Masters Anthony Segura Ventura County REA Alejandra Tellez Kelly Cattanach Heather Allen

Agenda: Topic Welcome Courtney welcomed everyone to the call and introductions were made in order of invitees. OPERATIONS Requested Updates 1. Reaction to 11/22 Filing Call Courtney Kalashian, SJVCEO, wanted to see what everyone’s reaction was to the 11/22 conference call that SCE called. Laurel Rothschild, TEC, stated that she was not surprised by what the possible scenarios that were presented by SCE. If they are asked to reach a 1.25 they were being straight forward with what may/would happen to LGP’s. She was also very appreciative that they held the call to let LGP’s know how they would file. CK, SJVCEO, stated that PGE is pretty much filing the same statement. They are laying out all scenarios to reach a 1.25 but also stating that they will not go the route of it. She also stated that all IOU’s are also including a piece in the filings that state to reach a 1.25 and taking out some/all LGP’s they will be removing the public benefit piece of EE work that is required by the CPUC. She thinks this item may weight more on the commissions mind. Pam Bold, High Sierra, asked what the P2P partners can do to make an impact on the commissions decision? CK, SJVCEO, stated that she will gain clarity from Laura Ettenson, NRDC, and get back to the group on if/how to make formal comment to the filings. Even if P2P partners cannot file comments they can still make their voices heard. Everyone can contact their commissioners directly through the CPUC website. In your outreach make sure you stress the matter and the value of LGP’s. Another effective way to get information to the CPUC is to use your local CPUC liaison. Any partners that happen to write letters please share your templates with others. 2.

CPUC Southern California LG Liaison engagement SGVELP stated that they were contacted by the local southern California CPUC liaison and he stated he would like to be a resource for LGP’s. Peter, SGVELP, stated that he will pass along his contact information to TEC and VCREA.


SCE expense policy • Having local gov’t partners report meals. How have others dealt with it? Jake Anderson, TEC, was notified that as of October 2017 all city staff/officials must fill out proper paperwork and report form 700 if accepting food or beverages. Each city

staff/official is limited to $470 per year. Many in his partnership were not so happy with this development and was wondering how others have dealt with it. Nicole Soto, SBREP, stated that she was made aware of it and she had all attendees sign the form and have it submitted to SCE for their quarterly luncheon. Once submitted there were no questions asked. Partners believe this is just a precaution on the part of LPA. 4.

SCE incentives & projects • Update on South Bay pulled measures from last call ID, TEC, was wondering if there was any update on the pulled measures and public comment support. Kim Fuentes, SBELP, mentioned that they have drafted a letter and brought the item to the SoCal CPUC liaison during their visit. Once the SBELP’s 15 CAPS are complete this item will be front and center. As soon as letters and documents are produced they will share with the group. •


SL/Exterior lighting measure expiration LR, TEC, stated that the updated expiring measures list was going to be released on 11/20/17. This document may be including exterior lighting as well as streetlights.

SP applications/projects • TEC plans for 2018 - input sought ID, TEC, stated that they will be considering completing GHG and CAP’s for a few of their partner cities in 2018. She was wondering if any partners have best practices on collecting vendor information as well as what items to include in the application processes. KF, SBELP, stated that they have all the information and forms located on their website. If anyone is interested she can send the exact links. •

Any update on SCE Benchmarking Portal? JA, TEC, let partners know that IOU’s will be disabling its benchmarking portal sometime in January. From there it will be benchmarking as usual until all kinks are worked out for AB 802. He will make sure to let everyone know of the January date once he is informed.

BEST PRACTICE SHARING Updates 1. Grandfathering of solar TOU rates • How have other communicated and followed up with muni’s on this item? PM, High Sierra, was curious if any partners have had luck communicating with their partner cities/counties on signing up for solar TOU rates. She has sent some communication to her partners and has not heard back. LR, TEC, stated she has not had much experience with this item but that there is a webinar that will be held on the exact topic next month. She will send information out. Other Business 1. Did we miss anything? ID, TEC, stated that they are looking to host a webinar on how to show project influence for partners. More than likely it will be held in Q1 of 2018. She will make sure to share information once it is available. Concluded at 4:05 p.m.

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P2p summary notes 11 29 17  

P2p summary notes 11 29 17