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Green Hayward PAYS


Green Hayward PAYS® is a new City program designed to save multifamily building owners money, energy, and water with an offer that works: property upgrades with no up-front costs and no new debt.

Upgrade your property

Improve your cash flow

• Get new water and energy saving products

• Install upgrades for no up-front cost

• Work with a Certified Contractor

• Make repayments on your water bill with immediate net savings and no new debt

• Enroll with a City water account

Contact Green Hayward PAYS® today • A City of Hayward conservation program • Dedicated City staff to answer questions and oversee projects • Program Certified Contractors provide quality installations


Green Hayward PAYS® is simple. Work with a Certified Contractor to install water and energy efficiency upgrades in your multifamily building. Make a regular repayment as part of your water bill with immediate net savings.

How does it work? Certified Contractors help you to determine the eligible program products and services that will save you the most water and energy, including:

No upfront costs for most measures

• Basic measures (toilets, showerheads, faucet aerators, LED bulbs). Basic measures must be installed to qualify for other upgrades.

No new debt

• Energy measures (common area lighting, central hot water, upgrades that reduce property owner utility bills) • Landscape measures (irrigation system repairs, weatherbased controls)

Estimated bill savings at least 25% more than PAYS® repayment Measure quality guaranteed Your payment obligation ends if you sell the building

Target properties • Multifamily properties that are City of Hayward water customers • Master-metered water and central water heating • 20 or more attached dwelling units (larger properties will experience larger savings, but buildings with 5 or more units may also participate)

Enroll today


Green Hayward PAYS® is available on a first-come, first-served basis. Program is approved to operate through February 28, 2015, or until 2,000 units are served. Program was developed by the City of Hayward in partnership with the Bay Area Regional Energy Network, composed of public agencies representing all nine counties within the Bay Area Region (

Green hayward pays overview 4 17 2014  
Green hayward pays overview 4 17 2014