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Technical Assistance for Municipal Energy Efficiency Projects Guidelines The Purpose of Technical Assistance To assist cities in identifying Energy Efficiency Measures (EEMs) and to be a catalyst for implementation by creating a blueprint that removes uncertainty throughout the process and provides a sustainable plan for municipal energy efficiency projects.

Example of Technical Assistance requests


Needs Assessment ● Performing targeted or comprehensive energy audits ● Perform preliminary calculations of potential energy savings Engineering ● Retro-commissioning Opportunities ● Design engineering for controls and system optimization ● Pump testing ● Energy Modeling Utility Energy Efficiency Programs ● Exploring and identifying incentive / rebate programs ● Completing utility incentive applications

Evaluation ● Bill Analysis ● Data Logging Financing ● Project Cost/Benefit Analysis pre-installation ● Identify sources of alternative financing for Energy Efficient projects ● Packaging multiple projects across municipal facilities for cost-effectiveness when and where appropriate Capacity Building ● Review RFPs for energy efficiency projects ● Best Practices or product/system specific training opportunities

Technical Assistance Protocol Requests for technical assistance from Cities will be considered on a case-by-case basis. Services will be provided at no cost to Partner Cities and are only available to municipal operations. Help us bring you the most value by observing the following protocol:

1. Consider the timing of incentive / rebate program applications - CEP has a tool that can assist you in calculating the timeline of applications and when to pursue a utility-based incentive.

2. When the Technical Assistance calls for third party Vendor, review and understand the role of each party, mainly note that:

a. All Technical Assistance requests from CEP cities to vendor are required to come from SCE Program Manager (Scot Mann). b. Prior to a site visit, a kick-off call shall occur that includes: the Vendor, Scot Mann (SCE), Genaro Bugarin (TEC) and when appropriate, Chauncy Tou (SCG) along with appropriate SCE/SCG Account Reps and City Personnel.

c. Thereafter, all communication from the Vendor shall include the persons identified on the kick-off call to ensure that the City’s identified deliverables are met and leveraged with Partnership resources. Notes: (1) This is only a sample list and additional technical assistance requests can be considered.

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CEP TA Request Guide and Form  

Community Energy Partnership Technical Assistance Request Guide and Form

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