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Vol. 1, No. 1

October 27, 2010

Dear Corona. Teachers, staff and students, Original thoughts seem to be a rarity around this school and in everything we do. The “go with the flow” saying is a constant on a day-to-day basis and too many times an opinion has gone unheard due to the fear of what others will think. We are here to break this mindset. An opinion is an incredible weapon. They have affected the way our society has been created and molded. We are here to give you our fullest, honest, and actual opinions on the things we see going on day-to-day. We will be speaking our minds and will not be affected by any criticism. This is too often the cause of an opinion going unseen and it is time to adjust to a new way where this is never the case. We don’t aim for much. All we wish for is for you to think. Us writing this won’t make you change your ways, nor will it make you do anything at all. You reading this will change yourself. We ask only that you question what you read and what you believe. As teenagers, we have become accustomed to following what everyone else does and believes. When’s the last time you’ve thought for yourself? The only thing we aim for is that we might spark something in your mind that will eventually grow and make you think about what is happening around you. We don’t want anyone changing their views to fit what we believe. We want you to question us and question what people tell you is truth and the way things should be. We realize that people will all have different perceptions of life and therefore do not expect everyone to agree with us. All we’re doing is giving a different view on situations that we all face, hoping that it may make you question your current views or even make them stronger. In the next few months we hope to get to know you through how you react to our publication. Every week you’ll have in your hands another one of these papers with our opinions on them. These opinions will be of a different nature, and of a wide spectrum every time. An opinion is something to be valued, and we cannot stress enough how much greater it is when it is your own. So join us Corona, on a journey, a journey of the mind, thoughts, and self. Signed your friends, Simon & Garfunkel (You didn’t think we’d give ourselves up that easily. Did you?)

Quote of the week

“Believe those who are seeking the truth. Doubt those who find it.” -Andre Gide

NOTE: Due to lack of money, we are not able to print as many copies as we would

hope. Because of this, we ask that once you are done reading our publication, please pass it on to another person so they may have the chance to read our work as well.

Viewpoint No. 1  

Introducing Corona Del Sol Viewpoint Newspaper

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