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out from a home base in Kanab, she met local runners who not only encouraged her dedication but shared their own enthusiasm for running in Southern Utah. “Utah really rocks for runners,” joked one native Kanab resident.

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“I could come live here and be very happy,” Chantal shares. For now, she has finished her three week training stint, returned to the Netherlands, and will return in September. 117 people from at least 21 different countries will join her September 21, 2014 at the North Rim of the Grand Canyon where they will all begin their seven day extreme challenge, running in the most breathtaking landscape on earth.

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The original mission of the Grand to Grand race team was to create an event that encourages awareness and protection of the environment and an appreciation of limited, valuable resources like water. It is the first, and only self supported foot race in North America. This means that every participant must carry all their personal resources, without the support of a crew. The seven day, six stage race begins at the North Rim of the Grand Canyon and ends at the summit of the Pink Cliffs of Grand Staircase, Escalante National Monument. Runners from countries as diverse as India, China, South Africa, Saudi Arabia as well as European, Canadian and, of course, our American runners look forward to stepping well outside their comfort zone, and running in a place that is unmatched in astounding natural beauty. For some, the experience has been so exceptional they are returning not only for the glory of the challenge but for the opportunity to continue to enjoy the intriguing landscape, and the local friendly western community.


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