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Dance to be here. I can’t explain it; there is something about this place.” She was being called back home. “I knew there was a plan for me here” she said. Tia returned to Southern Utah and resumed teaching dance at a local studio. Shortly after returning, she formed the group Kalamity. “In the beginning we were practicing anywhere. We danced in my garage, then another member’s garage, we just kept rotating,” she laughs. When the group really started to take shape they rented space in a studio where they could practice comfortably. The group decided to put together a performance for the public instead of just dancing for fun. At the time, one of the members was fighting cancer so they decided to use the performance as a fundraiser to help their sister. “That’s how it all started. It felt right. I was doing what I loved, giving

back and serving. Those are the things that are important to me.” Tia said. The first performance raised approximately $1400. Every year the group selects two families in need due to family tragedy or illness. They spend tireless hours coordinating events, choreographing dances and practicing for the big event. It is not uncommon to see these amazing people heading in to the studio at 4 a.m. for rehearsal. In the seven years since the first performance, they have raised over $150,000 and helped numerous families. It’s not just the charity performances that make this a special group. The supportive and uplifting environment that is cultivated at The Vault is shaping the community and most importantly, the next generation. There is no (Dance Moms) attitude at this studio. Confidence is boosted through positive reinforcement of the individual strengths of each member and student. The group advocates against bullying and destructive behavior is not tolerated. Tia strongly feels that building one’s confidence is the key to a successful life, and what better way to do that than through dance.

if you would like to get involved, take classes or make a donation, please contact tia at you can also visit the vault at 175 W 900 s. suite 16, st. george, call them at (435) 216-8974, or visit their website Like them on facebook to keep up with their latest performance, class offerings and general dancing shenanigans.



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