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KEEP SCALE IN MIND While your statement piece should be the star you need to make sure you’re providing it with a great supporting cast. By considering the size of your room and the other items inside, you can make a good decision on a statement piece that will stand out but still be a good fit with the rest of the room. After all, you want a powerful statement piece that works in your room.

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HAVE FUN WITH YOUR STATEMENT PIECE Life is too short to make a boring statement. Have fun with it! Even if your style isn’t particularly whimsical or playful, you can still strike a great balance with a statement piece that brings some fun into the space. A fun statement piece should also be something that represents you and your home. Remember, you’re going to see this item every day. It should be something that you love and that resonates with you. No matter what you choose, your statement piece will feel more genuine and at home in your space if it truly represents you.


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DITCH THE IDEA OF MATCHING The time for matchy-matchy décor is over. You don’t have to color match your pillows to the pattern in your rug and the vase on the side table. These days, doing a bit of intentional mismatching can be a good thing. Even though you need to think about the scale of the room and how other items will play off of it, your statement piece doesn’t have to match colors or styles exactly. In fact, you can let it intentionally “clash” with other items a bit to set it apart even further.

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ViewOn Magazine January / February 2021  

ViewOn Magazine January / February 2021