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After the initial moments and the firefighters put out the flames, it calmed down and everyone went back to their homes. However, our community's support didn’t stop. We had several people organize specific donations that were needed, schools organizing donations for our kids, dinners for our family of seven, arrangements for our dogs, competitions with proceeds going to us, and an overwhelming outpouring of love and support during this trying time. We were beyond blessed and cannot thank those enough that helped. My heart is broken with the loss of our dogs, they can never be replaced. I will never forget all the bad of that morning; however, I will never forget all the people who stepped up and helped in any way they could. Each and every person will hold a special space in my heart and we will continue to pay it forward the way it was paid to us.V Family and friends have set up a GoFund me for Nichole and her family. If you interested in helping them, please contact Jennifer Sperry, ViewOn Magazine’s Managing Editor at VOMmanagingEditor@gmail.com.

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