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Our ET Hwy road trip starts on Hwy 375, less than a mile east of US 93, and ends at 375’s intersection with US 6, just under 100 miles from its start. There is no fuel or other services for over 150 miles, so make sure you start your journey with a full tank of gas. At the beginning of the trip, you’ll see a gift shop called the Alien Research Center. After passing this lone business, you will see only the vast landscape until you hit the very small town of Rachel, which is 40 miles away. During this 40-mile stretch, you’ll pass through Tikaboo Valley, which is home to an unusual transition zone in the Mojave Desert where two subspecies of Joshua trees live together. This is also the closest you’ll get to Area 51. Rachel is home to the world-famous Little Ali-Inn. Here, you’ll learn more about alien folklore, how the ET Hwy actually got its name and its relationship to the 1996 movie, Independence Day. Other than the town of Rachel, no other signs of life are found along the ET Hwy, with exception of some cattle and maybe a pronghorn antelope or two. For us, the ET Hwy really showcases the vast, wide-open spaces and true beauty of the Nevada desert. When we travel the ET Hwy, we always enjoy the scenery and have never seen a UFO. And that’s OK. Happy Exploring!V Go with us on our virtual road trip down the ET Hwy and learn more about Area 51 by visiting our travel blog at www.BackRoadsWest.com/blog or search for “Extraterrestrial Hwy and Area 51” on YouTube.

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