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For the right hand, aka the trail hand/arm, because for most, this arm is more coordinated and stronger, it wants to take over the swing and control the club at some point in the swing. For that reason, position the club in the second set of pads on the right hand not in the same location as the left hand (near the palm and finger joint). The more the right hand is under the bottom of the club grip with fingernails pointing up so you can see them, the more it prevents the toe of the clubhead from turning over at impact causing slices to the right. Also, when the club is correctly in the fingers of the right hand, it may produce a gap between the left thumb and right palm and may not touch. When looking down at your grip, the left thumb should be buried by the right hand and not be seen from your perspective. Many times, when altering the grip, it feels awkward but that is just because it is different. Give adjustments a chance during practice sessions before using it on the course. Furthermore, your grip may have also been altered over time without you even realizing it, due to how you have been striking the ball and trying to keep it straight or have better comfort. These adjustments work regardless if you use 10-finger, interlock or overlapping grips.


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For better results this year, get a grip on your game by trying some small modifications to how you hold the golf club. Good Luck and As Always‌Fairways & Greens.V

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