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To give control and the best possible chance for success to the left arm, start by placing the club in the crease/joint where the fingers and the hand meet. Wrap your hand around the club and turn the thumb, forearm, and hand to the right so you see 1 to 2 knuckles. Pinch the club with the base of the thumb and index finger, providing more leverage. The left thumb is essential to understanding where that clubface is at all times during the swing. If you find yourself hooking the ball to the left too much, then move your left hand back to the left so the left thumb is pointing down the center of the grip and seeing no knuckles. If still hooking from this neutral position, move the club into the palm of the left hand on top of the knuckle joints and use more pressure in the last 3 fingers of the left hand, similar to how Ben Hogan reduced his hooking problem. Generally, the more you move the left hand to the right, the more the ball should go to the left, strange yes, but true.

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