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Get a Grip on your Game in 2021 By Rob Krieger


tart the new year off right by examining how you hold the golf club to see if it could be the source of those poorly hit golf shots. Making subtle adjustments to either the left or right hand can improve the club face 1-2°at impact and start allowing you to hit more fairways and greens. In order to make a change and have positive results, the left hand/arm, right hand/arm, and grip pressure each play a role. For the right-handed golfer, the left hand/arm, aka the lead arm, is what should be controlling the club during the swing. Why? Because the left arm is straight at address and should continue to stay straight into the backswing and through to impact. It eventually folds after the strike, but not before. The right arm, however, must fold in the backswing in order for you to keep both hands on the club but should return to being straight at impact. Therefore, the left controls the club, and the right is there to stabilize the left arm, not take over. Place more grip pressure in your left hand as it pushes the club back and as the left pulls the club down to the ball. The only problem with this is that generally your right arm/hand are stronger and are used to having control. This takes practice to teach the left arm coordination and to overcome something we do so naturally, using arm right arm/hand. The secret is to have consistent grip pressure throughout the swing and not have pressure change at different points throughout the swing. Hold the club with medium pressure in left and light pressure in the right, the entire swing.


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