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Saved by My Hero,

My Angel By Shellie Mae Thomas


could never lose a child. That's just something I could never do! God and I have a deal that I can live through anything, but not that." These exact words were once my own.

My husband, Jake and I had three beautiful sons who were our entire world. My young-mother heart couldn't fathom the possibility of burying a child.


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In the summer of 2019, we were surprised to learn that I was expecting a fourth baby, but unfortunately, the surprises didn't end there. At our 20 week sonogram, we learned that we were having another boy, but that he had deformities and that there were concerns. Upon recommendations, we saw MaternalFetal Medicine specialists at Intermountain Healthcare. With an amniocentesis, we found out that our baby had Trisomy 18.

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ViewOn Magazine January / February 2021  

ViewOn Magazine January / February 2021