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behind was not an option. The chat questions were read to Chef Shane Robillard and he repeated them and answered them for all us to hear and be a part of. The chef was able to look at our food and answer any questions as we began to stir, melt, fry, and broil our ingredients. About an hour and a half later, we were sitting around our table, laughing and visiting over our picture worthy food. This last weekend we experienced the cooking school completely different. We decided to wear our pajamas, and have a relaxing Saturday while the wafting of cinnamon rolls rolled through our home. Chef Jackie and Chef Debbie Iverson created a fun environment with sharing “family secrets� to make working with dough easier. I loved the interaction with Chef Debbie. She was friendly and had us interacting and sharing our family traditions with our families and the class. This course seemed more calm and less rushed while we worked with the premade dough from Harmons. As we waited for our cinnamon sprinkled, rolled dough to rise, Chef Debbie taught us how to make dough for the future. Teaching us to freeze this dough for a future morning was much appreciated! Chef Jackie's granddaughter, Gracie Hollands, preparing for cooking class.


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ViewOn Magazine January / February 2021