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By Janel Ralat


ello! My name is Janel Ralat and I am One Organized Mama! One Organized Mama was a professional organizing business serving the Las Vegas valley for eight years. I recently transitioned the business into a platform to teach time management and home organization skills and techniques.

Let me ask you, did you notice that in January of 2020, so many of us were elated about the new year and a new decade? I remember streams of social media posts celebrating the setting of new goals and positive affirmations. It was going to be a wonderful year!! Then came March. It was a year no one was quite expecting. We head into 2021, with a little shell shock and trepidation about what lies ahead. Although 2020 was challenging for many of us, it was jam packed full of eye opening realizations for me. Let me share with you two lessons I am taking away from the tumultuous 2020: Even when the world is changing rapidly around me, it does not mean that I cannot still accomplish my personal goals. I must learn how to adapt and pivot more. I started 2020, with many of the same goals as many of you. To get into better shape, work on my home, be more diligent about our finances, more quality time together as a family, plan a trip to meet friends, create more “me time� for myself, and hit specific benchmarks in my business. When the world shutdown I got stuck and struggled moving forward with my goals. I had to revisit the basics of what I teach in order to get unstuck. My philosophy with One Organized Mama is that time management is the foundation for getting organized. I want you to have an organized life, not just a pretty pantry. So what exactly does this mean? I want you to look at all the different areas of your life. You have family, a home, friends, responsibilities, bills, hopes, and dreams. You also have a limited resource of time.


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