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saddle, months and miles of give and take, back and forth communication with the horses, you come together as a team, just as a team of employees working together. Now you are ready for the next phase, which is to bring in a different rider, or riders, a different weight in the saddle, a different riding style and riding skill. Everyone rides a horse a little different. Some riders hold the reins too loose; some riders hold the reins too tight. Some riders are perfectly quiet and still in the saddle, others are loud and constantly moving around on the horse. These things are a big adjustment for a horse to make and takes time. Again, after months and miles in the saddle it's time to bring in the kids. You put the kids on the horse in the saddle, giving him or her the reins and away they go, but I am on the ground right with them. Using the lead rope, I can control the speed and direction of the horse if necessary. This way the kid can have fun and build confidence for the future. Some adults, because of a past bad experience, or no experience, who are just not comfortable getting on a horse, I work with in the same way to gain a level of confidence to where they are comfortable getting on. In fact, I have a riding lesson/trail ride combined into one, which is interesting and informative. We discuss proper rider position in the saddle, moving the horse ahead, stopping the horse, turning, and proper use of the reins. We then practice these techniques on the trail ride. I suggest this to anyone wanting to improve their riding, and as a refresher course. Regular riders, anyone wanting to ride weekly or monthly, are welcome. People with special needs wanting to ride are welcome. I will be with them every step of the way. By now you have a good understanding about training a working trail horse. Training a horse and rider is forever; the trail, however, never ends.V For more information or to make an appointment call: Tim Orrell at 928-347-1248

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