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We read books while flipping pages. We didn’t have to worry about what screen filter to put on to protect our eyes. We didn’t get distracted by social media as we scrolled to find the app on our phone. We opened a book in our favorite comfortable chair, or outside in the sunshine, to let the pages unfold a story in our minds. Spare time was spent taking walks, playing board games, and for the brave, night games. Cooking was a thing back then! With recipe books and handwritten lists to grab items at the store. And what a wonderful thing cooking is when time is free. Trying out a new recipe, involving the family, sitting around after to enjoy it together. There is evidence a “break” from your phone can increase your emotional stability and add to your overall happiness. When one is living in a virtual world, vicariously through others, it can lead to feelings of loneliness and longing. Low self esteem from unhealthy views established by watching others live their life, only sharing the joy. We know our emotions can be affected by the content we watch. That is why some may enjoy a horror show while others are left with a sense of worry. The content from electronics can directly contribute to our moods. News and social media can often focus on the sadness or vile things going on in society leaving us feeling unsettled or with heightened emotions. The opposite can be experienced when we watch a happy, funny film, or a movie that stirs positive feelings like love, compassion and pride. We walk away with those positive feelings throughout our day. The year 2020, filled our electronics with shocking news stories and showed us how some of our most favorite people really felt. News played on our emotions, friends and family posted their raw thoughts; all to get a response out of their reader. And it did. So let’s take a positive break from all of that. Give our worries some time to heal. Do something that human beings were meant to be: happy. Recreate your life without the negative, bring some light into your life and share it with others as we embrace some time each day to step away from our electronics. Pick up that book Take a nap leaving your phone in the other room Color or paint Look through old family photo albums Go for a walk Play an outside game Grab that deck of cards and play solitaire Search your old recipe books for something new to try Go on a family picnic

Start a new art project with your kids or significant other Work in your garden Deep clean that closet or junk drawer Pretend you are visiting the town you live in and find a hike or park or scenic spot you have never seen before Start a journal, someday this time will be in the history books May 2021, be the year we step back in time and reconnect with life.V

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