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searching all day that it consumed their lives. We didn’t know what our friends and family were doing unless we spoke to them, held pictures in our hands as we listened to their last adventure. We shared school pictures that were tangible and able to stick in a wallet or on a fridge. We spoke and felt the emotions of interacting with our loved ones instead of checking in on their social media page, giving them an emotional emoji reaction to show them we “saw” the post. A phone call was precious. We sat down and visited and listened to the company on the other line. What choice did we have? The phone was connected to the wall. We weren’t able to multitask much! The conversation was fulfilling; because, we were present with just that, a conversation with a loved one.


| VIEW ON MAGAZINE | Jan/Feb 2021

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ViewOn Magazine January / February 2021  

ViewOn Magazine January / February 2021