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Moapa Valley I

love Moapa Valley as this is the place where I have lived for most of my life. I had 2 sets of Grandparents that moved to this valley. One set moved here in 1891, and another in 1908. My Grandmother was born here in 1894, but lost her mother 8 days after her birth. She became a Licensed Practical Nurse and specialized in maternity. Opening up her home to help in the birthing to many babies in the valley. I see all the old buildings that I fell in love with when I was younger. Many of my classmates from the graduating class of “72” are still here. I have many fond memories of playing sports at the high school and cheering for my classmates. There are so many good people here. Some have lived their lives here and some have moved here. It doesn’t matter, I enjoy meeting them and want to welcome them here to the valley. There is such rich history that surrounds us that we can enjoy constantly. I am employed by the Overton Power District #5 but I have worked for Ace Hardware, Lin’s, Dan’s Foodtown, Home Hardware, Western Auto and for my parents at the Andersen Nursery.

~David Andersen

Why I Love I

St. George

love living in St. George, Utah! This was not always the case, I moved here as a kid in 1985. It was a hard place to move to back then, it was small! Think only one middle school small. I swore to move the moment I could. Now you couldn't pay me to leave! My family loves the outdoors. We ride bicycles (road and mountain), hike, play at the sand dunes, on the lake on our toys, and take our dogs hiking twice a day most days. I don't think they want to live anywhere else either. Not only do we have beautiful scenery and weather, our community is incredible! I work with young people who sometimes struggle and I have been humbled repeatedly by what people will do to help. People here donate their time, their money, their "stuff" and their hearts to help others, ask anyone involved in non-profits and they will agree. St. George is by far the most caring and giving community I have ever known. ~Tami Fullerton


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