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A Few Considerations to Help You Find a Collar That Best Suits Your Tree

Find your style. Choose a collar that compliments the rest of your tree ornaments. If you have a rustic or farmhousestyle tree, a burlap tree collar looks great. If your tree is all glam and glitter, consider a gold tree collar. Whatever style you’re drawn to for your regular home decor will probably hold true for your tree collar taste as well. Consider material. Fabric and natural fiber tree collars are beautiful but not as durable as metal. A plastic collar and some metal versions will survive accidental spills when watering a fresh Christmas tree. Collars made from more delicate materials, like velvet or sequins, require extra care and shouldn’t be around the watering can. Consider your must-have tree collar features. Easy access to the tree? Durability? Eye-catching? Price? The type and style of collar you choose should meet your most important needs. With so many options to choose from, it helps to prioritize the available features before you start shopping.

Favorite Tree Collars for Your Christmas Tree

Before you buy a Christmas tree collar, you’ll want to ensure that you buy one large enough to accommodate the base of your Christmas tree stand. Since it’s a collar, if you place your Christmas tree stand on the floor (without the tree attached), you should be able to slip the collar over and then assemble the tree. If your tree collar is about as wide as the width of your tree at its halfway height, that should result in an aesthetically pleasing “collar to tree” width ratio!V Helen Houston is the owner of Staging Spaces & Redesign. She can be reached at (702) 346-0246 or


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