November - December 2021 Holiday Issue of ViewOn Magazine

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Our Wintertime Visit

On our last winter visit, we decided to take that challenging hike down into the hoodoos with some of our family. Our route started at the parking lot for Sunset Point and is a combination of separately named trails. It was a loop hike with a total distance of three miles and an elevation loss and gain of about 600 feet. See our blog article and virtual video tour (details below) that explains the details of our hike and, of course, includes visions of that serene beauty. We first did the normal “tourist thing” by taking in the view that is due south from the parking lot of Sunset Point. You can easily spend an hour right there being dazzled by all the visually absorbing formations below. After we got our fill of the view, we found our way to the beginning of the Navajo Loop, which starts at Sunset Point and leads to the Queen’s Connecting Trail. Descending into the abyss below, this trail enters a deep, narrow canyon. Because we were going to be hiking in the snow, we expected to run into problems with sliding and sinking into the powder. After a storm, this could certainly be a problem. But we took it very slow on the descent and managed not to slip or fall down. The trail consisted of hard-packed snow. About 90% of our entire hike was in snow. We all had good hiking boots, except for one of us who decided that wearing furry snow boots was a good idea. It was not a good choice, as it turned out, because they were not waterproof, and her feet were soaking wet and cold at the end of the hike!


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