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them into one single bet where all of the choices need to win for the ticket to be a winner. These bets typically cost little to make but have good odds if they win. Parlays can further be broken down into teasers and pleasers. They work the same way as a regular parlay, except that a teaser’s odds are a little easier to hit and don’t pay as well, while the pleaser’s odds are harder to pick, but pay out accordingly. There are two other terms to know when sports betting. First is the spread. These are stats set by the book to balance out the odds. The spread is usually noted as either a plus or minus that would be factored into the final score. When you go to place your bet, you might see “Denver (-3.5).” This means that Denver has to win the game by 3.5 points (realistically 4) for the ticket to be a winner; just winning isn’t good enough. Conversely, the opposing team would have a (+3.5). If you bet on this team, they wouldn’t even have to win, they would just have to lose by less than 4 points. The total score of the game is irrelevant for this bet. The only thing that matters is the difference between the final scores. The second betting style is the over/under. The book sets a total number of points for a game, which is the predicted total scored by both teams. Players can bet whether the teams will score more (over) or less (under) points than predicted. For this bet, the point difference doesn’t matter, only the total of the scores. Still, the inside world of sports betting can be quite the complex endeavor, and the jargon doesn’t necessarily make sense the first few times around. So don’t worry if you don’t know about laying the points or what a hook is. They are just fancy names to explain simple concepts. Once you have mastered the basics, however, the next step is to get to know your sportswriters. These are the people who look at the lines all day long and will be the best suited to help you begin to understand how to up your sports betting game. And if you really need to know how buying points works, these will be the folks that get you to the next level. Now that you are armed with enough knowledge to walk into a sportsbook with your head held high, you should stop by and see the new William Hill Sportsbook at the Eureka Casino Resort. After you show off your new sports betting chops, relax in one of the oversized lounge chairs and bring a few friends so that you can all watch the game together and try a burger at Mesquite’s newest sports bar: e.d.p. The letters stand for “eat, drink, and play,” and the atmosphere there is as exciting as the games.V The Eureka Casino Resort is located at 275 Mesa Boulevard, Mesquite, Nevada. Call (702) 346-4600 for further information.

Sportsbook Glossary of Terms

Action: When you have a bet on a game, match, race, or event Book: Your friendly William Hill Sportsbook at Eureka Casino Resort Buying Points: Shifting the odds of the spread at the expense of the total payout Even Money: A bet where you would win back the same amount you bet Favorite: The team or individual expected to win a game, match, race, or event Hedging: Placing a bet against yourself to minimize potential loss Hook: The half-point used in spreads to prevent tied results Juice: The commission that the sportsbook takes on each bet Laying the Points: When you bet on the favorite in a point spread bet Lines: The odds that are set on games by the sportsbook Longshot: The team or contestant that has very little chance of winning Over/Under: A wager that is a set difference on either side of the actual score Parlay: Combining two or more straight bets into a single wager where all selections must succeed to hit Pleaser: A parlay bet with the odds shifted in the sportsbook’s favor Spread: The number of points that the sportsbook determines a team has to win or lose by Straight Bet: Placing a bet on a single game, match, race, or event. Teaser: A parlay bet with the odds shifted in the bettor’s favor

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