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sports knowledge isn’t really a prerequisite for someone who is still a bit green. (Warning: if one does decide to pursue sports betting, it may inadvertently cause an unexpected interest in said sport.) If all your buddies are heading down to bet on Sunday’s game, you don’t need to know any team stats, or who is playing who. You don’t even need to be able to name a single team that plays the sport (though it’s always nice to have someone to root for). All you need are a couple of strategies when it comes to understanding the different kinds of bets. When placing a sports bet, you should first decide “what is going to make this exciting?” Maybe you have a team you want to cheer for, or perhaps you would rather play straight odds and choose the teams with the best records. You might have gotten a tip from your Uncle Joe that Carolina is a sure win and want to capitalize on his insight. Sports betting is meant to be fun, and there are plenty of ways to play in order to keep the excitement. So what are you going to do? For most bettors, there are two different types of bets. The first is the straight bet, which is a single bet on one game. If you want to bet that New England will win the game and that’s it, you would place a straight bet. How much that pays is determined by the odds set by the sportsbook. The second kind of bet is a parlay, a crowd favorite. This bet takes multiple straight bets and combines


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